jacks back

Last updated at 14:26 06 April 2005

I am a 58 year old woman travelling alone, who likes doing my own thing. I have just returned from Singapore and found it to be safe, clean, and fascinating.

Chinatown is one of my favourite places. In recent years many of the old shop houses have been renovated. This year I noticed conservation orders on old properties so their heritage and decoration will be preserved.

On North Bridge Street there are several shopping complexes selling EVERYTHING.

I suggest you try some reflexology, massage or a haircut which are reasonably priced. Also find the old Majestic Theatre it's easily missed as it's now a shopping complex, but, look up, and see the building's tile detail and glimpse days gone by.

There is a brief history on a plaque outside. Go to Chinatown Complex which is VERY local to shop and eat. Sri Mariamman Temple is well worth visiting and you can video inside for small fee.

A must do is to eat anywhere in Chinatown. It's good food, great atmosphere and really cheap.

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