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I have done work for HBO, Paramount Pictures, The History Channel,
Screen Gems Studios, New Line Cinema, Reader's Digest Video, A&E, and more!

Vincent DeNiro - Armorer with ISS (over 9,000 guns in stock)

We are local in Pittsburgh, Northern West Virginia, and much of North Eastern Ohio!

Check out the great action drama - The Prodigy! Now available at Blockbuster, Movietime, Net Flicks, Wal-Mart and Hollywood Video. Vincent DeNiro was an Associate Producer as well as Armorer. You will love the gun work, special effects and fights scenes that highlight this great action drama.
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God of the Dead - It's WWIII and if that's not bad enough, the dead are here to punish the living and one mob guy has to forget about himself to fight for the chosen. Action horror that will entertain for hours! You have never read a horror novel like this one! Click above link for more info!

 Vincent DeNiro is available to teach at your acting or movie seminar! Click here for more info.

23 years ago we started in the gun business, 20 years in the movie business, & 14 years on the world wide web!

The Joe Bonacci Memorial Page

This page will honor one of Vincent DeNiro's best friends who passed away in 2009. Joe Bonacci was the reason that Vincent DeNiro got involved in the film business and he was one of Vince's best friends, karate instructor, business partner (many times), like a "step dad" all rolled into one.


Tom Savini "Exoticarmed"
in Loaded Dice
Do you like the zombie on the left? Need some for your movie, costume party, or haunted house? Check out the Matt Green Page by clicking on photo!
In memory of stunt legend and
Exotic Arms for Motion Pictures
representative Dint "Denny" Arnold,
who passed away on Dec. 31, 2001.
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