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pChess 2.0

  • Release Date: October 2014
    Toegevoegd door: johnrpenner
    Toegevoegd op: 30-10-14 02:04
    Categorie: Spelen en schaakprogramma's
    Uitgever: theiDoctor.ca
    OS: Mac OS X
    Licentie: Free
    Bestandsnaam: pChess-20.zip
    Bestandsgrootte: 3.8162MB
    Downloads: 3680
  • 1 stem: +----


pChess is now available on the iPad!!
CHESS MEISTER for iPad https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chess-meister/id928343910?ls=1&mt=8


pChess for OS X — comes with both a stand-alone OS X application, and a UCI Engine.

pChess is a basic chess programme for Macintosh OS X, with nice graphics and a built-in FEN Viewer. It supports Fischer games, copy/paste of FEN positions, SAN Notation, Load and Save, and unlimited Undo/Redo.

Cool Audio and Visual Brain features let you listen and see as it evaluates moves. The opening book includes over 10,000 moves from the ECO (Encyclopedia of Chess Openings). Runs at about 1500 ELO. Comes complete with FutureBasic 5 source code. 

New in version 2.0

• Speed Optimization: 30% FASTER than pChess 1.9.2.
• PGN File Support: You can now load and save standard (single game) .pgn files.
• Fischer Castling: Castle in a Fischer game by capturing your Rook with your King.
• UCI Engine now supports the 'UCI_Chess960' option, and plays Fischer games.
• Fixed a bug: peaBrain was not responding to isready after a position command,
    causing the engine to stall in cutechess.
• Fixed a bug: peaBrain was not sending a promotion string: =Q, causing some UCI
    interfaces to not register a queen promotion, when in fact there was one.
• Cleaned up ECO Opening Book Names
• Fancy schmancy new icon.


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