Hollywood's hottest looks

Who has Heather Graham's eyes, Heather Locklear's nose, Halle Berry's cheeks, Denise Richards' lips and Britney Spears' body? Nobody, but a lot of women wish they had.

According to the latest survey by a pair of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, those are Hollywood's hottest looks and the features most sought after by women seeking to surgically enhance their own appearance.

The findings come from consultations with about 1,500 female patients during the past year, Dr. Richard Fleming, co-director of the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery, said yesterday.

The popularity of particular physical attributes reveals as much about what women want to see in the mirror as it does about which stars are getting the most attention in Hollywood, he said.

"Our patients' beauty ideals appear to have been based on which particular actors are considered the latest and the greatest," said Fleming, who conducts the annual survey with his partner, Dr. Toby Mayer.

"They don't talk about Grace Kelly, perhaps one of the most beautiful women of all time, because they don't think I'll remember her. They forget how old I am."

Indeed, the best-of beauty list reads like a marquee of the most glamorous women in contemporary show business. And there is considerable overlap with last year's list.

Pop princess Britney Spears ranks No. 1 among female celebrity bodies most in demand - perhaps a bit pie-in-the-sky for many of Fleming's customers - followed by singer-actress Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie, who also had last year's third best bod.

One-time Bond girl Denise Richards took the prize for most enchanting lips, followed by Oscar-winning gender bender Hilary Swank and the bedeviling Elizabeth Hurley, who was last year's runner-up for best body.

Heather "Felicity Shagwell" Graham boasted the most desirable eyes, with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Penelope Cruz placing second and third. Last year's choice for best peepers, Winona Ryder failed to make the cut this year.

Last year's No. 1 nose, Oscar-nominated "Moulin Rouge" star Nicole Kidman, ranks second this year behind "Spin City's" Heather Locklear, with fellow Academy Award contender Marisa Tomei, at No. 3. Zeta-Jones ranked third in the schnoz department last year.

Two forty-something TV actresses - "Once and Again" star Sela Ward and "Sex and the City" vixen Kim Cattrall - trail just behind newly minted Oscar nominee Halle Berry of "Monster's Ball" for most coveted cheeks (facial, that is).

Lopez was voted last year's cheeky champion.

Male patients also had their idols of good looks, with Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt leading the pack for best eyes, Oscar-winning "Traffic" star Benicio Del Toro named No. 1 for best lips and Johnny Depp for best jaw.

Russell Crowe may have been nominated as best actor for his role in "A Beautiful Mind," but Fleming's male patients most admire him for his chin. And the newly buff Will Smith's Oscar-nominated turn as boxing great Muhammad Ali did not go unnoticed - he tops the list for most desirable male body.

Fleming readily acknowledges that plastic surgeons are hardly miracle workers. "There is a limit. We have to deal with what we're presented.

If Roseanne Barr comes in and wants to look like Britney Spears, I don't care, it's just not possible."

And of course surgical remedies don't come cheap.

The price tag for Graham's eyes, Locklear's nose, Richards' Lips, Berry's cheeks and Spears' body would run roughly $35,000 to $40,000. But for some in the swank, money's-no-object world of Beverly Hills, that might be a bargain.