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"Goodfella's meets Day of the Dead meets Red Dawn! Max Denno definitely has a fresh take on the zombie movie storyline - I almost didn't think anybody could bring anything new to it - Denno did. I would like to see it hit the silver screen!"

- Patrick Desmond
House of Horrors .Com

"God Of The Dead" is a frightening and accurate statement on exactly what is wrong with the world today. Finally someone gets it right when portraying the wise guy culture. Instead of coming off as a cartoonish version of "The Godfather" we get a look into what life would be like for these guys. Add to that a brilliant zombie story of the likes I have never come across and this could be the one that gives Romero a run for his money. Gritty, dark and apocalyptic to the end "God Of The Dead" is a lock for the new fan favorite! Great job! I absolutely loved the script novel!!!!"

- William Victor Schotten
Schotten FilmWorks makers of Dead Life, Sabbath, Dread and Bloodlock.

"Your book was awesome! It was better than I expected. Good action, humor, and suspense. I'm glad to see a well-written Zombie book. Good work!"

- Timothy W. member
His comments regarding the "Unleaded" version of God of the Dead

"Any book that combines gangsters, zombies, and machineguns is fine with me. Add a priest willing to dig out his Vietnam bring back M-16 to protect his flock from zombies and it gets better still. God of the Dead ranks among the best of the zombie-killing genre that is so popular today."

- Leroy Thompson
Defense & Firearms Industry Writer/Author
(One of the world's top small arms writers for over three decades & author of dozens of books on V.I.P. protection, firearms, military equipment, and tactics)

"There were many things I liked personally about God of the Dead. I won’t spoil it, but the first appearance of a zombie was incredibly well done. Other scenes are artfully described and very effective."

- Scott Kenemore
Scott Kenemore’s Zombie Blog

"This book has one of the most unique layouts I've seen in a novel. It's not written in a regular format, but as a film script. I like to be able to visualize a story as I read it and I find it very easy to do when the story is written in this format. It's also a good story. It's a dark survivalist novel that mixes zombies with something like a Godfather type story that plays along with it... Max has an eye for detail when it comes to the attacks and they really pulled me back into the book. He also does a good job on giving us background stories of the characters that really lets you get to know who they are."

- Rhonny Kachur
Dollar Bin Horror Blog

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