I want more from life!

My husband dotes on me but I feel bored and unfulfilled and that I have missed out on so much. Is this a normal part of marriage?

I am 35 with two children of 15 and 17 but essentially I am a free spirit. I would like a more creative job.

For the first 14 years my husband was very possessive. Three years ago we reached a crisis point and I told him that I would leave unless he changed and to his huge credit he did. He now encourages me to do whatever makes me happy.

He is what all my single friends dream of and completely lives for me, I feel safe and very loved. Yet I am thinking of giving it all up to live by myself, have relationships with other men, and just take off to another country if I feel like it.

I truly love him but I worry about not fulfilling my potential. Am I just a modern spoilt woman who has it all but wants more?