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What are purines and pyrimidines?

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The purines are Adenine and Guanine nucleotides; while the pyrimidines are Cytosine, Thymine - and Uracil in Rna - nucleotides.

They are the 'beads' that make up the immense chain of nucleotide bases in Dna.

A, C, G, T & U:

Adenine - represented by an A;

Cytosine - represented by a C;

Guanine - represented by a G;

Thymine (Dna only) - represented by a T; and

Uracil (Rna only) - represented by a U.

A pyrimidine is a single ringed base. The three kinds are; Cytosine, Thymine (in Dna) and Uracil (only in Rna).

A purine is a double ringed base. the two kinds are; Adenine and Guanine.

Adenine pairs with Thymine in Dna - or Uracil in Rna;

Guanine pairs with Cytosine in both Dna and Rna.
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Is Uracil a purine or a pyrimidine?

Found in Rna only, Uracil is a pyrimidine; which actually substitutes itself in Rna instead of Thymine as represented in Dna.

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Why must a purine pair with a pyrimidine?

Purine must pair with pyrimidine due to their sizes. One has a  large double ring and the other one a small single ring. This makes  pairing easy for them.

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What are the pyrimidines and the purines?

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Does a nucleotide consist of purines or pyrimidines?

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How are purines physically different from pyrimidines?

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