Characters who should stay in the toy box

These are the characters we think should stay firmly in the toy box:

Sooty and Sweep

Sooty was an aggressive, bullying bear, forever oppressing poor Soo, who spent most of her time clearing up after him his cohort, Sweep.

If he wasn't waving his magic wand in a threatening manner, Sooty was spraying people with water from his water pistol. And as for Sweep's grating whistle-type voice ... Harry Corbett has a lot to answer for.


Scary-looking puppets including a hare called Hartley, a monkey called Topov and a pig called, well Pig. ATV produced 313 editions of Inigo Pipkin and Pipkins between 1973 and 1981.

Thankfully, only a handful of programmes officially survive in the ATV collection, which is now controlled by Polygram Television

Andy Pandy

Sinister clown figure who bizarrely lived in a picnic basket. Andy Pandy had an enigmatic menage-a-trois type relationship with Teddy and the dubious Looby Lou.

Peversely, no sooner had he turned up in any given episode than he was telling us it was time to go home.

Itsy and Bitsy

Strange glove puppets which were obviously attached to someone's hands. Itsy and Bitsy starred in Paperplay, a lunchtime programme for kids which featured Magpie's Susan Shranks doing amateur origami.

They were meant to liven up proceedings for anyone who thought folding a blank piece of paper was boring. Folding a blank piece of paper is boring.


Totally uninspired cardboard finger puppets. Fingerbobs was the essence of minimalism - it consisted of the show's hippy presenter 'Yoffi' sitting at a wooden table making puppets using various bits of paper and his fingertips.

Then Yoffi and his creations sang a song and collected things.