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    Still think it’s a happy International Women’s Day?

  2. Day 3 and the Turkish President Erdoğan is still nowhere to be seen.

  3. According to : "There is a complex network of relations behind the attack in Ankara." Secret work like in Suruç. 2/2 cc:

  4. Weird, the Turkish Gov. found out the names of the attackers but keeps it as a secret just like the investigation (granted secrecy). 1/2

  5. The investigation of the Ankara bombings, which is the biggest terror attack in turkish history, has been granted secrecy.

  6. Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoğlu: "We got a list of suicide bombers in hand but we can’t arrest them till they take action." WTF?!

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    'da katledilen 128 can için gene Ankara'da, bütün TR'den ve dünyadan katılımla bir yürüyüş yapılmalı.

    Translated from Turkish by

  8. İlhan Taşçı had an interview on CNN Türk with 2 days after the attack. Taşçı lost a cousin on Saturday.

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    The Gercus, Batman funeral of Ibrahim Atilgan & Veysel, his 9-year-old son, the youngest to die in Ankara bombing

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    "The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."

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    For those asking how tracking phones and wireless devices (your laptop) from a plane works:

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    Tech designed to fight Al Qaeda gets used to track . War front to home front.

  13. How should I trust the Turkish Gov. and its so-called anti-ISIS agenda if the PM isn't even able to condemn (past) attacks?

  14. No comment.

  15. 100+ people have been killed, more than 500 injured. The next morning the Turkish Gov. engaged in an operation against ISIS. PR, bad PR.

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    Whenever Turkey blocks access to social media, you see it reflected in stats (/cc )

  17. I am not really a big fan of sharing speeches of political figures but I think this one needs to be addressed.

  18. Fuat Avni said this, Fuat Avni said that. Yes, he did but what changed mate? It happens again, and again, and again. RTs won't save us.

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    Peace signs in the air as the crowd observes a moment of silence for the victims.

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    Volunteers form human shield between police, who've been quite calm throughout the rally, and dispersing protesters

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