Samantha Mumba and Mark Wahlberg

Samantha Mumba

Singer Samantha Mumba is one of Ireland's most successful artists and is hoping to make a successful crossover into films with a role in The Time Machine, a big budget version of HG Wells' classic story starring Hollywood hot property Guy Pearce.

The film is being released later this year and early reports of Mumba's acting abilities are encouraging. There are rumours that she may feature in the Matrix sequels.

Mark Wahlberg

The former rapper Marky Mark and sometime Calvin Klein underwear model has impressed with the acting career he took up when his music career was faltering.

From the anti-drugs movie The Basketball Diaries to the porn industry satire Boogie Nights, the Gulf War picture Three Kings to the Planet Of The Apes remake, he has turned in consistently enjoyable performances. Look out for him in the forthcoming thriller The Truth About Charlie, in which he stars with Thandie Newton.