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Sheriff of Milwaukee County. MA Security Studies NPS. NRA Endowment Member. Constitutional Sheriff. CPAC Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award 2015.

Milwaukee, WI
Joined March 2010

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  1. Limbaugh: Carson is victim of ‘electronic lynching’ Media cannot stand a Black Conservative-Yet stand by Killiary

  2. Washington, DC: THE DISTRICT OF CORRUPTION! Time to clean it out!

  3. Flashpoint in Berlin as anti-immigration protesters clash with police...

  4. Locked, loaded and ready to be fired. New podcast is ready for listening! PC crowd cover your ears.

  5. This black on black killing of a child is what & should haven been discussing instead of cops.

  6. The anti gun left lie about needing more gun laws. The misnamed "universal" background won't stop straw purchases.

  7. Hey , who is murdering whom? Pray MSNBC has the journalistic integrity to cover the story of this cop killing.

  8. And after the Dem primary she will lie and say she is a staunch supporter of gun rights like Obama did pre Novemeber

  9. ThePeople'sSheriff L@@king 4 You SAT. 11:30CT

  10. Difference between RNC and DNC. RNC fights in white gloves worrying about image. DNC uses brass knuckles and only cares about winning.

  11. Left protests NBC studio over Trump hosting SNL. Right needs protest outside the Smithsonian until racist Margaret Sanger's bust is removed.

  12. Media elites still refuse to allow my counter argument to slander of police. They can't handle a view dif than their's

  13. Voters Are More Supportive of Their Right to a Gun via sharethis As Mrs. Bill Clinton touts more gun control.

  14. Recall as the racist left picks apart Dr. Carson's writings. That's what they call those who challenged Obama in 07.

  15. I despise Hollywood elites who "fake the funk" like Quentin Tarantino and . He's a 1%er, a limousine liberal, a red carpet bagger.

  16. For the scrutiny on Dr. Carson over a stabbing incident does anyone remember the Mrs. Bill Clinton fib about taking on gunfire over Bosnia?

  17. Black lives matter? Seriously? And the police are the problem? Will Obama say son lookalike?

  18. Met and talked to FBI Director Comey, an honorable man with more integrity in his pinky than the entire Obama WH.

  19. Director Comey has more integrity in his pinky than the entire Obama White House put together.

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