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  1. Lovely to return home to a cleaned block of flats after raising complaint on Twitter. Now for the other issues Firstport, where to begin?

  2. Best comment on this story so far? "I am a mole & I live in a hole."

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    yep! We're contesting charges from the last eight years. No movement.

  4. Who else is suffering the appalling block management from Firstport? (Previously OM Peverel)

  5. Would you pay £150,000 for some mud underneath a posh London mansion block? One buyer did...

  6. World's luxury home hotspots revealed: Wealthy buyers flock to Vancouver & Sydney but London & Paris hit the buffers

  7. Is this the death knell for Nimbys? Britain's 'broken' planning system will be scrapped, says minister:

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      Journalist & editor at SWNS, the UK's best press agency. I mainly write about motoring, property & business. I seem to be collecting rescue dogs.

  9. Looking to rent a London penthouse to host the best Bonfire Night in town? (..at £7K a WEEK)

  10. I wonder if I can get an article published with the word 'burger' in it?

  11. Is this the best home to watch the London firework displays? Penthouse features panoramic views & costs £7k-a-week:

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    My Blog on home ownership for Rightmove:

  13. Why, oh why?!

  14. UK's most popular pads for sale include two 5 beds: a £190k Manchester one & £5m London one

  15. Britain's most popular houses revealed: £190k five-bed home in Manchester has most views (& one in London for £5m)

  16. The most popular properties for sale in Britain revealed

  17. REVEALED: The location of the house 2015

  18. I love this:

  19. Look at the kitchen floor in this £1.75m home. Could you live with a well in your house?

  20. Tenants hit by rising rent prices & a lack of suitable properties, with those in West Midlands suffering the most:

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