Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Okay, I have some news that hasn't been announced yet, but seeing as it's been on my IMDB and Agency page for ages, I may as well spill the beans. If you can really call it "spilling the beans" when technically, the beans are already on the floor, next to the overturned, er, bean tin. So I suppose I'm just spreading the beans around the floor a bit more. Or walking in them. Or something. Oh, make up your own metaphor, I'm off the clock.

Anyway. I've written an episode for the upcoming NBC series Crusoe, which starts this Friday 17th October, at 7 or 8pm depending whereabouts in the US you are. The showrunner is Mr Stephen Gallagher, a fellow writer, blogger, and man about town, who is incredibly cool to work with (apart from when he gives you a roundhouse kick for having bad ideas, which is the real reason for my black eye). I'm really excited to see the finished episodes, they have a great team, a fab cast, and the photos and designs look amazing. Here's part of the synopsis from the official site:

From Power, Muse and Moonlighting Films comes an ambitious adaptation of Daniel Defoe's masterpiece, "Crusoe," a new primetime series for a 21st Century audience. Following the novel and its treasured tale of adventure, this high-action, fast-paced, thirteen-part series will combine for the first time the pace and energy of network television while remaining faithful to the author’s original classic story.

The drama explores the perils and challenges facing the world’s most famous castaway as Crusoe (Philip Winchester, "Flyboys," "Thunderbirds") and his native friend Friday (Tongayi Chirisa) struggle to survive on a desert island with little more than their wits. Overcoming marauding militias, hungry cannibals, wild cats, starvation and apocalyptic lightning storms, Crusoe dreams of the day he will be reunited with his beloved family.

I haven't seen my episode yet, but there are some trailers on the Crusoe site which have clips from other eps, and give a good taster of what to expect. The short version: action, adventure, thrills, spills, punch-ups, sword fights, heaving bosoms, manly chests, exotic locations, cool gadgets, witty banter, and dastardly villains. Try this for size:

There are 4 more recent videos, but - and you US Torchwood fans may laugh at will - they're not available outside the US... One we can all access though is the webcam on the treehouse they've built on a New York street - they've stranded some poor guy in it, and you can go and look at him, and vote to make him do things for your own amusement.

Newsarama has a nice article about the show here, thank you to Mr.SFTV from the comments for letting me know.

So if you're in America, make sure to tune in this Friday, and catch Stephen's superb 2 hour season premiere. Unless I've got my dates wrong, my episode will be on the 7th November, but I'll be reminding you all every few minutes until then, so don't worry. For those of us in the UK, I don't know if there's a deal with any channels yet, but I'm sure it'll be shown here at some stage. Watch this space. This one, right here, at the end of this sentence. Yes. Watch it closely.


BaaBaaDoodle said...

Yay, finally something to look forward to on US TV this season! It should do well, it's up against Wife Swap and Super Nanny. :)

Chuck said...

Cool. Nice going James, I look forward to seeing it.

avirr said...

I'm hoping to enjoy this with my kids. Classic lit done well is such a pleasure.

Can you say whether Sean Bean has a tiny role or if it's something more meaty?

Mr.SFTV said...

It's also up against Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts!

FYI, Newsarama has a nice article on the show. It's on a tough night for NBC, which might be in the shows favor and give it some time to build an audience.

Oyvind said...

Wow. You are the coolest guy ever!

I haven't read your blog in a while, so perhaps you covered this already, but if not: I would love to read about how your transission into the American tv writing took place. I just read Phil Gladwin's article in Creative Screenwriting magazine about how "television is done differentylt across the pond", and I would like to read your take on the issue, James.

And I SO look forward to your Asus review!

(Oh, and as you're now an NBC insider: Do you know whether Alec Baldwin comes back to 30 Rock for season 3?)

potdoll said...

Slurp! Can't wait!

James Moran said...

Cheers everyone - it should be really good fun, hope you all enjoy it.

Avirr: Sorry, no plot stuff ahead of time! All will become clear in the opening eps.

Mr.SFTV: I'm sure we can vanquish those two foes... Thanks for the heads up on Newsarama, will add the link to the post.

Oyvind: Thank you! I certainly am the coolest guy ever, at least, I keep telling everyone that. I'll do a post later about how I got involved, as it's an interesting story. And I have no idea about 30 Rock, I'm only up to season 1 (which is hilarious, it's the funniest thing I've seen for ages) - I'm not an insider there, I haven't been to NBC or even met the execs!

Le Mc said...

That looks superb. I'll tell the family back home to tune in. Thanks for squashing the beans and rubbing them into the carpet to stain.

BooM said...

Poking my head out of Lurkville, USA to say a major congrats!

Steve Barber said...

(Pssst. James. Any relation between the Crusoe gig and our little jaunt to BH while you were here???)

GracieLizzie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this when I can! Because of your involvement and also because the Newsrama articles says the England flashback scenes were filmed in York. I love York, I am going to relish the chance to see it on screen.

Martin K. Smith said...

I don't live in the US, but I've just finished watching the first episode.

Was pretty good, I'll keep watching. Look forward to your episode.

(yes, i be a pirate)