Chelsea's Cole must show there's more to him than 'Cashley', says PR guru Clifford

Ashley Cole should bear his heart to the nation to become loved, according to PR guru Max Clifford.

The Chelsea left-back was booed by a section of the Wembley crowd after his mistake allowed Kazakhstan to score during Saturday's 5-1 victory.

Ashley Cole

Hoist by his own petard: Cole

Clifford believes the only way for 'Cashley' to turn around his image is to break his silence and show the public money is not his priority.

'The image too many people have of footballers today is that it's all about money and making as much as they can,' said Clifford.

'They don't seem to see them giving too much back and with else going on at the moment it's more important than ever players are seen to be caring.

'It's not rocket science but players tend to be looked after by agents who care about money, not image even though the more popular you are the greater your earning potential.

'From a PR point of view it's relatively simple. You have to get people to like the players whether they support a club or not. They need to get to know the individual.

'What Cole should be doing is talking to sports journalists so they can report what he says as opposed to their interpretation.

'He should make it very clear that it was a dreadful mistake, he felt absolutely awful and the last thing any professional wants to do is to make an error like that. He should put his case.

'The more popular a player is and the more he is liked nationally the less chance there is of something like that happening. It wasn't so many years ago that David Beckham was booed every time he touched the ball.

'When he came on as a substitute against Kazakhstan he was given a hero's reception but Beckham knows how to work the media game.'