Make a Homemade Perfect Gift for Little Boys (or Girls)

In my family, I am the middle child of three girls.  Kim, the oldest (whom I can’t convince to blog), is the party girl, artist, cook, and baker extraordinaire.  Christianne, the youngest (who blogs at Little Page Turners), is the smarty pants, avid reader, kiddo crafter, and budding seamstress.  
I try to take advantage of my sisters’ innate gifts whenever possible and am known to request b-day cakes, meals, decorating advice, and sewn goods from these two BFF’s of mine.  For Asher’s birthday, I requested Chrissy (only family can call her this) make an adorable magnetic fishing game for the boys.  When I worked as an elementary school counselor, I made a similar game with laminated paper fish and the kids LOVED it.  I knew my boys would too!
And oh my goodness did they ever LOVE this!  Asher was thrilled to receive his own monogrammed bucket.  (Chris must have taken my tip on the Target Seau de Merde!)  They played with these fish for hours.  No exaggeration here.  HOURS!  
A & Z have been begging to go fishing on the beach and they finally got their chance today :).
Some suggest sewing the metal washers inside the fish, but I’m glad Chris chose to sew them to the outside.  I think this makes the success of the catch much easier.
The fabrics she chose were adorable!
Having two fish of each pattern helped the boys come up with their own fish matching games which extended play time.  Hallelujah for that!
Z was ecstatic to catch three fish at once.  The magnets used were nice and strong.  A caught the entire bucket a few times with his magnet :).
Below is a close-up of a fish so you can see its cute button eyes and washer mouth.
Chrissy hasn’t posted a tutorial on how to make these fishies yet, but you can find some floating around the blogosphere if you search.  I just found this tutorial here by Kara-Noel.
If you have any sort of sewing ability, I highly recommend making one of these babies for the little people in your lives.  My boys give it their very-picky-ADHD-seal-of-approval!  Thanks little sis for such a thoughtful gift!
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  1. Christianne @ Little Page Turners says

    You're welcome! Each pair of fish has one with a large tail and one with a small tail, and there are three different colors of eyes, so there are numerous matching games you can play. So glad the boys liked them!

  2. Andréann says

    I once read on Christianne's blog that she was "no good at sewing"… Pfff!

    This is a wonderfull idea!
    I'm going to add it to my list of handmade yule gift I want to make (better start early!)

  3. Jenni says

    Hi Beth~

    Those are SO cute! I also love the colors and fabric she chose! I can think of three little boys who would love this (my sister's children)! What little boy wouldn't? And actually, for that matter, little girls probably would as well. I will have to try this, maybe for Christmas! Thank you for sharing this.

    I hope you are having a good week! :)


  4. willoughbywhimsy says

    Awe, this idea is soooo cute! I can see how it would amuse kids for hours on end! This would be a great idea to use at a kid carnival too!

  5. Laurel @ Ducks in a Row says

    so so so so so so so cute – think I just found the christmas gifts I've been looking for.

  6. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    That. is. adorable! What a great idea and I have lots of fabric that is probably just big enough to do a fish. While my sister has entered the sewing arena with her pillows, I may just give this a try for my nephews! Thanks for sharing this, Beth! : )

  7. Richella says

    Lots of talent in the Crabtree family! This is absolutely adorable–my boys would've loved this when they were little tykes. :)

  8. Amanda @ Serenity Now says

    So cute! I do love the fabrics she chose. It's nice to have gifts that don't have blinking lights and noises. 😉

  9. BeachNerd says

    I can't sew at all, but I would buy these, definitely, esp if you or your sister posted them for sale…on etsy maybe?

  10. Liz @ Sugarplum Creations says

    Oh wow. That is about the cutest thing ever! My girls would love it! Don'tcha just love talented sisters? :)

  11. Terrell says

    Now this is super creative!! I am happy to be your newest blog follower and would love to have you as a friend at FrouFrouDecor! I'm hosting at link party/giveaway every Friday and would love to have you link up your finds!! Hope to see you there!!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

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