Can singers ever make it on the silver screen?

In the week that Mariah Carey's cleavage was nominated for an award for worst screen couple, singer Britney Spears turned actress with her first film, Crossroads.

The Raspberry Award Foundation, which began its annual exercise in 'dishonouring the worst achievements in film' in 1980, nominated Mariah Carey's breasts for their prominent role in Glitter. The film became a laughing stock with critics and made a massive loss at the box office.

Spears, meanwhile, is the first singer to make a big screen debut since Glitter but she is confident her film debut will not be a Carey-style flop.

The singer said she was confident her picture, which has just premiered in the US, would be a success: "I'm very, very happy with the movie, so we'll see what happens. I'll be curious to see."

The 20-year-old is following a well-worn path with her bid to break into films. It seems that there comes a time in every rock or pop star's life when they become convinced they can act. Unfortunately, few can, while the vast majority can't.

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