Trick or Treat (or Dog)

The Toddler went trick or treating* this Halloween with her friend, Bat Girl (not her real name). She had a great time. Until people started setting off fireworks, anyway. The Toddler is apparently fine with witches, zombies and skeletons, but she holds no truck with the sky going bang.

The Toddler was on top form interacting with the public. She managed the odd ‘trick or treat’, nailed ‘Happy Halloween’, and was mostly on top of ‘thank you’. She also managed to get a few other sparkling conversation pieces in there.

1. That’s a dog
The Toddler was off to a roaring start at the first house. A dog could be heard (it should be noted that The Toddler did not at any time see a dog). The door opened. The Toddler did not say ‘trick or treat’. She did not even go with the customary and acceptable greeting that is ‘hello’. She announced, ‘That’s a dog!’ Having stated her case, she waited expectantly for someone to give her a treat.

2. You’re a beauty
A few houses later, and a very complimentary The Toddler informed the bemused lady handing out sweets: ‘You’re a beauty!’

3. Can I go in this one?
The Toddler appreciates an impressive effort. One house had set up a full gothic dining table with skeleton guests in their front window, and moving ghosts in their entrance way. The Toddler pressed her nose to the window: ‘Can I go in this one?’ Whilst she waited excitedly for the door to open, The Toddler repeated her request to go in, explaining: ‘This is a perfect one!’ Subsequently, the confused residents attempted to give her sweets, while she made valiant attempts to move into their house.

4. I’ve got cake
One house gave the children cupcakes. This was a popular move. At the next house, the nice lady offered The Toddler and her friend sweets. She may have been expecting a ‘trick or treat’, a ‘Happy Halloween’, maybe a ‘thank you’. No. She got The Toddler and Bat Girl waving cupcakes at her, while The Toddler shouted, ‘I’ve got cake!’

5. I don’t like it
The Toddler’s Halloween fun took a turn when people in the neighbourhood started setting off fireworks. The Toddler liked fireworks two days previously, when she demanded to stand at the front door watching the ones being set off across the road. The Toddler no longer likes fireworks. She made this fact known. She informed Silly Mummy: ‘I don’t like it. Can I go home? I didn’t like fireworks.’ Then she apprised Bat Girl of the situation: ‘I don’t like it. Yuck. I don’t like it, Bat Girl.’ Thereafter, The Toddler started announcing it to whoever answered the doors she knocked on. Confused residents opened their doors to find a toddler witch informing them that she didn’t like it, with no further elaboration as to what exactly she didn’t like. Upon Silly Mummy explaining that The Toddler was talking about the fireworks, one kind boy of about 10 or 11 agreed that they were annoying and asked her if she would like him to make them stop.

6. Awkward
Finally, special mention should go to The Toddler and Bat Girl’s services to awkward situations. At the start of their trick or treat careers, The Toddler and Bat Girl liked to knock on a door, give their greetings (‘that’s a dog’), take their treat, say thank you…and then remain in the doorway, just staring. Until things became awkward, and they were dragged away, still staring.


(*Obviously. Because trick or treating was not going to be done due to concerns that (a) it harasses people, and (b) the treats are probably mostly not suitable for a toddler anyway. But The Toddler wanted to do what other children were doing, and her friend was going, so she went and…it was fun. Now that people seem to follow the practice of decorating their houses and putting up trick or treat signs if they want to participate, it seems much easier to avoid concerns about annoying or intimidating people. It feels more like a community activity just for people who want to take part these days. As for the treats? Well, The Toddler enjoyed the experience and her costume. The Silly Parents know people who will enjoy the unsuitable sweets (unconfirmed reports suggest these ‘people’ may be the Silly Parents).)


  1. Musing Mumma says:

    Haha. I always enjoy your posts. While I’m not a big fan of Halloween, you’re making me look forward to taking my little girl when she’s old enough to comment on dogs and cakes. Sounds like fun! #anythinggoes

  2. Robyn says:

    Love the visual image of your toddler trying to muscle past bemused homeowners – such a fun read! Halloween is a growing thing here in NZ, might be that by the time my baby is a big kid we’ll be obliged to participate, but I kind of hope not (is that bad?)!

  3. I have just laughed so hard at this post, hilarious! Love the image of The Toddler and Batgirl just… staring….

    This is why I’m hoping we can delay SB going trick or treating for a few years, because she’ll be trying to move in to every single house!


  4. El says:

    Hahaha, Love what The Toddler says! She’s a Keeper! Especially when she says I’ve got cake! Sounds like me now!

    How was work today, Agent Spitback? I’ve got-ted CAKE today!

    Brilliant post! I love your writing style.

  5. I hope the treats tasted nice 😉 We didn’t go out, but Caspian did wear a unicorn’s head, that was way too big. We didn’t open the door either, as the door bell is not working. Maybe next year, sounds fun! And I hate fireworks, too! #FartGlitter

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x

  6. Aw, it sounds like there were some confused faces but fun overall! :) We bought a moving / talking skeleton candy bowl from Morrisons so the other half was in his element making all the trick and treaters shriek in surprise. I can’t wait until Marianna is big enough to go / not be terrified of it all. 😀

  7. We also took ‘toddler G’ (who, it seems should soon be renamed ‘child G’) trick or treating. It was my first ever experience as my parents always disapproved. It seems all the kids are doing it these days (literally), so I think resistance is futile. TG also went absoluto nuts when we explained the bowl of sweets on the side was to give away to children who come to the door….so figured going out would be a less traumatic evening! x MMT #fartglitter

  8. Diane says:

    They were setting off fireworks while we were trick or treating too is it a new thing? haha. Toddler sounds so cute and what she says so funny. Sounds like she had a fun night (till the fireworks) x #fartglitter

  9. That’s a good idea that people hang decorations if they want to participate. We used to turn the lights off and hide which had the same effect. I might have opened my door just to experience a little of the awkwardness with your tot though,
    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter x

  10. sisterkin says:

    So cute – I’m glad the toddler enjoyed trick or treating. As I type this my Halloween pumpkin is still on the kitchen work surface, trying to gaze balefully at me, which it can’t as it has no face. I didn’t even get round to carving it – what’s the Halloween equivalent of ‘bah humbug’? #twinklytuesday

  11. I remember trick and treating with my boys. We use to go in a set route of houses of their friends (with whom we had already sought permission from their parents). That was before halloween decoratioms were such a thing(im soooo old)
    I agree it must be easier to spot willing victims now.
    Thanks for linking up, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

  12. carol hedges says:

    My best friend’s daughter has Downs and exhibits all the sociability that goes with the condition. When out trick or treating, she would confidently cross each doorstep, waving good by t her mum, and make for the kitchen, that being the place where the biscuits were located. Needless to say she came back loaded with goodies.

  13. Catie says:

    When I read I don’t like it, I thought you were going to say something different. As my little man announced very loudly when handed some sweets, I don’t like those! We too are rather enjoying the spoils!!! #SSAAcvhievements

  14. Haha!! I loved this! Really made me laugh! I almost can’t pick a favourite, they were all so funny! But, I did like the fact that they made sure the next house after the cake house knew that their treats were rubbish! And I’m totally with the toddler on the sky going bang-I hate it too.

  15. I love this! My kids loved answering the door to trick or treaters & we decorated to show we were taking part. Loving the staring. Best costume we saw was a baby in a sling dressed as a spider!! #abitofeverything

  16. Sounds like a funny evening! We also took our toddler trick or treating – if just for the sake of dressing her up! It was still a non-verbal experience, though she did do a bit of staring, bemusedly taking sweet packages out of her pumpkin bag and later helping herself to a lollipop, somehow getting it out of the wrapper by herself. We had a participants only sort of agreement in our street and all the kids went out together (we did get left behind a bit and missed a few houses) so that was nice. #TwinklyTuesday

  17. That’s so cute – really adorable. We didn’t do trick or treating this year – we went home but Zach didn’t know it existed until people knocked on the door. Apparently after a few, he told my mum that maybe next year he could go and collect sweeties! Poor deprived child! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  18. Ah bless her, love this and can totally picture the scene. My tot had a habbit of shoving her way past people to stand in their hallway (before I could oik her out). She also greeted the very first door answering victim with “baby “T” can walk!!” First time doing the whole trick or Treat thing for us and I have a feeling it won’t be the last. Sounds like you had a fab time too. Brill post as always #bestandworst x

  19. Mrs Tubbs says:

    Surely the whole point of sending cute children out trick or treating is so the hardworking parents / carers can eat all the sweets?! 😉 I hope you enjoyed your slightly mauled cupcakes! #anythinggoes

  20. Very funny rendition of Trick or Treating – cute and hilarious. It was our first year with Little Mister, just 4yo, and some of his nursery friends – similar scenarios but they were all lovely and polite but when someone offered them an apple my son did say “is this a trick?”
    Cheeky boy!
    Glad you had fun

  21. Brynn says:

    I didn’t realize trick or treating was so big in the UK. I thought it was just American expats dragging everyone around with them. It sounds like Toddler had a great time despite the fireworks.
    They don’t trick or treat in Brazil and I’m a little sad my daughter won’t get to exprience it as a small kid. Maybe we’ll be back in the US before she’s out grown it entirely. I threw a Halloween party for her class but it’s not the same as coming home with a pillowcase full of candy given to you by complete strangers. #PoCoLo

  22. Fantastic, I love that you took her trick and treating. I would have loved for the toddler to visit our house. I’m sad to hear the fireworks scared her whilst out and about. It does sound like she enjoyed this new experience.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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