£2.9m damages for crash boy

A child who suffered severe head injuries in a road crash that killed his mother was awarded £2.9m agreed High Court damages.

George Davidson was just three-months-old when the car being driven by his mother Kerry collided with a lorry on the A330 at Hawthorn Hill, Berkshire, in October 1994.

His counsel Robert Glancy QC told Mr Justice Eady in London that there was never any suggestion that the driver of the lorry was in any way to blame for the accident.

George, who is now eight, was left with severe mobility, visual and communication problems.

Mr Glancy said that the bright side of the case was that he was a very happy boy who took real pleasure and enjoyment in things.

The high spot of his day was when his father Ian, of Kingsway, Sunniside, Tyne and Wear, came home from work.

He added: "I don't think in all my experience, I have seen a father who cares more for his son that Mr Davidson cares for George.

"It's impossible to imagine that whatever else may happen - and we all wish George as long a lifespan as can be achieved - that he will go without.

"Mr Davidson, for the rest of his days, will ensure that will not happen."

The structured damages, which will be paid by his mother's insurers, includes a contingency fund of more than £500,000 with the balance producing a tax-free income for life.