“These women may even enjoy being beaten at times as a sign of love and concern.�

“Beating women is a form of educationâ€?

It is permissible in Canada to openly advocate violence against women and girls who exist in a specific target set. While leading white feminists write op-eds about the Prime Minister’s haircut, brown women are dying from forced suicides and 14 years girls are told they are unclean. Rather than protecting or building a better future for women, most Canadian feminists have become the Handmaidens to those who advocate a future society founded on the oppression of women.

The Federal Court of Canada recently decided that the wearing of niqab at citizenship swearing in ceremonies is legally acceptable. This decision signed off by Justice Gleason is a concrete step forward in cementing the oppression of women into the Canadian mosaic. Henceforth, the oppression of women and violence against them becomes more acceptable, guilded as it is by a patina of legal respectability. Segregation, beatings, female genital mutilation and honour killings (or perhaps we can say ‘Gleason Killings’ or ‘Gleason Violence’) have become increasingly acceptable as proponents of extremist Islam reverse the shift towards equality for women back towards their systemic and ideological oppression of women and girls.  There is nothing, of course, in the Qur’an that requires women to be totally covered in society.

Supporters and advocates of violence against women and girls are further enabled by those who willingly and methodically suppress women, especially brown women, who cry out at their suffering and pain. It is perhaps appropriate in the Canadian context to call these enablers ‘Handmaidens’ to the advocates of violence against women and girls. This seems appropriate, as the worst of the enablers are often women (read white women).

Violence against women is a core reality of Islamist extremism. The Muslim Brotherhood, the Iranian Khomeneists, ISIS, Hizb ut-Tahrir and the Wahabbi all share the common ideological belief that women are to be controlled as property and they have limited rights. Killing women and beating them is acceptable if they fail to appreciate to their “proper place� in their society.

Here in Canada, Islamicist extremists regularly and openly advocate violence against women. Ironically, police department individuals interviewed for this story are clearly aware of issues such as ‘forced suicides’ (ie honour killings and murders) and they have taken their concerns to superiors. While the (mostly white male) police department leaders appear to be supporting their front line officers, political support above them appears to be virtually non-existent. Brown women, especially if they are Muslim, do not rate the attention of municipal and provincial leaders.

A series of journalists, editors, government bureaucrats, social workers, politicians, multiculturalists and so-called feminists play the role of hand maidens to those who espouse violence. Their silence (complicity) appears to be driven by their own political correctness and cultural relativism. Castrated by fear and barren of will, they are too timid, fearful and cowardly to address the issue. Those who do try to speak out are silenced by artificial outrage or fake cries of racism and Islamophobia.[1]

The Call to Violence: Beating Women Educates Them, They Enjoy It and Sex With Nine Year Old Girls is Fine

Those who call for violence against women and girls are not secretive or shy about it. They quite willingly advocate violence against women in public and do it even when they know they are being filmed. Even the most senior and better-known among them run webpages dedicated to descriptions of how and when to beat your wife.

Sex with nine year old girls is perfectly acceptable, they argue, as long as the rules for temporary marriages are followed. In Canada, you can advocate pedophilia and the statutory rape of nine year old girls, as long as you come from extremist Islam.

Some Recent Examples of Advocating Violence Against Women and Girls

Right across Canada, a variety of extremists openly advocate violence against women. The following are recent examples.

  1. In Halifax Nova Scotia, a website maintained by Dr Jamal Badawi[2] maintains that wife beating is permissible, given that the rules for it are followed. Dr Badawi is of particular interest as the Muslim Brotherhood has openly identified him as a leading figure and educator in the Muslim Brotherhood organization.
  1. In Laval Quebec, so-called ‘Sheikh’ Ahmed Abdul Kader Kandil has stated that “Allah chose the husband as the only leader of the family and his wife must obey and serve him. The man takes decisions based on reason, and the woman takes decisions based on her emotions.�[3]
  1. In Montreal Quebec, Imam Hussein Amer, has stated that “beating [women] in Islam is a type of education.â€?[4]
  1. In Toronto Ontario, the Muslim Student Association of York University handed out free books for its annual Islam Awareness Week (2015). One of the books has a section on WIFE DISCIPLINING and advises that wives should only be beaten as part of a three stage correctional process. It also notes that there are different kinds of women, including the view that:

Submissive or subdued women. These women may even enjoy

being beaten at times as a sign of love and concern.[5]

  1. In Mississauga, which has also been the scene of multiple Hizb ut-Tahrir conferences[6],the Mississauga Halal Food Fest in 2014 had a book titled “Rulings Pertaining to Muslim Women.�[7] This book has some interesting views including “Among the rights of a husband upon his wife is that she looks after his house and does not go outside unless she has his permission. She does the housework and does not force him to employ a maid. It is obligatory upon the Muslim Woman to obey her husband
  1. In Brampton Ontario, Omar Subedar of the Makki Masjid says that: Allah has permitted the husband to discipline his wife by striking her.[8]
  1. In the City of Vaughan (GTA) Imam Rivi openly advocates that sex with nine (9) year old girls is permissible if it takes place within the legal framework of a temporary marriage.[9]
  1. In Calgary, Alberta, Abdi Hersy is the Imam of Abu Bakr Musallah. He is wanted in the US on sexual assault charges. His view is as follows:

The husband has many rights [حقوق] on his wife… first and foremost, she has to obey you. She hasto obey you, ok. He comes with the orders. You have to give orders and she has to obey you.She cannot leave the house without his permission. You have to choose either Allah or Canada.Canada is a feminine country. So ladies, the other thing that I want you to quit from your life is feminism.[10]

The Suppression of Awareness and Activity

It is, of course, a value judgement, but those who use their power and influence to suppress knowledge and discussions about violence against women and girls are equally guilty, or perhaps more culpable than those who advocate it. They have the option of exposing those who advocate such hate crimes, but consciously chose to remain silent. This is cowardice and complicity.

Examples of such behavior in Canada (and elsewhere) abound. Recent instances are:

  1. The Toronto Star was planning to run a story on the Valley Park Middle School in early January 2012. Despite being a public school, Friday prayers were being run in the school in the cafeteria. Boys were positioned at the front, girls at the back and “unclean� (menstruating) girls were forced to sit outside the hall. Forcing girls to sit at the back and identifying them as “unclean� is a clear and obvious violation of their rights in a public, taxpayer funded setting. However, the Premier’s Office of the Government of Ontario called the Toronto Star and the story was cancelled shortly thereafter. The Star eventually ran stories on this situation[11], but only after other press outlets such as the Toronto Sun broke the story in July of that same year. Of note, the story focused on the Valley Park Middle School and it ran in a number of different news outlets. However, the practice of Muslim Prayers and the segregation of “unclean girls� from the others is also occurring in a number of other schools in the Greater Toronto Area.
  1. On February 26, 2015, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) hosted a conference in Ottawa with the title: Conference on Tackling Early and Forced Marriage and ‘Honour’ Based Violence in Canada. The conference featured a rather notable list of guest speakers from countries such as the UK who spoke about Female Genital Mutilation, forced marriages and wife/daughter killings. Three Canadian women, who were invited to the conference and have considerable profile on the issues of violence against women, were contacted ahead of the conference. They were less-than-subtlety warned that they were not to raise questions about violence against women in Canada and how it related to “cultural violence.� “Cultural violence� is, of course, a politically correct term to describe violence against women as described by Islamic extremists in Canada. They were told that if such issues were raised, they would not be invited to any further events or discussions. DFAIT bureaucrats, like many others, were more worried about political correctness than they were women being killed and mutilated in Canada.
  1. Canadian women who are victims of violence advocated by Islamic extremists are afraid to speak publically. On one hand, they are aware that they will be shunned and then subjected to further harassment and violence. On the other hand, a more insidious problem exists. Front line police officers in major police forces, especially the municipal level, have been trying to crack this problem through a variety of community based outreach programs. Many, however, both male and female, refuse to talk to police forces as they believe the police forces have been infiltrated and compromised by Islamic extremists. Police departments do themselves no favours when they are seen working hand in hand with the front groups of extremists. In early 2014, the York Regional Police, with its own serious community problems, sent a representative to collect a “community service and professionalism� award from a well-known Muslim Brotherhood front group. To Muslims in the community, this gives the appearance that the York Regional Police either places a higher value on their contact with an extremist group or they have no idea of who they are dealing with. Either way, they are frightened to discuss matters of extremism with the police as they believe that should information will find its way back to the extremists themselves.The RCMP sent, or allowed to be sent, a senior officer to meet with representative of the Muslim Student Association in late 2014. The Superintendent involved was photographed and the photo distributed. As with the York Regional Police, the RCMP appears to be operating in the field without being aware the Muslim Student Association is a major source of radicalization and extremism in Canada.[12]  Mullah Syndrome[13] might be the cause of these issues, but again, the non-extremist Muslim community feels that approaching the RCMP could be dangerous for themselves. On a brighter note, the RCMP did suddenly withdraw its support for the “United Against Terrorism� handbook that as released in late 2014. While difficult to assess who initially decided that working with Muslim Brotherhood front groups was a good idea, another figure at a higher level apparently decided it was not.

Feminists in Canada – The Conspiracy of Silence

Imagine if a white male who is a nominal Christian was caught beating his wife and his defence was: “It is not a problem because the bitch likes it and she deserved it anyway.�

The feminist community, aided by the press, so-called progressives and publicity seeking politicians would have a field day justifiably exorcising the fool and calling for a variety of horrible consequence that should befall him.

However, when Muslim males call for violence to be specifically targeted against Muslim females, the feminist community in Canada collapses into craven silence, as do progressives and most of the press.

Why is this? It is difficult to assess, but discussions with front line social workers, real feminists, police officers and general research seem to suggest that five mains excuses for inaction exist. They are:

  1. It is a cultural issue and it is not our place to interfere with cultural values. We cannot say “our� cultural is superior to “their culture� so was cannot criticize. Therefore we have to be tolerant of other people’s values, even if they are intolerant.
  2. It is about “community balance� because we need to “keep the peace� and not upset Muslims by criticizing them. They could become violent if we criticize them.
  3. It is a complex issue and you can only really understand from within the community, therefore we cannot involve ourselves because we are on the outside.
  4. Many, particularly Muslim females, have a justified fear of physical violence in retaliation for speaking out. It will only get worse if we aggravate the issue.
  5. If you speak out against the issues, you will be labelled racist or Islamophobic.

The UK Example

Can it be possible in Canada that political correctness, cultural relativism and tolerance is allowing violence to occur which is not being addressed?

Consider the mass rape, beatings and sex trafficking of 1400 (one thousand four hundred) primarily white girls aged 11 to 14 years who systematically exploited from 1997 to 2013 by mainly Pakistani males in Rotherham UK. How is it possible that 1400 girls could be forced into sex trafficking in a city of some 110,000 people and the police, child welfare social workers and town council did not notice it?

The Jay Report[14], commissioned by the UK Government, clearly identified that the police, social workers, city council and Members of Parliament were aware of the mass rape of children problem, but chose to ignore it in the name of “community balance.� Captured by their own inadequacies and clinging to their beliefs in cultural relativism, a variety of officials were more worried about potential claims of racism that they were the rape of female children in their own area of responsibility.

While the entire report makes for sickening reading, two of the most heinous examples are:

  1. One researcher who attempted to raise the issue to the City Council was threatened, sidelined and then sent on a “two-day ethnicity and diversity course to raise (her) awareness of ethnic issues.�[15] Her background research was then stolen from her office and not recovered.
  1. The Member of Parliament with responsibility for Rotherham was asked after the Jay Report was published if he had been aware of the mass rape problem. His response was that he was aware of first cousin marriages and the sexual exploitation of girls in the Muslim community, but “as a true Guardian reader, and liberal leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard. I think there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat if I may put it like that.”[16]


The Niqab debate in Canada is not about what women should or should not wear to a citizenship swearing in ceremony. The sub-text of the debate is really about the future of extremist Islam in Canada and whether the systemic oppression of women is a “value� that should be incorporated into the Canadian mosaic.

The Gleason Decision in the Federal Court of Canada is a major victory for extremists as they seek to regularize the oppression of women while framing the discussion in religious freedom. If this decision is not overturned, then it, and others, will be concretized into the Canadian legal system.

Feminism in Canada is increasingly about the privileges of white women, particularly those who occupy positions in universities or what could loosely be called the intelligentsia. While leading so-called white feminists write op-eds about the Prime Minister’s haircut, brown women are dying from forced suicides. Rather than protecting or building a better future for women, they have become the Handmaidens to those who advocate a future society founded on the oppression of women.

Accommodation is Cowardice

Community Balance is Capitulation

Tolerance of the Intolerant is Complicity

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An unknown person at York University Muslim Student Association handing out book which says women enjoy being beaten.

Some helpful suggestions on how to discipline and beat your wife.  For more on this see: http://www.blogwrath.com/canada-islam/muslim-week-at-york-university-with-wife-beating-tips/6971/