Our nation was founded on a bedrock of individual liberty, limited government, and constitutional principles. Bloated government is not unique to the federal level - we need to shrink the size of government at the state level in Kentucky through efforts that remove redundancy and waste in every department.

As Governor, Matt will dedicate one senior member of his staff whose sole job will be to find and eliminate waste and improve efficiencies in state government.

Our plan will cut the Governor’s administrative staff by at least 20%, compared to the current administration, improving efficiency and accountability - just as Jenean and I have done in the private sector. This will be the model for every other department in state government to emulate.



It's time for a Governor who will deal with Kentucky’s unfunded pension liabilities that are in excess of $20 billion and, based on more realistic actuarial assumptions, likely more than double that amount. Continuing to ignore the problem is a threat to public safety, education and other viable government services.

Our plan will fix our public retirement system while ensuring that we meet the existing obligations we have made to retired state workers. This starts with instituting an immediate freeze on the expansion of participants in our current pension plans and implementing a 401(k) style defined contribution plan for new employees.



As federal overreach in our education system has grown, positive outcomes have diminished. We need to end the monopoly that exists in Kentucky's school system by supporting school choice and school vouchers. It's time to Stop Common Core and its "one size fits all" approach. Instead, let's empower local school boards, local principals and local teachers to make the decisions that are the best for their students, and most importantly, empower parents over bureaucrats.



Health care reform in Kentucky begins with freezing and beginning to disband KYNECT immediately and assisting as needed in transitioning our citizens quickly from a state run exchange to the federally run healthcare exchange because Kentucky cannot financially afford to do otherwise.



Our plan will update our current labor laws that currently result in self-inflicted economic wounds. This begins with passing comprehensive Right to Work legislation and eliminating prevailing wage requirements for state contracts.



Our administration will aggressively fight against the EPA’s war on the energy sector in Kentucky, particularly the relentless attacks on the coal industry. As Governor, I will exercise, to the fullest extent of the law, our state's constitutional rights and sovereignty. For example, I will refuse to enforce federal regulations that are in opposition to our own state interests.



Updating and simplifying our antiquated tax code will allow us to better compete with surrounding states. We will focus on raising only the revenue truly necessary to run the state government. We must also take additional steps such as eliminating the state inheritance tax and lowering individual and corporate tax rates. Under my leadership, tax reform will not be based simply on revenue neutrality, but rather, to the extent possible, on reducing tax revenue itself and leaving as much of Kentucky’s wealth in the hands of those who produce it.