Local Atlanta IT Support

Thought Streams was founded in 2001 to fill a need in the market for affordable Atlanta IT support for small and medium sized businesses in the metro area. How many times has your business suffered because your computer support technician has taken days to attend to your problem, only to spend ten minutes fixing it, followed up by a two hour bill plus travel time? We pride ourselves on prompt, affordable, and local Atlanta IT Support, and, since most problems can be resolved with remote access, our computer tech support is billed in fifteen minute increments, saving your company both time and money.


Atlanta Computer Tech Support

Our Atlanta IT support technicians are available locally to dispatch to your location to help with your network and computer needs. We provide local Atlanta computer tech support on a range of hardware and software packages, including all of the most common software. All of our techs excel at not only being able to solve problems quickly and efficiently, but are able to discuss problems and solutions with your employees without using the technical jargon common in the industry.

Find out more about our Microsoft Windows offerings for those in need of Atlanta IT Support, or find out more about our Unix IT Support.

We also work with your purchasing department, recommending the right equipment to purchase. This allows you to get the best price from the seller, so you pay nothing extra for hardware you purchase. You also get better pricing on computers through Dell and other vendors based on our volume instead of your own.