From loving family home to eerie abandoned farm: Chilling photos show how Geoff Hunt's Lockhart property has decayed since he murdered his wife Kim and three children before shooting himself

Chilling photos of Geoff Hunt's abandoned Lockhart property

This Lockhart farm once appeared to be the dream home for a child to grow up in -  set in the countryside with a maze in the backyard, two ponies, a trampoline, endless green paddocks to run around in and a lush garden, tended to by keen gardener, Kim Hunt. But now the home (right) stands eery and deserted - stripped of all signs of life since the dream home became a horrific crime scene.  Last year, Lockhart farmer Geoff Hunt shot his wife dead on the footpath at the rear of the property, before entering the home and shooting his three children dead, one by one as they lay in their beds. A year has passed since the distressing events on September 9 when the entire family was killed and while the home is still standing, it has been stripped bare.

'Rest in Peace Shane. We will miss you mate': MIX 94.5 radio host Shane McFarlane dies from a 'gastric illness' 

MIX 94.5 radio host Shane McFarlane dies from a gastric illness 

NEW Mix 94.5 morning radio show host Shane McFarlane died this week from complications with continuing gastric problems. Mr McFarlane is a member of the radio breakfast team Clairsy, Shane and Kymba in Perth, WA, who paid tribute to their much-loved mate on their Facebook page on Friday.

Can't lose weight like you did in your 20s? Try the age-defying diet! 23 top tips to outsmart your fat hormones - and shed 1st in three weeks

Dr Caroline Apovian has compiled a series of tips for her new book, The Age-Defying Diet, to help women of all ages defy the hormones that control your metabolism, and help shed pounds.

Fears of violence between far-right protestors and Muslims with rally planned outside Parramatta Mosque

NEW Police have warned of a lockdown in parts of Sydney's secondary CBD as fears grow of a violent clash between far-right anti Islam protestors and Muslims on Friday.

Nicole Kidman 'did not know' her Scientologist daughter Bella Cruise was getting married... but is 'very happy' for her

Not only was she not invited - Nicole Kidman didn't even know her daughter Bella was getting married .However the actress is 'very happy for Bella,' a source told the People magazine

Father-of-two who stabbed his sleeping wife 15 times in front of their horrified daughter is jailed for 18 years after he tried to blame his rage on sleeping pills

NEW Brian Browning, 53, claimed he killed his wife Cathy, 47, after swallowing six sleeping pills at their home in Melbourne nine days after they decided to separate in 2013, pictured leaving court.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Sasha Mielczarek pressured me to have an abortion at 18': Girlfriend of Bachelorette favourite's brother says she was bullied into aborting her unborn baby by reality star

'Sasha Mielczarek pressured me to have an abortion at 18': Girlfriend of Bachelorette

He portrays himself as a staunch family man eager to settle down on The Bachelorette. But Sasha Mielczarek (left, with Bahelorette Sam Frost) has now been accused of pressuring his stepbrother's girlfriend to have an abortion when she was just 18 years old. In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Australia, Danielle Bond (right) claims the construction manager tried to bully her into aborting her first child when she fell pregnant by his stepbrother, Jedd Ingles (far right), in 2012. 'Sasha rang me up out of the blue and abused me and made me feel like crap, telling me not to have the baby,' the now 22-year-old told Daily Mail Australia.

Son of Penny Bailey is charged with murder after her body was found in bushland near Melbourne three days after going missing

Stephen Bailey, 34, has been charged with the murder of his mother Penny Bailey after her body was uncovered in bushland near Melbourne several days after she went missing.

Jack Black reveals he turned to cocaine aged 14 after devastation of losing his beloved brother to AIDS

eURN: AD*183497467

Headline: Cast member Jack Black poses with his wife Tanya Haden and son Thomas at the premiere of the film "Goosebumps," in Los Angeles
Caption: Cast member Jack Black (R) poses with his wife Tanya Haden and son Thomas at the premiere of the film "Goosebumps," in Los Angeles, California October 4, 2015. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok
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The Goosebumps actor revealed how the the death of his beloved older brother from AIDS left him a troubled teen who turned to drugs, and says he finally found happiness with his wife and sons.

Geoff Hunt's decision to shoot dead his wife and children was 'inexcusable' and driven by an 'egocentric delusion' that his family could not live without him, coroner rules

Coroner rules Geoff Hunt's decision to shoot dead family was 'inexcusable'

Geoff Hunt's decision to 'cold bloodedly' kill his wife and children was 'inexcusable' and caused by an 'egocentric delusion his family would be better off dying than living without him', a NSW coroner has ruled. On Friday, state coroner Michael Barnes delivered his findings after a four-day inquest into the deaths of Lockhart farmer Geoff Hunt, his wife Kim and their children Fletcher, 10, Mia, eight, and Phoebe, six.

'Don't assume that government email services are more secure': Prime Minister admits he still uses a personal email account to talk to colleagues - but insists it's safer

NEW Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who admitted to using secret messaging app Wickr earlier this year, has continued to use services outside the federal government's secure network for work.

What happened to a politician's success being measured in votes? Pauline Hanson claims she is 'more popular' than Christopher Pyne because she has 6,000 more FACEBOOK followers

One Nation party leader Pauline Hanson (right) told breakfast TV host Karl Stefanovic (left) she has more support from the public than Christopher Pyne because she has more likes on Facebook.

Australia's Islamic leader REFUSES to call the Parramatta shooting a terrorist attack - speaking in Arabic to 'express himself properly' even though the Grand Mufti has lived here for 18 years

Australia's Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed REFUSES to call Parramatta shooting a

The Grand Mufti has called for the extremists behind the Parramatta shooting to 'stop messing with Australia' in remarks where he condemned terrorist activities but stopped short of describing the incident as an act of terror. Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed (pictured left) joined community leaders at a press conference to call for better dialogue between the Islamic and wider communities on Friday morning. Dr Mohamed refused to call the shooting terrorism, saying: 'There's not enough information so far about that'. Critics took aim at Dr Mohamed for speaking through an interpreter on social media, but a spokeswoman from his office said he speaks and understands English fine. Beth Rich, from the Office of the Mufti, said Dr Mohamed to use Arabic using media conferences to express himself 'properly and quickly and so it's not misinterpreted'.

'Tell us where he lives': Text message threats made to 'pump' Parramatta mosque leader and 'shut him up' as police fear violent clash at Friday prayer time

Parramatta Mosque leader Neil El-Kadomi (pictured) has categorically denied any links with terrorist groups following last Friday's shooting at police headquarters in western Sydney

Text messages threatening violence against the Parramatta mosque leader have been sent as police fear a violent clash between protest groups at Friday prayer in western Sydney.

Classmate suspected of recruiting Parramatta police gunman to prayer group is suspended from school after he was arrested in counter-terrorism raids

NEW A 16-year-old classmate of teen gunman Farhad Jabar who was arrested in counter-terrorism raids this week has been suspended from his Sydney school.

How Dirty Prince Bertie romped his way through the bordellos of Paris with a little help from his three-way love seat

Prince Bertie romped his way through the bordellos of Paris

When the 13-year-old Prince Bertie, later Edward VII, was taken to Paris for a family holiday in 1855 he had a high old time of it. The prince, right, returned a decade later to discover more of its pleasures. Just how different his pleasures were is made plain by a bizarre item of furniture on display at a new exhibition, Splendour And Misery: Images Of Prostitution 1850-1910, at the Musée D'Orsay in Paris. This 'armchair of love', pictured, commissioned by Bertie for his private use, consists of two brocaded seats and two sets of bronze stirrups carved in elaborate Neo-Rococo style. It was designed so that Bertie could entertain two women at the same time in a private room of Le Chabanais, a notorious maison de luxe or brothel. In another, he spent nights with Cora Pearl, top left, an Englishwoman who, according to one of her lovers, kept an account book divided into four columns, one of which ranked her lovers' sexual prowess.

Lorna Jane says it did NOT bully and 'fat shame' a size-14 former employee who is suing the fitness label for more than $500,000 after claiming she was told to 'skip meals and live on coffee'

Active wear label Lorna Jane has rejected claims by a former employee that she was picked on because of her weight and had become 'decrepit and suicidal' as a result of being 'fat shamed'.

Glamour photographer set to stand trial over rape of an 18-year-old aspiring model after she answered a call-out online 

Phillip Lopes, 44, has pleaded not guilty to oral rape, digital rape and two counts of indecent assault from the alleged incident involving an 18-year-old girl in 2013 at Shepparton in country Victoria.

'Bali is one of the places that is beautiful for paedophiles': Indonesian authorities launch crackdown on Australian child sex abusers coming to their country

The majority of paedophiles refused entry to Bali so far this year came from Australia Balinese authorities have confirmed, with two sex offenders being stopped a month there.

Sick with desire: He was a selfish brute, but poet Ted Hughes oozed such sex appeal he may even have driven women insane 


One of poet Ted Hughes's many girlfriends was once approached by her landlady who said that she recognised her gentleman caller. He was someone very famous, wasn't he?

Man accused of murdering pregnant teenager Tiffany Taylor after 'meeting on an online dating site' where she was 'offering sex for money' is remanded in custody

Rodney Wayne Williams remanded in custody for Tiffany Taylor's murder

Rodney Wayne Williams, 60, allegedly met Tiffany Taylor, 16, (pictured) after she offered sexual services in exchange for money through a dating website. His case was briefly mentioned in the Beenleigh Magistrates Court, south of Brisbane, today following his August arrest for the 16-year-old's murder. He will next appear via videolink on December 11 for a committal mention. Tiffany was last seen on Sunday July 12, when she left a motel in the Logan suburb Waterford West, south of Brisbane, but her body has not been found.

Every hiker's worst nightmare! Watch the terrifying moment four backpackers plunge eight metres into a river after a suspension bridge COLLAPSES as they walk across

Four tourists in New Zealand fall 8m after a suspension bridge collapses

Adrien Whistle and his friends (left) were trekking along the Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk on the Hopurahine Bridge, on New Zealand's North Island, when it collapsed (right) - causing them to fall eight metres into the river below. Surprisingly none of the tourists were seriously injured (pictured are two of them standing up in the water). Mr Whistle captured the terrifying moment he plunged into the water on a GoPro and uploaded the footage to YouTube. A 'sudden link failure' in one of the chains of the bridge caused it to give way.

Bag stuffed with $100,000 worth of ICE the 'key' to Collingwood AFL star Dane Swan's Melbourne pub being torched

Bag stuffed with ICE could be key to torching of AFL's Dane Swan's Melbourne pub

The case of drugs was thrown over a fence at The Precinct Hotel (above) in Melbourne, but those who dumped the drugs are believed to have returned and demanded the haul back. Police are now investigating this incident after it emerged that two men wearing balaclavas were seen entering The Albion pub just before a major blaze began at 6.30am on Monday. The fire has left the pub, part-owned by Dane Swan (inset) and Matt Darcy, the brother of ex-AFL player Luke, badly damaged.

Eat peas and blue cheese to 'stave off cancer': Compound 'makes your body clock YOUNGER - and could also protect against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's'

Scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel found the natural compound spermidine reverses the body's circadian rhythm, making it 'younger' and less prone to age-related diseases.

'I love you!' One-year-old boy missing half his skull who was given just days to live makes his mum's heart melt when he says he loves her for the first time

Video shows Jaxon Buell telling his mother Brittany 'I love you'

This is the adorable moment young Jaxon Buell, who was born with half a skull, tells his mother Brttany Buell from Orlando, Florida, 'I love you'. The one-year-old has Microhydranencephaly. His family were told that he would only survive a few days, but one year later, Jaxon is thriving, despite his condition.

Hermes handbags worth $1 MILLION stolen from a Melbourne home while the owners were on holiday 

The collection of 30 designer Hermes handbags was stolen from a home in the affluent suburb of Brighton near Melbourne while the owners were on holiday last week.

Birds DID evolve soon enough to fly above the the dinosaurs: Fossil find shows early creatures were capable of flight far sooner than thought

A new paper documents the intricate arrangement of the muscles and ligaments that controlled the main feathers of the wing of an ancient bird, supporting the notion that at least some of the most ancient birds performed aerodynamic feats in a fashion similar to those of many living birds.

Researchers analysed a 125 million year old bird fossil from Spain and say at least some of the most ancient birds performed aerodynamic feats in a fashion similar to those of many living birds.

Two announcements for the price of one! Woman shares her engagement picture on Facebook - and accidentally includes a PREGNANCY TEST in the image 

Woman shares her engagement picture on Facebook - and accidentally includes a PREGNANCY

Bride-to-be Miranda Levy is seen proudly flaunting her ring in the snap while a used pregnancy test is pictured in the left-hand corner. Many of her Facebook friends - including her father - expressed confusion about the photo, which she at first did not understand. Eventually, Miranda announced she was pregnant as well.

Pokie player in angry dispute with a pub over claims the owners switched out a machine due to hit a $24,600 jackpot

A Melbourne pub has found itself in an ongoing feud with a patron after the owner decided to remove a gaming machine because it was nearing a $24,600 jackpot.

'Terror never leaves you': London bombing survivor Gillian Hicks is 'angry' about the latest terror attack on Australian soil ... even though she always knew it would happen

Permission YES

Gill Hicks double amputee Australian survivor of the London bombing - taking part in Eureka Climb - Sun 15 Nov 2015

Gillian Hicks is the Adelaide woman who lost both legs in the London bomb blasts of 2005. She admits to being angrier than ever but says Australians shouldn't be broken by acts of terrorism

How much is the saw? Killer queries price of a power tool he used to cut up his stepsister

Moment Becky Watt's killer Nathan Matthews queries price of B&Q saw he used to cut up

Nathan Matthews has admitting killing 16-year-old Becky in the UK but denies murder, claiming her death was unintentional. CCTV images (left and right) now released show the killer (inset left) shopping for the power saw prosecutors say he later used to chop up her body. Bristol Crown Court today heard from a worker from the B&Q; store where Matthews went the day after he is said to have killed Becky (inset right) and bought the £80 circular saw. Kelly Lee, who works as a supervisor in the Bristol DIY store, told the court Matthews even queried the price on the tool, but said he needed it 'that day'.

From controlling pain relief through your smartphone, to having an ultrasound on an iPad... health care just got futuristic

Once used only for making phone calls and playing games, mobile devices are rapidly turning into indispensable tools for addressing health concerns - and not simply for googling symptoms.

Family of a woman killed by a drunk P-plater say they will 'never forgive him' after he ran her over as she walked down the footpath with her lover - then tried to flee the scene

Family of woman who was killed by drunk P-plate driver says they will never forgive him

NEW Jarad Smith (right), 23, wept as he was told by one of his victim's family they would 'never forgive him for running over and killing Catherine Pracy (left), 47, and her 49-year-old partner, Gary Kelley (left), in Sydney last year. Smith had a blood alcohol level of four times over the Australian legal limit as well as low levels of MDMA and cocaine in his system at the time. The 23-year-old tried to flee the scene.

So what IS Alex making today? Playschool presenter lights up social media with his on-air project - which looks exactly like a bong 

Playschool presenter, Alex Papps, was filmed creating a contraption with a plastic bottle and straw - something people were quick to point out looked exactly like a bong.

Woman whose boss secretly took 2784 pictures of her cleavage wins the right to claim workers compensation

A Brisbane woman who had photographs of her breasts and cleavage taken by her boss, from the State Library of Queensland, will now be able to claim two years of workers compensation.

Tiny Dancers! Troupe of baby ballerinas run amok on the steps of Sydney's iconic Opera House 

Baby ballerinas run amok at Sydney Opera House for The Australian Ballet production launch

Ballerinas are admired for their serene grace and composure. But hilarity ensued with thirty tiny dancers take part in an outdoor ballet class on the steps of one of Australia's landmarks, the Sydney Opera House. The troupe of ballerinas, aged between three and five, delighted passers-by with their twirling and plié-ing, dressed in matching pink leotards and tutus.

Former premier's daughter Harriet Wran to stand trial for murder over a man found stabbed to death inside a squalid flat after a suspected drug deal gone wrong 

Harriet Wran, the daughter of former New South Wales Premier Neville Wran, will stand trial for the murder of Daniel McNulty in a Sydney housing commission flat last August.

Footage shows the shocking moment two Australians are brutally bashed by security guards outside a nightclub in Phuket

Horrifying video footage has emerged of five security guards viciously kicking, punching and elbowing two Australian tourists outside of a Phuket nightclub.

Chicken strippers! New 'Frozen Chook' social media craze sees people curl up naked and pose like raw poultry in bizarre locations

Frozen Chook craze sees people curl up naked and pose like raw poultry

Forget planking - there's a new social media craze taking over the internet. The New Zealand-born phenomenon sees participants strip naked and crouch in a pose which emulates commercially-packaged frozen poultry. What began as a party trick took flight when a group of friends decided to compete for best #frozenchook images on Facebook. Like most viral fads, it's easy to pick up and you can do it almost anywhere-assuming you're comfortable being naked in public. The official Frozen Chook Facebook page has amassed over 1000 followers and an array of bizarre images.

Far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders granted a visa to come to Australia and launch an anti-Islam party - just a week after an anti-abortionist was turned away

Far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, known for anti-Islamic sentiments, has received a visa to visit Australia just a week after American anti-abortion campaigner Troy Newman had his visa revoked.

Gun discovered in case of tantric yoga guru 'who was randomly murdered by three drifters' while walking his dog

Marin County, California Sheriff's Lt. Doug Pittman said the three suspects will be extradited after investigators tracked to Portland, Oregon.

Shocking footage shows French-terror train hero fighting off a group of men while being repeatedly STABBED after leaving a gay club with friends

Spencer Stone STABBED in video after leaving Sacramento gay club

French train attack hero Spencer Stone was stabbed 'four times in the chest' early Thursday while trying to protect a friend in Sacramento, Califronia. The attack was so violent that police began treating the case as a homicide when they arrived on the scene shortly after 12:45am. The 23-year-old U.S. airman 1st class was one of the three Americans who managed to take down a gunman as he opened fire on a Paris train this past August.

British jihadi bride releases second home address of U.S. soldier, dubbed 'America's deadliest' after claim he killed more than 2,500 in Iraq

A Twitter account allegedly belonging to British ISIS recruiter Sally-Anne Jones, 46, from Kent, posted what is claimed to be the home address and family photos of 'America's deadliest soldier'.

'This one I've been keeping close to my heart': Olympic snowboarder Torah Bright on her whirlwind romance and marriage to second husband Angus Thomson

Australian Olympic snowboarder, Torah bright, has opened up for the first time about her new marriage to husband Angus Thomson. The 28-year-old says she will 'keep it close to her heart.'

This little piggy went to the beach! Meet Piggy Smalls, the beloved pet making waves on social media as he rides jet skis and hangs out with lifeguards

Indy Clinton's pet pig Piggy Smalls joins Instagram

The glamorous lifestyles on Instagram are enough to make most people envious. And the beach-trotting, jetski riding lifestyle of Piggy Smalls (inset) is no exception. The pig, who lives at Sydney's Palm Beach, is owned by Indy Clinton (left), who has more than 71,000 Instagram fans. Indy started her own page for Piggy, who follows in the footsteps of his glamorous owner.

First footage emerges revealing the destruction of Palmyra's 2,000-year-old Arch of Triumph as ISIS continue to lay waste to civilization 

The devastating extent of ISIS's destruction of the Syrian archaeological city of Palmyra has been revealed today after secret footage emerged from inside the ruined site.

At least four Russian cruise missiles heading for Syria crash landed in IRAN, say U.S. officials 

Russian missiles heading for Syria crash landed in IRAN say US officials 

US officials have claimed that four missiles fired at Syria from a Russian ship in the Caspian Sea have crashed in Iran before reaching their intended target. A government source in the US said Russia had been flying cruise missiles over Iran into Syria in attacks on rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. But reports have emerged today that some of them had landed in Iran. It is not yet clear whether there were any casualties. Russia has since denied the claims. It comes as footage emerged purporting to show Russian missiles soaring through the skies of Iraq and Iran yesterday as the Syrian army and Russia began a coordinated attack on towns occupied by 'terrorists'.


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Awkward moment US TV weatherman revealed his colleague's engagement live on air... and she didn't seem too happy about it

Al Roker reveals colleague's engagement live on the Today Show

The gaffe-prone weatherman congratulated Weather Channel's Kait Parker on the Today Show during a segment in New York's Rockefeller Plaza. He said: 'Look who stopped by - one of my Weather Channel compatriots Kait Parker, who just got engaged to our hurricane expert Michael Lowry.' She gingerly raised her hand and revealed the ring on her finger before turning to Roker. 'And you just dropped the bomb on national television, so thanks, Al.' Laughing, he replies: 'That's what friends are for.'

Curiosity rover finds crater it is exploring was once a giant Martian LAKE that may have been teeming with life

NASA's Curiosity Rover Team Confirms Ancient Lakes on Mars

A Martian crater now being explored by the Nasa rover Curiosity once contained lakes that remained for up to 10,000 years at a time - long enough to support life.

Passenger jet misses motorists by just yards in nail-biting footage as it grazes a perimeter fence during a landing in Costa Rica

The passenger plane, an Iberia Airbus 340, came so close to ground level witnesses near the Costa Rica airport described seeing the 'screws' on the plane's underbelly and nearby homes rattling.

What's YOUR body trying to tell you? From brittle nails to dark circles and constipation, doctor reveals the 9 signs something's up with your health 

The body has ways of communicating health issues, says Dr Deyo Famuboni, a GP in London. From yellow spots on the elbows to itchy feet, here, she reveals the symptoms that signify health issues..

'Frankie is thrilled that dolly is famous': Johnathan Thurston says his adorable toddler loves the attention her dark-skinned doll has received since her proud dad won the Grand Final

NRL champion Johnathan Thurston has revealed his daughter is 'thrilled' her dolly is 'famous' after a photo of her clutching her dark-skinned doll dressed in a Cowboys jersey went viral on social media.

Grandmother, 82, gets a spur of the moment TATTOO to 'cheer herself up' because she's been looking after her sick husband

Grandmother, Moya Twaddle, gets tattoo to 'cheer herself up'

Moya Twaddle, 82, (pictured) revealed she had not told anyone she was getting the butterfly tattoo at Central Ink in Cromwell, New Zealand. She decided to get the pink design on her lower leg because she owns a pair of pantyhose with a butterfly on them which people often mistake for a tattoo. The grandmother is now planning to get another and said the pain was nowhere near as bad as having a baby.

Body of missing New Zealand boy Alex Fisher, 10, found in a forest three days after he disappeared with his brother 

The body believed to be that of Alex Fisher (pictured), 10, who was last seen in CCTV footage with his brother, Eric, in a New Zealand supermarket three days ago, has been found on a beach.

The cruel joke that forced TAB to apologise to Bruce McAvaney: Cartoon depicting commentator shadowing AFL star Cyril Rioli to the toilet slammed as 'homophobic'

Australian sports betting agency TAB has apologised to sports broadcaster Bruce McAvaney after posting an offensive picture of him with Hawthorn Hawks star Cyril Rioli, on Facebook.

High school soccer goalie with no legs who was adopted by American parents after being thrown in the road by African mother excels on local team

Emmanuel Hilton with no legs excels on Pennsylvania soccer team

Just a year ago, Emmanuel Hilton was living in an orphanage in the Congo after his biological mother threw him into the road as a child. But now, he is an inspiration to his teammates at Blackhawk High School in Chippewa after being adopted by an American couple. 'I was born with no legs and my mom, she couldn't take care of me and she throw me away,' Hilton said. But he was rescued by a woman who took him to the orphanage where he grew up - until Michelle Hilton (pictured bottom left with Emmanuel) and her husband, a Methodist pastor, from Chippewa, saw his picture and decided to adopt him.

Who's your 'Daddy'?: Admirers give an unusual nickname to Australia's 'Silver Fox' Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull appears to have earned the nickname 'daddy' the moment he slid a suave leather jacket over his shoulders for a television appearance four years ago.

Shocking autopsy photos show how shopping bags kill sea turtles - forming balls of plastic in their stomach that rupture their intestines 

Confronting photos showing the fatal effects a plastic bag can have on turtles when they ingest it has environmentalist questioning why they haven't been banned Australia-wide.

Acne sufferer whose stunning before and after make-up transformation photos were turned into a cruel internet meme about her skin hits back at 'nasty' online bullies 

Acne sufferer Ashley VanPevenage hits back at online bullies over meme

Ashley VanPevenage from Tacoma, Washington, let her make-up artist friend fix up her face after she suffered from an allergic reaction that left her covered in red spots. The friend posted the before (left) and after (right) shots on Instagram, and they quickly went viral. They were shared hundreds of thousands of times across several social media platforms, with people writing mean captions and comments. The hurtful words caused the 20-year-old to lose her self-confidence and refuse to leave the house bare-faced. This week, however, she shared a video in which she says that she realized that she can't let others' awful words get to her.

Is this the creepiest Halloween look EVER? Makeup artist creates terrifying sewn-up mouth in tutorial sweeping the internet

Internet sensation Promise Phan has created this hair-raising stitched mouth using thread, brown eyeliner, glue and red face paint. The makeup artist from Nepal has four million followers.

Man who strangled his gay lover to death with a dog lead before setting fire to their luxury apartment after he called him a 'frigid b****' was given a 'too short' jail sentence

Michael Anthony O'Neill, 48, who murdered his partner Stuart Rattle and set their South Yarra home in Melbourne alight should have his sentence increased, a court has heard.

The prehistoric hoover: 23 million-year-old fossils reveal how giant hippo-like creature used its snout to suck up food

Fossils of the species, discovered on the island of Unalaska in the North Pacific, have revealed a tooth and jaw structure unlike anything seen before.

The 238 genes that lead to a shorter life: Mapping of DNA involved in aging could lead to ways of helping us live longer

Scientists at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in California and the University of Washington say their findings could help to identify new drug targets to slow the pace of aging in humans.

World's most famous bald pick-up artist and author of The Game reveals why he's given up orgies and porn and having any girl he wanted - for monogamy 

The Game author Neil Strauss on why he's given up orgies and porn for monogamy 

He was the don of dating. Author of fabled seduction guide The Game, Neil Strauss revolutionized the idea of pick-up artistry. It led to a life of swingers' parties, orgies, and mixing with porn stars and celebrities. But after 10 years of play, he has decided to step off the field to venture into his latest daunting challenge: old-fashioned monogamy.

When the Cold War went icy: Red Army is an absorbing documentary about the evolution of the Soviet ice-hokey team, writes BRIAN VINER

The film concentrates mainly on the team's evolution in the Eighties, a decade which after years of apparent invincibility began with a humiliating Winter Olympics defeat by the USA.

Sweet and spicy zombie fish: Bizarre Chinese meal comes back to life AFTER it has been cooked... and while it is being EATEN 

Served up on a plate, this sweet and sour fish stew had one unusual surprise - the fish appears to still be alive when the hungry customer in China started to tuck into their meal.

Forget fitness wristbands, soon you'll monitor your health with sensors floating in the BLOODSTREAM

Technology is evolving so fast that we will soon be able to swallow tracking sensors in the same way that we would a pill, according to the boss of Jawbone.

A real goblin or an elaborate hoax? Mother claims to have filmed creepy creature running alongside her toddler at home

Argentinian woman claims to have filmed a  'GOBLIN' running past her toddler

The disturbing content was filmed in Argentina and initially shows the youngster talking to himself and playing on the floor. Suddenly a creepy figure emerges behind the young boy named Benjamin and runs quickly towards one of the counters before escaping into the garden. According to video maker Silvia, the weird creature left behind a nauseating smell.

Saved by her hijab: Rape victim who was smashed over the head with a rock 18 times by her Slovakian attacker only survived because of her Muslim headscarf 

Zdenko Turtak, 21, admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent and rape but pleaded not guilty to attempted murder after he targeted an 18-year-old girl at a bus stop in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Psychologists call for phones to come with warning labels and show messages telling owners if they are using them too much

A high voltage warning label

Researchers say handsets should also show warning messages if they are used for too long. The messages would 'encourage responsible usage and prevent digital addiction', they claim.

'I want to get laid without being walked all over': Tinder user masquerading as a CARPET actually manages to find a match - and enjoys a pun-tastic chat with his 'date' 

A post on Reddit shows the conversation between a mystery Tinder user and a profile claiming to belong to Clive the carpet, which is entirely made up of puns around carpet and flooring.

Would you accept a drink from this lady? Head of ruthless gang of strippers accused of spiking rich clients' beverages with cocaine and ecstasy and then robbing them appears in court in killer six-inch heels 

Alleged stripper scam gang leader Samantha Barbash at court in 6-inch heels

Samantha Barbash (pictured), the alleged ringleader of a stripper gang accused of spiking wealthy men's drinks to steal their credit cards, arrived at New York Supreme Court in six-inch heels today. The tattooed woman, 41, is alleged to have plied victims with ecstasy, cocaine and prescription drugs and then taken them to Scores in Manhattan and the RoadHouse NYC Gentleman's Club in Queens. The women are alleged to have made off with $200,000 before they were arrested in June last year. Barbash, Roselyn Keo, Karina Pascucci and Marsi Rosen were detained on charges including grand larceny, assault and forgery. They all pleaded not guilty last October and are on bail awaiting trial.

Muslim brothers joined Hillsong Church and even got baptised in failed attempt to convince refugee tribunal they were Christians

Muslim brothers, who converted to Christianity in an attempt to convince an Australian refugee tribunal they were a follower of the faith, have been denied protection visas

Size 10 woman who was told she was 'too fat' to be a model piled on 30 KILOS to become a plus-size success - and says she's proof you can be 'big and sexy'

Tiffany Newson, 24, was repeatedly told to slim down to be a model despite being a size 10. The model, from Watford, refused and gained weight to become a plus-size model at size 18.

Does your husband secretly hate your clothes? We asked one (very brave) man to say what he really thought of his wife's wardrobe. Let battle commence! 

A new trend called Clothes My Husband Hates - where women model outfits loathed by their other halves - is sweeping social media. One very brave man gives his wife feedback on her outfits.

'Who wore it best?' Brave radio host, 41, wears a VERY revealing swimsuit made famous by Kylie Jenner to the OFFICE after losing 12 kilos

New Zealand radio host Jay-Jay Harvey has dared to bare in a Kylie Jenner inspired one-piece. Jay-Jay wore the slashed black swimsuit to the office after the image got more than 13,000 likes on Facebook

Owner of a luxury beachside $1.85 million apartment forced to sell for just $570,000 after a FISH TANK in the unit above overflowed and destroyed the property 

Owner of a $1.85m New Zealand apartment forced to sell for $570,000

A one-bedroom, one-bathroom flat in Wellington, New Zealand sold for $570,000 after a low opening bid of $500,000. The apartment previously fetched $1.85 million but was destroyed when a fish tank in a unit above overflowed. The new owner will need to get permission from the other owners before he can begin renovating his apartment.

What it's REALLY like to get a tattoo: Photographer captures the pleasure - and serious pain - of having ink done from inside a New York City parlor

Photographer Anne Burlock Lawver shows what it's like to get a tattoo in a New York City

New York photographer Anne Burlock Lawver endeavored to capture the experience of getting a tattoo, embedding herself inside the Washington Heights tattoo parlor Gunmetal Tattoos. Without ever getting ink herself, she became fascinated in the process of those that do. 'The beauty I saw and tried to convey through my work was both the physical beauty and emotional beauty of the individuals during their private experience,' Lawver told Slate . 'No other situation that I've photographed has given me such an experience, such a thrill.

Horrific moment young boy dies after getting trapped under the handrail of an escalator at Chinese metro station

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Unidentified boy died today at a metro station in Chongqing, south west China. He became wedged under an escalator handrail as his mother watched.

Transgender student takes a selfie EVERY DAY for three years to document his transition from a girl to a man

Jamie Raines, now a 21-year-old psychology student at the University of Essex, started taking testosterone tables to transition from female to male when he was 17 years old.

It's tough to keep up with Kylie! Woman who lived like Ms Jenner for a week, copying everything from her make-up to her clothes, says the process was 'emotionally draining'

Brooke Shunatona said living like Kylie Jenner for a week was 'emotionally draining'

Brooke Shunatona, Assistant Fashion and Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan, took on the looks, loves and everyday life of Kylie for a new feature, using wigs, make-up and Instagram to have the full Kylie experience. In the end, she gained a whole new respect for the teenage star.

Astonishing moment girl, 11, catches a marshmallow in her mouth after her dad SHOOTS it at her from 35ft away 

PIC FROM JASON MCDONALD / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Alexis Davidon, 11 breaks the world record for cathcing marshmallows in her mouth.) - An 11-year-old has smashed the world record for catching marshmallows in her mouth - with her dad firing them at her from a glow gun 35 yards away. Alexis Davidon caught and swallowed a marshmallow at her family ohm in colorado as her dad Jason Mcdonald, 37, fired them at her with a blow gun on Friday september 25th. This hilarious footage shows Jason firing the loveable sweets at his daughter while Alexis ducks and dives to catch and eat one - but there were plenty that went begging. SEE CATERS COPY

Alexis Davidson caught and swallowed a marshmallow at her family home in Colorado as her father Jason Mcdonald, 34, launched them towards her in a video recorded two weeks ago.

That editing job's a real bummer! Victoria's Secret under fire for yet another 'Photoshop fail' as brand shows off image of model who appears to be missing half of her bottom 

Victoria's Secret is being called out yet again for a photo-editing job gone wrong, as the lingerie giant is receiving harsh criticism from customers for airbrushing away half of a model's derriere.

The Force is still strong! Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet fetches $120,000 at auction two months before Force Awakens premiere

Mark Hamill takes off his storm trooper helmet in a scene from the film 'Star Wars', 1977. (Photo by 20th Century-Fox/Getty Images)

The Force was strong with one Star Wars fan, who paid $120,000 in late September to own a piece of the legendary film franchise. The sequel Force Awakens opens December 18.


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Is this the world's most stubborn cyclist? Swedish biker has ten-minute stand-off with a lorry driver after refusing to let him pass because he had right of way... until things reach an aggressive finale

Swedish biker has ten-minute stand-off with a lorry driver after refusing to let him pass

The incident took place in Vättersnäs are of Jönköping, a small town in the south of Sweden, during morning traffic. The unknown cyclist forced a ten-minute stand-off with a lorry after the driver failed to spot him coming towards him on the single-file road. A video, which has since gone viral, shows the driver getting out of the lorry and, albeit using a plethora of swearwords, asking the man on the bike to move, but the man refuses - despite there being more than enough space for him to cycle around it on the pavement.

Bargain basement: Magnificent mansion of retail tycoon Charles Woolworth is now a ruin - and on sale for just $295,000 

The historic mansion in Scranton, first built in 1910, is the former home of Charles Sumner 'Sum' Woolworth, who created the now-defunct chain of stores with his brother.

Brighten up your holiday: From heartwarming hues in Havana to pastels in Porto... the world's most colourful cities

St John's in Canada, Valparaiso in Chile, Locarno in Switzerland, Little India in Singapore and Cape Town in South Africa all have delightfully dazzling architecture.



A mother's love: Powerful photo of newborn surrounded by hundreds of syringes shows just how much women who undergo IVF do in order to have children 

Sher Institutes share photo of newborn surrounded by syringes

The picture, shared by Sher Institutes, illustrates the 'love that went into making this gorgeous new baby girl'. With the help of Dr. Molina Dayal, the infant's new mom, Angela, underwent several cycles of in vitro fertilization over the course of a year and a half. The syringes and empty vials pictures are just some of the supplies the St. Louis woman used to get pregnant, as she had to give herself daily hormone injections for weeks and give multiple blood samples. The striking picture has touched many, having been shared thousands of times in just a few days.

Does this Apollo 17 photo show an alien spaceship? UFO hunters claim lights in vintage shot are proof of ET, but one expert says it's probably just space junk

The incredible shot is attracting attention online but a UFO expert has told MailOnline it is more likely to be lens flare, a reflection or a celestial object.

Otter-rupted! The moment otter threw up its paws in surprise after being rudely awoken by gawking human who poked the critter in the stomach

A group of boaters in Alaska have filmed the hilarious moment they woke up an otter mid-nap, as their vessel passed the critter in the ocean.

Let it burn: Philadelphia photographer uses 50 cameras to capture incredible moment performers breathe blazing balls of fire

The fiery montage - titled 'Inferno' - was taken by Mitch Martinez and showcases the artist skill of daring performers Mike Icon and Terry Lee Fields II.

Has there been a meth up? Walter White impersonator with glasses and a goatee stops Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston in his tracks on red carpet

Walter White impersonator stops Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston on red carpet

The AMC series' leading actor was confronted with a Walter White impersonator on Thursday night, who went to the trouble of growing a goatee for the seeing-double photo opportunity on the red carpet for Trumbo. Bryan clearly can't get away from the association after all this time.