Mom still shocked by support for Mickey, pit bull, that attacked her 4-year-old son, Kevin Vicente

PHOENIX - A Valley mom is disappointed at the decision to keep the dog that attacked her 4-year-old son alive.

A judge ruled Mickey, a pit bull, will spend the rest of its life in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office MASH unit.

The dog was declared "vicious" by a judge after it attacked 4-year-old Kevin Vicente, while he was staying at a babysitter's house.

The attack has left Kevin with severe scars to his face, forcing his eye to remain shut, and requiring around-the-clock care.

“He's going to start therapy so he can learn how to chew again and the food doesn't fall out of his mouth,” said Mother Floridalma Vicente.

Floridalma is a single mom and quit her job to take care of her son.

“I start to cry and he says 'don’t cry mom,'” said Vicente.

Vicente said sometimes she feels do desperate she doesn' tknow what to do next.

The day she received that phone call saying her son was in the hospital still haunts her.

"When the doctor told me that he [the dog] had bit part of his face off and broken this here, I didn’t know what to do," she said.

She wanted the dog to be put down, but supports rallied around Mickey and fought to keep him alive. That left Kevin's mom shocked.

"It feels really bad, it feels horrible that there is more support for a dog than your kid,” she said.

And it pained her to hear some of the comments made about the dog's treatment while in animal control.

"He hasn't been able to see sun, he hasn't been able to go on walks," said Veronica Lee, who supported Mickey's life sentence.

"She must not have any children at all because if that happened to her child I don't think she would say the dog wouldn't see the light of day when my child will be scarred for the rest of his life,” said Vicente.

Kevin is scheduled to undergo surgery on his eye Thursday. His mom hopes she'll learn if her son will regain sight in one of his eye or not.

An account to help pay for Kevin’s medical bill has been set up at Bank of America under "Floridalma Vicente." The account number is #457027280058.

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