Fergie attacks Arsenal's grand plans

Last updated at 13:49 11 April 2005

Sir Alex Ferguson has accused Arsenal of putting pressure on the Football Association to play the FA Cup semi-finals at the Millennium Stadium.

The Gunners face Blackburn on Saturday in Cardiff with United taking on Newcastle the following day at the same venue.

Old Trafford boss Ferguson said he feels sorry for the supporters. "Apparently it was Arsenal who forced this through," he told Manchester United Radio.

"I think they wanted it at Cardiff last season instead of Villa Park."

From the outset United supporters have petitioned for their match to be played at Leeds' Elland Road ground.

'Terrible burden'

Ferguson said "We are looking forward to the semi-final but it's a terrible burden on the fans with it being at Cardiff, particularly the Newcastle fans.

"I saw two differing views, one from Mark Longden of IMUSA, and the other from the editor of a newspaper.

"The editor said (Manchester) United fans were being arrogant and that they've had plenty of semi-finals whereas Newcastle haven't.

"I don't think that's the point. The point is the cost to fans. And how many accidents will there be on the way down?

"It's a long journey compared to, say, Leeds. I just don't understand it."