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Author of the Paleo cookbooks Well Fed & Well Fed 2. Body: run, walk & lift heavy things. Mind: meditation, books, writing, travel. Go, Pats!

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    The multifaceted potential contributors to obesity. This is why our society doesn't believe in silver bullets.

  2. I got 8 out of 8 on Can You Identify These Foods By An Extreme Close Up?! (Thank goodness.)

  3. Don't mind me if I have extra swagger today. I <3 .

  4. YES!!! Two of my fave things together: the fabulous Phryne and . Get in on this giveaway!

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    WRITING ADVICE IS BULLSHIT. A fun new blog at !

  6. Gotta dance...

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    "Because it's 2015." —Canadian PM Justin Trudeau on why he appointed women to half of his cabinet positions:

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    Thanksgiving for all. Let's get started.

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    Did you catch on my podcast this week? Listen to get tips for becoming superhuman:

  10. Just in time for weekend cooking: five paleo and Whole30 compliant dishes you could make f…

  11. Just in time for weekend cooking: Five Paleo/Whole30 Dinners To Make Next Week.

  12. 100% yes.

  13. "Five Paleo Dinners To Make Next Week" hits my blog tomorrow. Sign up for my newsletter so you don't miss it!

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    14 Must-Read Novels About Books including , &

  15. Hey, ! Did you see the handmade fanny packs on last week? Kelly is ALL ABOUT IT.

  16. Extrapolate out beyond food, and that's how I feel about life sometimes.

  17. I'm not emotionally prepared for it to start getting dark at 4:18 p.m.

  18. Love this! A blog devoted to sleep. YESSSSS!

  19. Thanks for the lovely interview!

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      When I figure it out you'll be the first ones to know...productivity, dork, visionary, organic, consultant, pizza, combinator, chocolate, words, more words..

    • @AlchemistClinic

      Helping people struggling with weight, diet and digestion...who want a holistic, functional approach to looking and feeling better.

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