Twiggy fears the 'middle aged' spread as she admits: I only eat one pudding a month to beat the bulge

She made her name as the original super waif, weighing in at just six and a half stone when she was hailed the "Face of 1966".

Now Twiggy has revealed that she is battling the middle aged spread, and limits herself to one pudding a month to beat the bulge.

The 59-year-old, who despite being a svelte size 10, says that she only allows herself one square of chocolate at a time.

Then and now: Twiggy fears she is battling a middle aged spread and has to watch what she eats compared to her heyday in the Sixties

"In my 40s I developed a bit of a 'middle aged' spread so now I follow a healthy eating regime. I don't believe in dieting though, it is all so boring.

"I still have chocolate in my fridge but I will only eat one square at a time. I only allow myself one pudding a month," she told Closer magazine.

Twiggy added that she stayed in shape with Pilates and tap dancing.

Twiggy models for Marks & Spencer

Twiggy models for Marks & Spencer: The star says she has to watch how much chocolate she eats these days

The star admits that the regime is a far cry from her 1960s heyday when she "ate like a horse" but her frame remained a tiny six and a half stone.

She said: "Some models starve themselves but I was just a naturally skinny kid. I used to eat everything, including big bars of chocolate, but I could not put on weight.

"My body changed after I had my daughter when I was 29, I got my boobs – it was wonderful."


Icon: Twiggy says she could eat what she liked when she was younger

Her waif-like figure – her nickname is a reference to her stick thin legs – defined an era.

She has graced hundreds of magazine covers and even won two Golden Globes in the US for her role in cult hit musical The Boyfriend.

In the past five years she has enjoyed a career renaissance.

She has modeled and designed a range of clothes for Littlewood's Direct, and is one of Marks & Spencer's 'Famous Five' models.

Since 2006, she has advertised the stores clothing range alongside Myleene Klass, Noemie Lenoir, Elizabeth Jagger and Erin O'Connor.

Earlier this year she released her latest book A Guide to Looking and Feeling Fabulous Over 40, for which she was paid an estimated £1.5million.

It is billed as How To… guide which gives advice on make-up and dressing for the older woman.

She said: "For me, getting older is about harnessing all the things I have learned about what does and doesn't suit me."

The style guide is not her first venture into the literary world. In 1997 she wrote her autobiography, Twiggy in Black and White.

The star has a daughter Carly , 29, from her first marriage to Michael Witney. She works with designer Stella McCartney Twiggy has been married to actor Leigh Lawson for 20 years. He has a son, Jason, 32, from his previous marriage to actress Hayley Mills.