This is the story of HMS Arethusa
Service records of ships that bore the name of Arethusa F38 1981
The story of the attack on HMS Arethusa during the Malta Convoy codenamed Operation Stoneage, 
			in November 1942
The names of those killed in action 18th November 1942 whilst escorting a convoy to Malta
Letters, telegrams etc
The Arethusa Association
Arethusa Photo Galleries
Links to sites of common interest The name "HMS Arethusa", like 99% of the ships of the world's Navies in WW2, is not a household name like that of the Hood or Bismark. However, the events described here meant that to the families of her crew, Arethusa was every bit as important as any Battleship. The scale of the Naval War meant that so many actions were simply over shadowed by the "big picture", so much so that I recently read in a book about the Malta Convoys that the Stoneage Convoy "reached Malta without incident". This is my attempt to put the history books straight and to honour the brave men who made the ultimate sacrifice for the likes of you and me.
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Obit and journal extract for Henry Rogers in the 1849 section

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More ships that bore the name of Arethusa

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