Who's a victim?

Peter Mckay

Last updated at 00:00 17 February 2003

CHERIE BLAIR'S lifestyle guru Carole Caplin says she's worried about a 'fly-onthewall' BBC TV documentary about herself to be shown this week. The producer, a friend, Lynn Alleway, was allowed to live for ten days in the flat Miss Caplin shared with conman Peter Foster, who secured a discount on two flats for the Blairs.

Says Miss Caplin: 'My understanding was that it was going to be called My Friend Carole In The Eye Of The Storm. I was appalled when I heard they'd renamed it The Conman, His Lover and the Prime Minister's Wife.' Miss Caplin is described as a shrewd cookie. Can she really believe they intended to call the show My Friend Carole In The Eye Of The Storm? Or, is she covering her tracks in case Mrs Blair takes umbrage?

'They have tried to bring out the worst part of Peter by carefully editing the 69 hours of film to put him in a negative light,' says Miss Caplin.

We're obliged to wonder if Miss Caplin is one of life's innocents, or a calculating woman scheming to have it both ways: get a film made about herself but take no responsibility for the damage it does to others.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, we're faced with another question: is Cherie Blair, who appears to be dependent upon Miss Caplin, as clever as she is made out?