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We believe that employment, in great measure, defines individuals and their place in the family, community, and society.  We believe that developing a partnership with participants is vital to realizing their potential and that participation will impact positively on individuals, their families and the Laguna community.

Hanu He ya Nayuutsi Gunishe


Reflecting the importance we place on the integration of the Laguna language and culture into our progress, our mission statement is expressed in our Keres language and though there is no literal translation in English, it is stated as:

“Helping People Prepare for Life’s Journey”


Who We Are

Partners for Success (PFS) is a division of the Laguna Department of Education, established to improve educational services to the community. The Laguna Department of Education (LDOE) established Partners for Success through the Indian Employment, Training and Related Services Demonstration Act, Public Law 102-477. Five programs were consolidated to form PFS: Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Johnson O'Malley (JOM), Adult Education, Employment Assistance, and Higher Education.

By applying PL 102-477, PFS increases the effectiveness and efficiency of these programs. The law gives tribes the opportunity to consolidate their federally funded programs into one fully integrated program to allow for greater flexibility in the delivery of services. One advantage of this consolidation is that tribal members no longer have to apply to separate programs to obtain the services they need. The Pueblo of Laguna is the first tribe in New Mexico to become a 477 participant.


Therefore PFS Staff will:

  • Encourage, support, and guide participants in accessing resources, reducing employment barriers, and shaping their vision.
  •  Enable individuals to become self-reliant and successful members of the community through achievement of their education, employment, and training goals.
  • Promote sustained employment and positive life options.
  • PFS Services


    Employment and Training


    The staff provides services to assist individuals with skills and support to become self sufficient.  Individuals without a high school diploma are provided support and assistance in earning their Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED).  Individuals who are unemployed receive career counseling, guidance, and support in the job search process.  Individuals who require additional training may receive financial assistance for vocational training.  Those without vocational training may gain work experience to support efforts in securing employment.  Youth (14-24 yrs.) may gain work experience through summer youth employment.  High school students may receive assistance for the following:


    • ACT testing

    • Dual credit fees

    • Lab fees


    Higher Education


    The Pueblo of Laguna through the Laguna Department of Education and Laguna Education Foundation supports the pursuit of higher education for its tribal members.  Acceptance of scholarship funds implies a focused commitment to college studies and achieving the goal of earning a college degree.


    The Laguna Education Foundation awards scholarships to eligible Laguna students who are pursuing a first time Bachelor’s degree on a full-time basis.  The cost of a college education continues to escalate at a pace that exceeds current resources.  Thus, the scholarship awards supplement federal contributions.  It is unlikely the awards will be sufficient to pay the total college costs.


    Laguna Acoma Connections


    Laguna Acoma Connections (LAC) provides vocational rehabilitation services for Laguna and Acoma people with disabilities who want to be employed.  Vocational rehabilitation services include:

    • Guidance and counseling

    • Job training

    • Employment readiness 

    • Work experience

    • Related services.


    Disabilities which may pose a challenge to employment include:

    • Learning disabilities

    • Mental retardation

    • Alcoholism

    • Vision and hearing impairments

    • Spinal cord injuries and other disabling conditions.



    Contact Partners for Success


    Employment and Training

    11 Rodeo Dr, Building A

    Laguna, NM  87026

    (505) 552-9322


    Higher Education

    (505) 552-6377 Fax (505) 552-6398


    PFS Staff


    Anthony Riley, Director

    Phone:  (505) 552-9322 Ext. 2006  Cell:  (505) 259-7942



    Edythe Marmolejo, Program Assistant

    Phone (505) 552-9322