Video presentations: sharing your message after F2F events

Have you given a killer presentation and realized that some of the key people you were hoping to reach were not there?

Have you ever facilitated a really productive workshop, only to find that some colleagues have not been able to attend?

Some speakers post their slides online after the event, and these can be useful if there are plenty of explanatory notes. My slides are minimalist though – almost no words and lots of strong images. They serve as a backdrop to the activities that are going on in the room.

Having worked hard to produce thought provoking content and engaging visuals, I didn’t want these workshops and presentations to be lost. I decided to share some of my presentations as videos, showing the slides and speaking over them, but cutting it down to an easily watchable few minutes.

So, I can share my thoughts in my own voice – and anyone who missed the F2F experience can access an abridged virtual experience.


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