Nearly 2,000 yobs fined in alcohol crackdown

Last updated at 10:46 05 August 2004

The Government's summer crackdown on drunken louts has seen nearly 1,900 troublemakers handed on-the-spot fines in four weeks, the Home Office said today.

Home Office figures showed police had visited 14,150 licensed premises, of which 5% were found to have committed an offence.

They also carried out "sting" operations on 646 premises and of these, 51% of pubs, clubs and bars and 29% of off-licences were found to be selling drink to children.

Half-way through the blitz on alcohol-related crime, a Home Office spokesman said the campaign had been a "large-scale success".

The unprecedented clampdown involving police, trading standards officers and other agencies was launched on July 8 in 92 police areas across

England and Wales.

It aims to tackle unruly binge drinkers who make some town and city centres "no go areas" on weekend nights.