Never provision anything.

Dynamic Capture™ does not rely on the phone number dialed by a caller to analyze the call. Instead, our patent-pending call tracking technology assigns a unique ID to each phone call. This enables delivery of detailed call analytics using the same phone number for all phone calls. There’s no buying and maintaining forwarding numbers, no hiding or masking your real phone number under recycled ones. Just your real business phone number, displayed to every website visitor, every time.

Real-time, call level data.

Dynamic Capture™ pushes call activity to your website’s analytics system in a manner similar to the way e-commerce transactions are tracked. Each call is assigned a unique ID, which is later used to query your website’s analytics system for visit details and match them with the correct call record in our database. Since we use your analytics system, we can retrieve all the data it records, including visit length, geographic region, device, and more. If you’re looking for superfine data and non-compromising accuracy, then Outleads is for you.

100% auto-pilot.

Once you sign up and complete our 10-minute setup, your call analytics will collect automatically in the Outleads dashboard, without any action on your part. Never provision anything, never update your website, never purchase more phone numbers to accommodate more visitors. Simply resume your business and receive phone calls as usual – we’ll take care of the rest.

Every device. Every time.

Dynamic Capture™ adapts to every device, whether it’s a mobile phone, desktop browser, or a good ol’ landline phone. We track every incoming phone call that results from a visit to your website – as well as select off-site sources (see below). So you can stay at ease, knowing that your prospects can contact you using whichever method feels most comfortable to them, without changing their (hint: sometimes old-fashioned) ways.

Take it off-site.

In addition to tracking phone calls from your website’s visitors, Dynamic Capture™ can track calls that originate on other online sites. For example, you can track phone calls from e-mail campaigns, social media, and ads you run in third party websites where you control the ad HTML, such as Craigslist. Just create an Ad record in the Outleads dashboard, paste our link into your ad’s code, and start evaluating your marketing in ways you never thought were possible.
NOTE: this feature is only available on mobile devices.

Track outcomes.

Tracking the number of phone calls from each marketing channel is great – but tracking the net effect on your bottom line is even better. With Revenue Origin™, you can record the revenue from each phone call. When you record a sale, Outleads sends an e-commerce transaction to Google Analytics, which is associated with the web visit that triggered the call. Finally, the gap between online marketing and offline activities has been bridged. more about Revenue Origin™ >

SMS and e-mail notifications.

Dynamic Capture™ offers the ability to update your call records and add notes about individual phone calls while on the go. When you sign up for SMS and/or E-mail Notifications, following each phone call you will receive a text message or e-mail message with an identification code. Simply reply back with the identification code in the message, and our system will append your notes to the call record. You can also use the same identification code to send additional notes or record sales long after the call ends.

Record away.

Dynamic Capture™ attaches a recording of each phone call to the call record. So you can drill down and associate the quality of each phone call with the source that triggered that phone call. Best of all, you get unlimited storage of call recordings at no additional cost.

Manage & follow up.

Outleads turns call records into lead entries. During and after the call, use our leads management system to record additional information about your prospects, add notes, set reminders, tags and more. Our system aggregates the information you record into a variety of intelligent reports designed to facilitate analysis of the quantity as well as quality of leads generated from each of your marketing channels so you can make smarter decisions that maximize your ROI.

Google Analytics™ integration.

Segment Precision™ pushes all of your visitors’ call-related actions to Google Analytics. These include clicking-to-call, initiating a call connection, connecting with your customer service team, and completing a call, as well as follow-up information such as revenues and call-associated costs. Each of these is recorded as an extension of the web visit, so you can segment and analyze alongside other business metrics in a familiar interface.

Google AdWords™ integration.

In addition to integrating with your website’s analytics system, Dynamic Capture™ supports importing call data into your Adwords account as offline conversions. Prior to importing, you can decide to include or exclude specific call records. For example, you may decide to include only the call records that converted or exclude cold callers. With Dynamic Capture™, you can easily accomplish each of these goals and much more.

The "Call" button.

On desktops and laptops, we can implement a click-to-call button that, when clicked, will initiate a call through the visitor’s browser. In addition to high-quality audio, click-to-call has been repeatedly shown to boost conversion rates in studies of online browsing behavior. Add it to your site and watch your inquiries skyrocket overnight.

Simple installation.

Dynamic Capture™ is comprised of a simple, short, ultra-lightweight code snippet that you paste into the HTML of each web page where you want to track phone calls. The link and button style can be adapted to fit your site’s look-and-feel, and overall load speed is not affected. Best of all, there are no expensive hardware, setup costs, or required minimum commitments – you only pay when you receive a call.

FIGURE 1. Call Tracking Attribution Report 1

FIGURE 2. Call Tracking Attribution Report 2

FIGURE 3. Call Tracking Attribution Report 3

FIGURE 4. Offsite Tracking Settings