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Good Day, I am a beginner in android development and laravel. I am creating a mobile-web application. I am using laravel in my Web app and I have this problem on generating the url that I should use when I retrieve json data for my android app. When I run it on localhost (http://localhost:8000/getAllLocations), I can view the json. but when I run it in using my ip address (192.168.x.xx/getAllLocations), it gives me an Object not found error.

Below are screenshots of my controller, route.php, the json result that I want to get, and the error I got after using the url: 192.168.x.xx/getAllLocations.

Please help me.

Here is my controller

Here is my route.php

Here is a screenshot of the result that I want to get with my android app. I got these after running localhost:8000/getAllLocations

This is what I got when I try to retrieve the json data using my IP address instead of localhost in the url.

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Please post the code. –  Bogdan Oct 3 at 7:49
When you use localhost, are you using Xamp, or php artisan serve? Are you sure it's not in a subdirectory like 192.x.x.x/locationapp/getAllLocations? –  sniels Oct 3 at 23:40
I think you'll be OK if you do as @sniels suggested. You might have to try x.x.x.x/Advision/public/getAllLocation though I believe.... If that works, you should be able to change the httpd.conf file to point directly to the public folder without "Advision/public" being needed in the URL, but one step a time. –  dangel Oct 4 at 1:12
awesome! after all of these years of taking advantage of SO by asking questions, I'm glad to finally be able to give something back and help someone –  dangel Oct 4 at 1:18
@sniels Yes! I just tried dangel's suggestion a minute ago and I got the json data. Thank you so much for the help :D –  Airam Ashiya Oct 4 at 1:18

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Airam Ashiya, I'm betting that you have some issue with the xampp configuration. But we need more information on your dev environment to understand the source of the issue.

Airam Ashiya, I would like to give you a quick advice: you should not use a ip to access your web app, you should really use a "local domain" to mimic the production environment (this is not consensual, but I found this to be the best way to maintain some "url sanity"). Check this articles on how to set it up: Use custom domains on Xammp + How to edit the host file on android


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