The greatest show on earth: Wrap up warm and embrace Britain's spectacular autumn landscapes this half-term (some of which are right under our noses)

The most stunning UK places to witness autumn colours during half-term

Forget Norwegian fjords and Icelandic glaciers, some of the most breathtaking landscapes are right under our noses in the UK. And what better time to witness them, then when they are in full glory - brought to life by the golden hues. From the Lake District's Buttermore Lake (centre left and right) and Latrigg area (bottom right) and New Forest, Hampshire (top left), here are some of the most stunning golden treasures that can be witnessed in each corner of the UK over the coming weeks.

From mesmerising golden domes to halls with kaleidoscopic colours: These are the world's most beautiful mosques

These are the world's most beautiful mosques

The ornate Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (top left, right and bottom left) in Abu Dhabi attracts more than 400,000 devout worshippers during the annual Eid celebrations. Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem (centre) stands out against the sky with its golden dome and turquoise detailing. In contrast the pink and white domed Putra Mosque in Malaysia (bottom right) is perfectly reflected in the lake around it. Here MailOnline Travel presents some of the most exquisite mosques around the world.

An Inspector Calls: Brideshead meets Shoreditch in the eclectic Zetter Townhouse Marylebone... which even offers rooftop alfresco bathing

The new boutique hotel, The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone, opened this summer, offering 24 uniquely decorated rooms, which ooze comfort, yet offer plenty of modern touches.

Philippine paradise: Following the 2013 typhoon, the country is back in business with pristine beaches and the Chocolate Hills awaiting those who visit its 7,100 islands

Following the devastation of the 2013 typhoon, the Philippines has been been on the road to recovery - and is now back in the business for those looking to explore the 7,107 exotic islands.

Time for a family getaway? South coast of Spain named cheapest destination for half-term breaks (but prices are sky-high in Turkey!)

A recent survey of popular 'tourist essentials' by Post Office Travel Money has found Costa del Sol to be the best value destination for families this October, followed by Portugal, Tenerife and Mombasa.

Want the perfect travel snap? Infographic reveals the most Instagrammed destinations in North America (and they may surprise you)

For those looking for a bit of inspiration for their next photo-worthy jaunt, a bus booking platform has compiled a list of the most popular Instagram destinations in Canada and the United States.

Scale a frozen cliff in Covent Garden, stay in a superyacht and search for the seven Soho noses: The best hidden London attractions revealed

London will have welcomed a total of 18 million international overnight visitors by the end of the year - many of which are unaware of the hidden attractions.

Have a whale of a time in Norway: Head north to stay in a Disney's Frozen inspired room, try husky sledging and go orca spotting (if you can stand the smell)

A trip to Norway is brimming with activities to entertain - and the scenery is breathtaking enough by itself. Watch the sun go down as you zoom through the wintery landscape by snowmobile.

Now that's a glowing review! Inside the first-ever firefly-themed park, which boasts 10,000 illuminating insects (and has taken China by storm)

Inside the first-ever firefly-themed park at East Lake Peony Garden

In an effort to preserve them and promote breeding, China's East Lake Peony Garden in Wuhan city, has opened the first-ever firefly-themed park in the country's central Hubei province. Unfortunately, due to pollution and destruction of their natural habitats, firefly populations have dwindled globally in recent years.

What REALLY happens during an emergency on a plane, from what the pilot is doing to how to increase your chances of survival

Aeroplane disasters are a top fear for travellers, but what really goes on in an emergency and how can you be prepared? Learn what happens behind the scenes and how to be crash-ready.

The terrible pictures that lose Britain's B&Bs; £8.9MILLION every year: Before and after images show how a few changes can attract more guests 

According to new research, 82% of Brits are put off solely due to terrible B&B; photography, admitting that photos are one of their top three criteria when deciding where to spend the night.

Man hit with £1,000 medical bill after falling ill on board a cruise ship... despite only being on a drip for ONE HOUR

George Wilkinson, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, was travelling on board the Island Escape around Spain and the south of France when he suffered a vertigo attack.

Are holidaymakers safe in Israel? As terrorist attacks continue travel experts offer advice on avoiding the violence

Four separate attacks this week have left three people killed and over 20 injured in Jerusalem. Travel Expert Bob Atkinson advises travellers to avoid all public transport and busy areas.

The inn owner who is GIVING AWAY her picturesque million-dollar lodging in Maine... to whoever writes the best essay

Sarah Pebworth, owner of the idyllic Blue Hill Inn in Maine, is looking for a new owner to take the helm and all they have to do is write an impressive 200-word essay.

Peats and beats on Islay: Experiencing 'the Queen of the Hebrides' with jazz and drams

MailOnline Travel visits the Scottish island of Islay to tour the local whisky distilleries and indulge in some smooth, sexy tunes for the Islay Jazz Festival.

A real-life man of steel: See this mountain biker lose control, fall off a CLIFF and still manage to complete his ride during a competition in Utah

See this mountain biker fall off the side of a CLIFF in Utah

During this year's Redbull Rampage competition, which took place in Virgin, Utah, Boston-based rider, Nicholi Rogatkin came knocking on death's door. After falling off the side of a cliff during his mountain biking qualifying round, Rogatkin astonishingly managed to get back up and finish his run, completing a canyon jump and backflip in the process.

And what were you planning on doing with this lizard, sir? The strangest items Brits have had confiscated at airport security

In a new survey, Brits revealed the oddest items they'd had confiscated at airport, including handcuffs, sand and foliage. In France, the most confiscated item was fireworks.

The most outrageous hotel concierge requests revealed: Nothing is too much trouble for the butlers at Le Bristol in Paris and London's Lanesborough

No demand is too big for concierges at Le Bristol in Paris and London's The Lanesborough, who can go from making dinner reservations to filling a bathtub with Champagne for wealthy guests.

Belgian tourist, 68, dies after falling into scalding hot Chilean geyser while taking a photograph

Francoise Guillaume was visiting the El Tatio geysers in northern Chile's Atacama Desert with her husband when the tragic accident occurred.

The most beautiful footage of autumn leaves ever? Drone captures breathtaking panorama of Vermont's fabulous foliage 

New Yorker, Matt Benedetto, 25, starts the video off close to his face before releasing the device and steadily reversing it hundreds of feet above the ground.

Blood and black magic: Incredible pictures show the mysterious and intoxicating rites of voodoo where followers become 'possessed' by spirits 

Pictures show the rites of voodoo where followers become 'possessed' by spirits

Since 1990, photographer, Les Stone from New York has dedicated two-and-a-half decades to visiting Haiti 200 times to photograph hundreds of enchanting spiritual moments including the Carnival in Jacmel (left), the bringing of the sword to an Easter ceremony (top right) and the killing of goats, bulls and chickens (bottom right).

Tourists who have stolen mementos from the ruined city of Pompeii are returning them in droves... claiming their lives have been CURSED

Hundreds of items have been stolen from Pompeii by tourists, who are now returning them after they found their lives were cursed. It echoes story that Mount Vesuvius erupted because of curse by gods.

Gulf company to build sprawling Bosnian £3.3BILLION 'tourist city' complete with a mall, hotels and thousands of holiday homes near the capital of Sarajevo

The Balkans country of 3.8 million people, 40 percent of whom are Muslims, has registered a significant increase in visitors from Gulf states such as UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in recent years.

Tourists gasp in horror as jaguar leaps into river, disappears under the murky water and re-emerges with a CAIMAN in its mouth

The rare footage was captured by a tourist who watched as the big cat stalked its prey from the river bank before bravely launching itself at it, in what is believed to be South America.

Pictured: The gigantic rat that attempted to sneak into a hotel... but got stuck in a guest's TOILET

The gigantic rat that attempted to sneak into a hotel but got stuck in the TOILET pictured

After calling staff at the unnamed US hotel upon hearing a mysterious scratching sound coming from the bowl, the guest discovered the rodent was lodged in the pipes. Although the incident happened somewhere in the United States, neither the city nor the hotel chain has been explicitly named.

Hungry goats prove to be berry good climbers! Incredible video shows animals perched precariously 16ft up a tree in bid to get to their favourite food 

North African goats are huge fans of the argan fruit that grows on trees and scale the branches to nibble on the berries. They leave the hard nuts in their droppings, which are used to produce argan oil.

Infographic reveals 50 of the most bizarre travel facts (yes, they really do grow square water melons in Japan)

Infographic reveals some of the wackiest, lesser-known facts about countries from around the world, including the country that drinks wine infused with snakes.

Not just a stag do destination: A photographic journey into the heart of Estonia discovering its 1500 islands and forests

There aren't many places that boast 1,500 islands and nearly 50% of the entire country covered in forest. MailOnline Travel goes on a photographic journey discovering Estonia's secrets.

Hyatt bans on-demand porn in hotel rooms as guests turn to smartphones and laptops to view X-rated material 

US-based Hyatt Hotels is the latest hospitality company to ban on-demand adult entertainment from its rooms with decreasing revenue from movie rentals driving the trend.

Runaway bride (and groom): Couple who decided that a big wedding was too expensive eloped to Iceland for intimate ceremony with just ONE guest

Ontario couple travel to Iceland to find their perfect wedding venue

Shunning the idea of a traditional wedding, high school sweethearts Jeremy and Rachelle Garrett, from Ontario, Canada, planned what might be the most unique ceremony ever. The pair travelled to Iceland - and lived out of a van - while documenting their search for the ultimate wedding venue.

Singapore Airlines joins Qantas with launch of a 19-hour flight: Non-stop route to New York set to open in 2018

Singapore Airlines says that due to demand the service will resume with the help of a brand new aircraft. The plane in question will be Airbus' new 'ultra-long range' version of its A350-900.

Revealed: The new solo cabins launching on Cunard's Queen Mary 2 as part of its multi-million-pound refurbishment

Fresh new designs in the fifteen single cabins will feature signature colour schemes, plush carpets and furniture as well as more decorative fixtures and fittings.

Fatal attraction: The Instagram hot spots that tourists risk their lives visiting for the perfect holiday snap

Instagram hot spots that tourists risk their lives visiting for holiday snap

Tourists are pushing boundaries to get daredevil travel pictures to post on their social media pages. Popular locations include Moscow Bridge which has seen a number of fatalities in recent years. Last month a woman from Melbourne died after plummeting from Trolltunga in Norway (centre) while posing for a photograph. Despite the slippery Kjeragbolten, also in Norway (top right), being suspended over a dramatic drop, many flock to the location for a holiday snap. The Devil's Pool in Victoria Falls (top left) is also extremely popular despite reports of people being swept over the edge in the past.

Gastronomy, Game of Thrones and a man who predicts rainfall with ONIONS: How to spend a charming few days exploring Catalonia

From its cobbled capital, to its rugged coast, the fight to make Catalonia a separate state has begun. Madlen Davies tours the area, and meets a man with a curious way of forecasting the weather.

New Orleans and Miami will be UNDER WATER within the next century as rising sea levels put more than 400 US cities 'past the point of no return', new study claims

No matter what we do to curb global warming, New Orleans, Miami and many other beloved US cities will sink below rising seas due to carbon emissions, according to a study released Monday.

Great Scots! Americans vote Glasgow accent the sexiest in the UK... and people from Essex sound least attractive

In a new survey, Americans said the Glaswegian accent was the sexiest and Geordies sounded most intelligent. Meanwhile, Brits voted the New York twang as the most attractive.

Air France A380 declares emergency 45 minutes into flight after cabin crew realise two passengers are MISSING

Crew onboard the Boeing A380 flight from Paris to Johannesburg triggered the security alert after realising that the passenger list and baggage did not match.

Iconic seaside hotel that inspired Enid Blyton's Famous Five adventures could be yours for £15million

Knoll House Hotel that inspired Enid Blyton's Famous Five on sale for £15m

Situated in four acres of gardens and woodlands, Knoll House Hotel in Studland Dorset which is said to have inspired Enid Blyton's Famous Five adventures has gone on sale for £15 million. The secluded 84-room property features a spa, outdoor pool, golf course, tennis courts and direct beach access.

Tourist takes the planking craze to a new level by using travelator conveyor belts to spin his body in circles

A new video uploaded to YouTube shows a man doing tricks at a Universal theme park in the US. He lies in plank form on the conveyor belts of a travelator, which flip him round in circles.

Dancing on air! Air stewardess performs jig with passenger on Aer Lingus flight after band start playing traditional Irish music

Prior to the in-flight performance a band had started to play traditional Irish music on board the Aer Lingus flight, much to the delight of the passengers.

Wheelchair user sneaks a bottle of water and a tool kit through security at UK airport simply by hiding them under his seat

Josh Gardner, from Leeds, took part in a secret investigation at Leeds-Bradford Airport after informing colleagues that his chair had never been searched when he was passing through an airport.

British passenger banned for life from airline after TERRORISING cabin crew on flight from Prague to Glasgow

Peter Vincent from Scotland was also ordered to pay a £950 fine following the incident in June which saw him using foul and offensive language and threatening a senior crew member.

Caught on camera: The terrifying moment the engine of a plane carrying 137 people rips apart during take-off

Sky Airlines plane engine rips off during take-off as passenger films video

A video captured by a passenger on the Sky Airlines flight from Santiago to Copiapo saw the left engine's protective casing lift up and break off as the plane began to climb. The aircraft soon returned to the airport in Chile where the 137 passengers were transferred onto another flight.

London airports have shockingly slow Wi-Fi and download speeds are fast on the TUBE, new study reveals

An independent study by found that Stansted had the fastest download speeds of London's five major airports, although it still ranks far behind other European airports.

Would YOU dare to walk along these? The most TERRIFYING bridges on earth revealed

Would YOU dare to walk along the most TERRIFYING bridges on earth?

If you are afraid of heights you will probably want to look away now. Here are some of the most precarious or plain scary bridges that face brave adventurers around the world. If you wish to experience the breathtaking panoramas of the mountainous Ai-Petri region on the southeastern coast of Crimea, you must first brave the wooden bridges that tower over vast ravines (pictured). And you have to have nerves of steel to risk death or serious injury when you take on the world's most dangerous trail - Mount Hua near the city of Huayin in China which features stomach-churning drops, vertical ascents, steep staircases and narrow walkways, with only a small chain to cling onto (inset).

Husband who booked dream Jamaican Thomson break for his wedding anniversary 'was hospitalised with salmonella and is still suffering six months on'

Ian Counsell, 51, from Rossendale, Lancashire, said he suffered severe stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting just days after he and his wife arrived at Hotel Riu Palace in Montego Bay.

Nearly one in four Britons did not go on holiday in the past year (but the wealthiest took an average of EIGHT)

The proportion of people not going on at least one holiday a year is rising, according to new research. Pressure on household finances appears to be the key factor in the decline.

You weren't invited! The animals that innocently photobombed family holiday pictures with perfect timing

Animals that photobombed family holiday pictures with perfect timing

Nobody likes an uninvited guest on holiday... unless they're the non-human kind of course. Now that everyone has a smart phone, tourists are more snap-happy than ever while away on vacation. This means there are plenty of opportunities for a comical situation to occur while the subject is busy posing for the camera.

The ultimate Bond villain superyacht: Inside the VERY fast £60million boat that leaves the competition in its wake

At252.6ft, the aptly-named Silver Fast, built in Australia, has gone on the market for €79.5m (£60m or $90m), boasting a helipad, outdoor cinema, glass-fronted hot tub and a massive master suite.

Even A-Listers use public transport! As Kendall Jenner is snapped on London Underground here are the other celebrities who've been spotted taking the Tube 

Kendall Jenner was filmed taking the London Underground from Heathrow airport last week. She follows in the footsteps of stars like Rihanna, John Terry and Harry Styles.

What it takes to be Trip Advisor's No.1 hotel in London (and we doubt you've even heard of it)

The 41 Hotel is the No.1 hotel in London on Trip Advisor. The 28-room establishment offers top customer service, with rooms always available for early visitors and staff memorising guests' names

'I've got a moustache... he hasn't!' British holidaymaker, 59, boards plane at Stansted Airport with his 15-year-old son's passport

Greg Sheen, from Fordingbridge, Hampshire, said no one stopped him before he boarded a Ryanair flight to Kos, Greece, even though he looks nothing like the teen pictured on the passport.

Now THAT'S astronomical: The jaw-dropping photographs of the Milky Way as you've never seen it before

Russian ambulance driver, Boris Dmitriev has captured the beauty of the night sky looming above rural Russian meadows and Georgia's mountainous landscapes in breathtaking photographs.

Hidden holiday gems revealed: Tourism office workers share their top tips for lesser known local hot spots

Tourism office workers share their top tips for hidden holiday gems

Tourism offices are full of expert knowledge on museums and galleries. But now the experts have revealed to MailOnline their REAL local tips, including dive bars, beauty spots and eateries. Pictured clockwise from top left: Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes in Bridgend County, The Broken Spoke in Austin, Texas,

The WiFi tide has turned: Cruise ship giant slashes internet charges by over 90% with guests now able to log on for just £3 a day

Carnival Corporation has announced a new WiFi pricing structure and enhanced service on its ships providing speeds that are 10 times faster even in the middle of the ocean.

Inside the hidden London hotel that is awash with celebrity tales thanks to its famous Victorian bathtub

Portobello Hotel is a famous retreat for celebrity guests

Legend has it then-couple Johnny Depp and Kate Moss had a Champagne bath at London's Portobello Hotel, although it's a rumour that won't die even though he has denied it. A-listers often stay in Room 16 (top right), which features a Victorian claw-foot bathtub (inset) at the foot of a large circular bed (top left). Nestled on a quiet street in Notting Hill, the boutique hotel boasts 21 rooms with individual designs (bottom left) and a stately sitting room looking out onto a private garden (bottom right).

Secrets of hotel design revealed: From budget to boutique, why rooms and receptions look the way they do 

Shaun Clarkson from C4's Four Rooms and Jo Polmear from Lichfield-based Hunter Patel Creative Group explain how lighting, fabric and colour alter perceptions of rooms.

India's technicolor temples: Dazzling pyramids that are an explosion of vibrant shades and 33,000 sculptures 

Rising up to 170 feet in the air, the 14 adorned towers of the Meenakshi Temple are covered in an impressive display of around 33,000 sculptures - all accentuated with a riot of bright colours.

Blossom and bright lights: Stunning photographs capture the magic of Japan old and new

Tokyo and Kyoto photographer Takashi Yasui began sharing the images of the likes of Mount Fuji and the Hokanji Temple on his Instagram account in 2012.

Here's why it's called the British ISLES: The little known paradise islands on your doorstep where you can castaway and escape it all

Holidaymakers can indulge their island fantasies and eke out the last of days of sunshine on a break much closer to home, by discovering Britain's lesser known isles.

Land of a thousand mirrors: Photographer captures the colourful reflections of China's rice fields in stunning twilight images

Malaysian camera man, Alex Goh Chun Seong, travelled to Yuanyang in Yunnan, China to capture these amazing rice paddy reflections at the witching hour.

Ahead of the curve: British company invents the world's first CURVY caravan

A quirky Cheshire-based designer has created the world's first curvy caravan. For £21,950 the bespoke Barefoot model comes in duck egg blue.

Fear we go! Halloween Horror Nights kicks off with a bang as Universal Studios Florida celebrate 25 years of blood-curdling carnage

Showcasing its biggest line up of nine horror houses, Universal Studios in Orlando has unleashed Halloween Horror Nights. MailOnline Travel captures the terrifying attraction on film.

Incredible 360 degree interactive video shows a pilot's-eye view of taxiing, take-off and landing in an Airbus A320  

360 degree interactive video shows an Airbus A320 pilot's-eye view of taxi, take-off and

The amazing video footage lets people click around the cabin while Flight commander Luc Wolfensberger and First Officer Martin Radinger fly 250 passengers from Zurich to Geneva. Announcements and instructions inside the cockpit can be heard on the five minute video. Towards the end, the plane swoops low over houses and makes a controlled landing at Geneva Airport - formerly known as Cointrin Airport - in Switzerland.

Licence to chill... at 10,000ft: A look into the stunning Alpine hideout used in Daniel Craig's latest James Bond film

Ice Q, which is located on the peak of the Gaislachkogl in Austria, is believed to have been used as inspiration for the villains lair in Spectre, which is set to be released in the UK on October 26.

Don't look down: Daredevil photographer captures London's dramatic skyline while scaling the rooftops

By rooftopping in London, photographer Jacob Riglin is able to picture and showcase the breathtaking skyline of the capital city while clinging to scaffolding at perilous heights.

Dodging bullets in Iran, hiking alone in Kathmandu and sleeping in a bin in San Francisco: Original hippie trail adventurer Roger Sproston on the lost art of travel

In his book Fighting for Light: The Travels of a Tin Pot Warrior, UK writer Sproston charts a series of adventures unlikely to happen to travellers hitting the road in modern day.

Lucky to be alive: Man survives after sports car plunges 20ft off pedestrian coastal path and lands on roof in the sea

The BMW Z3 overturned as it crashed 20ft into the water near Teignmouth, Devon, after the male driver tried to negotiate a narrow pedestrian only coastal path.

Times Square topless ladies say they will refuse to leave despite city officials desires to confine performers to 'activity zones'

Facing what they see as a cringe-worthy crisis after decades of scrubbing Times Square's once-sleazy image, some city officials are now proposing to confine topless women to 'activity zones'.

Inside the world's best hotel suites: From a bush bedroom where lions roam to a retreat 13ft under the Indian Ocean, the rooms that redefine luxury

The world's best hotel suites include a retreat 13ft under the Indian Ocean

Private cinemas, butlers, and solid crystal bathroom sinks are some of the perks enjoyed by the rich and famous at the world's best hotels. Those looking for a truly lavish experience opt for the Royal Suite at Dubai's Burj Al Arab (bottom right). At Four Seasons Hotel New York, guests enjoy unrivalled views of the Chrysler and Empire State buildings (inset), while Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa (bottom left) is the perfect retreat from the concrete jungle. For the perfect hideaway, Southern Ocean Lodge (top left) is set on Australia's tranquil Kangaroo Island, while Jade Mountain (top right) in St Lucia offers a relaxing sanctuary.

Stunning architecture... and the cocktails are well-designed, too: Why the Melia Sky Barcelona hotel is a towering success

Created by renowned French architect Dominique Perrault, it soars nearly 400 feet upwards and appears to defy gravity. MailOnline Travel's Ted Thornhill has the low-down on it.

Gastronomy, Game of Thrones and a man who predicts rainfall with ONIONS: How to spend a charming few days exploring Catalonia

From its cobbled capital, to its rugged coast, the fight to make Catalonia a separate state has begun. Madlen Davies tours the area, and meets a man with a curious way of forecasting the weather.

They really ARE secret escapes: Through the keyhole in hotels around the world that have incredible hidden features

Through the keyhole in hotels around the world that have incredible hidden features

Hotels around the world often shout about their most unique assets but some like to keep their best features private. MailOnline looks at the best hidden secrets from hotels around the world, including (clockwise from top left): A hotel inside a fort in the Solent, England, a hidden beach at Kuramathi Island Resorts in the Maldives, a secret train station under the Waldorf Astoria in New York, a secret drawing room at the Wellington Hotel in Madrid and (inset) a secret cabin at UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa in Brazil.

Singapore Airlines plane COLLAPSES at Changi Airport just before it was due to fly to Hong Kong

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A330-300 collapsed at Changi Airport on Sunday morning before it was due to depart for Hong Kong. No crew or passengers were on board at the time.

Do you have an appetite for the good life? This 18th century farmhouse is a superb way to gorge on Tuscany's finest offerings

Il Cortile Pratalino 7.jpg

A large and beautiful 18th century farmhouse, the traditional Italian building has been lovingly restored and features a decadent infinity pool and perfect views of the slopes of Monti del Chianti.

Magical markets, golden galleries and lavish liners: The six MUST visit attractions in Rotterdam

Mail on Sunday's Gareth Huw Davies sleeps on a transatlantic liner-turned-hotel in the Netherlands, and sees one of the world's finest market halls, The Markthal (above).

'Mysterious, lethal and enchanting': TV comedian Alexander Armstrong reveals the secrets of chasing the Midnight Sun across the Arctic Circle

Alexander Armstrong on chasing the Midnight Sun across the Arctic Circle

Bolstered by his Northumberland roots which he says ensures he always feels at home in cold, remote parts of the world, TV comedian Alexander Armstrong (right) recently returned from an 8000 mile odyssey across the Arctic Circle .The Pointless game show host spoke to MailOnline Travel about the endless sunset and friendly communities he encountered on his journey, and now stresses that everyone should travel and discover this lesser known destination.

Stargaze in Morocco, witness the Northern Lights in Norway or try yoga in India: Revealing the top alternative festive breaks

Having recently lost her elderly mother, Mail on Sunday's Elinor Goodman set out to find an alternative way to spend her Christmas period this year from Morocco to Russia, to Thailand.

It's heaven on the high seas:  Sailing in style through the Caribbean's dreamy coves by private yacht

Offering a luxury cruise, Windstar, a 440ft motorised yacht set sail through the Windward islands of St Lucia, Grenada and St Vincent.

Hunting pumas at the end of the world: Discovering the dramatic deserts, glaciers and deadly cats of Chile 

While exploring Patagonia, Viv Creegor took expeditions to Atacama Salt Flats and the Grey Glacier. And she enjoyed an explosive stay at a hotel overlooking Licancabur volcano.

Horse-drawn carriages, Bourbon Street bars and endless jazz: Getting into the swing of New Orleans

Mail on Sunday's Dea Birkett and daughter, actress Storme Toolis, explore the Louisiana city (above) on a musical journey around the French Quarter.

The most terrifying bedroom on earth: Are you brave enough to spend Halloween buried in this Airbnb in Paris' catacombs... with SIX MILLION skeletons?

Airbnb is offering 2 tourists the chance to spend Halloween in Paris' catacombs

The evening will consist of a private tour of the labyrinth of bones and skulls, a daunting culinary experience to the sound of violins and a bedtime storyteller who will read some catacombs legends before the brave duo sleep alongside the remains of Jean de la Fontaine, Charles Perrault and François Rabelais.

Charming and luxurious Villa Orsula is the perfect way to explore Europe's short-haul darling of Dubrovnik

Extravagant but intimate and located just a short stroll from the historic Dubrovnik Old Town, the stunning Villa Orsula is the perfect way to explore this Adriatic jewel.

Fears for cruise passenger who fell overboard off the coast of the Isle of Wight as search is called off

Ventura was returning to Southampton from a two-week voyage around the Mediterranean when the man was thought to have fallen into the water on Saturday morning.

The magical moment a pod of humpback whales swim beneath the Northern Lights off the coast of Norway

Camera operator, Harald Albrigtsen was shooting the aurora borealis off the coast of Kvaløya near Tromsø in Norway, when a pod of humpback whales swam beneath the electric sky.

From restaurant to runway: Hungry passengers can now order in-flight meals by phone thanks to these food delivery apps

Food on the Fly, B4 You Board, DeliSky, AirGrub and Alaska all offer the service - which will see food from US and Swiss restaurants delivered to either the passenger or their flight before take off.

The jungle of Arabia: Incredible pictures of Oman's pop-up forest in a DESERT which only blooms for three months a year 

Pictures of Oman's pop-up forest in a DESERT which blooms for three months a year

The once-a-year sensation, which is known as the Salalah Khareef, or the Salalah Monsoon, transforms a huge tract of land seemingly overnight into a picturesque emerald haven. It takes place for three months a year, from the end of July to the beginning of September, and sees average temperatures drop from a scorching 50 degrees to a cool 20. The inset picture shows what the landscape usually looks like, the main image how it becomes stunningly green and fertile.


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Have a whale of a time in Norway: Head north to stay in a Disney's Frozen inspired room, try husky sledging and go orca spotting (if you can stand the smell)

A trip to Norway is brimming with activities to entertain - and the scenery is breathtaking enough by itself. Watch the sun go down as you zoom through the wintery landscape by snowmobile.

Hungry goats prove to be berry good climbers! Incredible video shows animals perched precariously 16ft up a tree in bid to get to their favourite food 

North African goats are huge fans of the argan fruit that grows on trees and scale the branches to nibble on the berries. They leave the hard nuts in their droppings, which are used to produce argan oil.