'Sorry, I'm so sorry': BBC reporter breaks down in tears on live TV during emotional broadcast at site of Paris vigil 

BBC reporter Graham Satchell breaks down during live TV broadcast at Paris vigil site

Standing in front of one of the memorials in the centre of the city, Graham Satchell becomes overcome with emotion as he speaks about the aftermath of the terror attacks in which at least 129 people died. The reporter was talking about the hope he has seen in the French capital since Friday's massacre when his voice started to catch in his throat and he had to cover his face as he tried to compose himself (left). Mr Satchell, who was forced to end the live broadcast early, appeared visibly upset as he walked off camera.

Were the Paris killers on DRUGS? Footage from inside hotel room where they plotted mass murder shows SYRINGES lying among empty pizza boxes and chocolate 

ISIS’ Paris squad’s hotel room shows SYRINGES lying among pizza boxes

Extraordinary video shows a pile of used syringes, a set of needles and plastic tubing scattered on a coffee table in a room booked by prime suspect Salah Abdeslam (inset) two days before the attacks. Forensic experts are trying to work out whether the paraphernalia was used to take drugs to fuel their killing spree or to help make their explosive belts. Evidence from one witness points to drug use after telling police that before the attack on the Bataclan concert hall, where 89 people were slaughtered, the men 'were like zombies'. Abdeslam, the world's most wanted man, booked the rooms at a hotel in the Paris suburb of Alfortville in his own name. Using the website Booking.Com, he requested two large rooms that could accommodate a number of people for a week from last Wednesday, paying with his own bank card.

'If you don't like this country, why the f*** did you come here?' Impassioned speech by Muslim decries ISIS terrorists for trying to impose Sharia law on the West

'If you don't like this country, why the f*** did you come here?' Muslim man's impassioned

The man, who describes himself as Muslim, launches in to a three-minute tirade lashing out at violent extremists and saying: 'If you don't like this country, why the f*** did you come?'. He said Islam 'teaches you to be tolerant and to respect other people's faiths' and called for the preaching of 'logic, reason and love'. The unnamed man, sitting in what appears to be a library, suggests he is be based in France when he tells the camera: 'The question is, do you have the right to kill? F*** you, you don't.' Pictured top and bottom right: People fell during Friday's terror attacks in Paris.

Row as Corbyn is star turn at fundraiser for Stop The War group which said Paris 'reaped whirlwind of Western extremism'

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

Jeremy Corbyn today faced demands to sever all ties with an anti-war campaign group which blamed the Paris terror attacks on French military action in the Middle East.

First Syrian refugees flying to Britain as Tory MPs urge ministers to make sure they are 'genuine asylum seekers, not terrorists'

A charter flight carrying Syrian refugees under the expanded resettlement programme arrives at Glasgow airport. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday November 17, 2015. Syrian refugees arriving in Scotland can expect a largely positive welcome and the local authorities taking them in are up to the "massive" challenge of meeting their needs, according to an expert. See PA story POLITICS Syrians Welcome. Photo credit should read: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

A plane is due to arrive at Glasgow airport, as Home Secretary Theresa May, pictured in Downing Street today, issued a plea for tolerance from residents in areas where the refugees settle

Outrage forces Corbyn into u-turn on shoot to kill: Labour leader now backs 'strictly necessary force' to save lives 

The Labour leader sparked a furious row last night after saying he was 'not happy' about armed officers and special forces had an order to kill fanatics to bring an atrocity to an end.

The most heavily guarded British football match ever: SAS and armed police are ready to shoot to kill as players arrive for tonight's England vs France match in front of Prince William and 80,000 defiant fans

Around 80,000 French and English supporters will be joined by Prince William as they watch the two nations go head-to-head in the international friendly, just days after the atrocities in Paris.

Britain to launch cyberattacks against ISIS to stop them recruiting fanatics and plotting atrocities online

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne delivers a speech on his spending review at GCHQ in Cheltenham. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday November, 17, 2015. He said Britain has developed an "offensive cyber capability" to hit back directly at terrorists and states, as he warned Islamic State was seeking to launch potentially deadly attacks on essential services. See PA story POLICE Paris. Photo credit should read: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Chancellor George Osborne revealed spy agencies have developed an 'offensive cyber capability' to strike back at hackers, terrorist groups, criminal gangs and rogue states.

British special forces will get an extra £2BILLION funding in wake of Paris atrocity Cameron reveals, as he calls for return to 'Blitz spirit' to defeat jihadists 

At London's Lord Mayor's banquet, David Cameron recalled how Churchill vowed that 'however long and hard the toil may be the British nation would never enter into negotiations with Hitler'.


Harrowing footage of Paris terror attack aftermath shows terrified survivors cowering among shattered glass as explosions and gunfire can be heard around them 

Video of Paris attack aftermath shows survivors as gunfire can be heard

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Video shows people lying outside cafes and bars in Paris while the haunting cries of the injured can be heard in the background along with gunfire. The film was taken as teams of jihadis went on a murderous rampage with suicide bombs at the Stade de France, mass shootings and the slaughter of 89 music fans attending a concert at the Bataclan theatre. Footage starts by showing a man crouching silently over a woman who was lying motionless and face down on the road (centre right). The camera scans right and shows people slumped against a wall (centre left) and another man holding his head (right). Later, gunfire and explosions can be heard as the camera focuses on the entrance to the Bataclan theatre (left).

Preacher of terror: Revealed, the hate filled Belgian Muslim cleric who 'radicalised' Bataclan suicide bomber Omar Mostefai

Tarik Chadlioui (pictured), also known as Tarik Ibn Ali, who has links to banned Islamist group Sharia4Belgium, has ranted in speeches that soldiers who die fighting in the name of Allah.

Our policy on Islamic State? Clueless at best - spineless at worst, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Will Paris be the tipping-point which leads to a grand coalition, including Russia and the United States, being assembled to wipe Izal off the face of the Earth? Probably not.

Renault Clio rented by massacre fugitive Salah Abdeslam is found abandoned in Paris - as police arrest two women and a man in Germany over the attacks

Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam’s brother urges him to hand himself in

The black Renault Clio with Belgian licence plates was found abandoned on a pedestrian crossing today in the Place Albert Kahn in the 18th arrondissement of the city. Police sources said the car was hired by the world's most wanted man, Salah Abdeslam, and was likely used in the preparations of the attacks. The discovery came as police arrested two women and a man driving through the small town of Alsdorf near Aachen close to Germany's border with Belgium and Holland this morning. Local police said the three terror suspects held may be linked to the attacks on Paris that killed 129 people - but it appears unlikely that Salah Abdeslam, 26, was among them.

ISIS vows to attack Washington next in chilling new video and vows EVERY nation involved in Syrian airstrikes will 'suffer France's fate' as CIA director warns 'this is not a one-off'

Militants have threatened an attack on the US capital Washington DC in a new video which emerged as France paused for a minute's silence to remember victims of the massacre in Paris.

Leading British jihadi was in contact with Paris terrorists days before terror attack killed 129 innocent people

Aine Davis (pictured) and other members of a Turkish cell exchanged messages about conducting simultaneous strikes in Istanbul, a senior official said.

EXCLUSIVE: The 35th birthday party that became the Café of Angels massacre - how ELEVEN friends who worked together at Paris eaterie were gunned down side by side

Several of those killed in Le Belle Equipe tragedy were friends from nearby café, the Café des Anges. They were celebrating the 35th birthday of a friend when their happy night turned to horror.

Cocktails, sun and (toy) guns: Facebook profile reveals holiday snaps of baby-faced Stade de France bomber Bilal Hadfi 

The baby faced bomber, who was part of the trio to blow themselves up outside the Stade de France posts photos alongside guns, piles of cash and sunbathing topless.

The wealthiest terrorists in history: How ISIS has plundered oil fields, antiquities and stolen a fortune of $2BILLION to spread its war from the Middle East into Europe

Global Terrorism Report embargoed until midnight, 16/11/15

The vast wealth generated by oil fields, power plants, extortion and taxes has rendered Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's ISIS the most well-funded terrorist group in history, experts have warned.

Smile of a depraved killer: Shocking video shows sick Paris terror mastermind LAUGHING as he drags the corpses of his Syrian victims behind his truck 

Video shows ISIS Paris attacker Abdelhamid Abaaoud drag Syrian victims' corpses

On Monday the vile extremist was named as Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud (right), one of ISIS' top executioners and now among the world's most wanted war criminals. The 27-year-old is believed to have persuaded thousands of young jihadis to come to Syria, including his 13-year-old brother Younes, ISIS' youngest fanatic. In chilling video footage, Abaaoud is seen driving a pick-up truck with a mound of bloody corpses in tow (left). One of his accomplices sits perched on the back, while another can be heard complaining about the smell. The ISIS extremists are seen smiling and joking as the bodies are driven towards what appears to be a mass grave, where they are thought to have been dumped. In what is believed to be a reference to what pick-up trucks are commonly used for in the West, Abaaoud is heard saying how instead of towing jet skis and motorcycles he and his fellow ISIS fighters are dragging the 'infidels who are fighting us'.

Sick taunts of the Paris mastermind: Jihadist boasts of freely crossing Europe's borders and mocks police who had him in their clutches

The mastermind of the Paris massacres has bragged of travelling across Europe at will to plot murder and mayhem. Abdelhamid Abaaoud boasted how his picture was 'all over the news'

Europe's crucible of terror: As heavily armed police swamp 'Little Morocco', a Brussels suburb with 22 mosques, a chilling dispatch from DAVID JONES in Molenbeek 

Molenbeek has gained such an appalling reputation for radicalising and sustaining Islamic fanatics that it is regarded among politicians as the cradle of European terrorism.

Jihadi killer radicalised far from the Paris ghetto: RICHARD PENDLEBURY visits city where Bataclan suicide bomber was raised 

Omar Ismail Mostefai attended Chartres' Jean Moulin College, named after a World War II freedom fighter who gave his life for France. Yet Mostefai's place in history will be very different.

Paris terrorist who massacred Bataclan music lovers appears in French rap video and sings: 'You had to run first'

Omar Moustafai, then in his early 20s appears on on the right of the screen rapping on the video, which was unearthed by French satellite news channel BFM TV.

Father of Bataclan killer reveals how he travelled to Syria to try to convince him to return home but was rejected

The father of Bataclan theatre suicide bomber Samy Amimour (pictured) had travelled to Syria last summer to persuade his son to leave ISIS and return home.

Stretched to breaking point, surgeons are pictured crammed into Paris hospital as they fought to save the lives of terror attack victims

The dramatic photograph, taken at St Louis Hospital in Paris, shows surgeons, doctors and nurses stretched to breaking point as they battle to save the lives of those critically injured in the bloodbath.

Cheers... then terror: New pictures reveal Eagles Of Death Metal fans enjoying concert... just minutes before ISIS gunmen opened fire

Eagles of Death Metal Paris fans smile before they’re murdered in ISIS gunmen attack

The pictures are clear enough to pick out individual faces in the crowd, some of whom were among the 89 victims slaughtered at the Bataclan Concert Hall in a night of terror in Paris on Friday. Some fans can been seen making the horn hand gesture that is popular within the heavy metal culture. Others are smiling for the camera, raising their glasses or simply enjoying the music. The pictures are understood to have been taken just a few minutes before three gunmen burst into the venue at 9.40pm (8.40pm GMT) as the Californian band Eagles Of Death Metal (top right) were launching into one of their favourites, Kiss The Devil. Some thought they were part of the spectacle. But it quickly became a scene of horror as the militants mercilessly gunned down their victims one by one, even targeting people in wheelchairs. Shocking pictures later emerged showing bodies littered across the floor) bottom right) where those happy fans had once stood.

DOMINIC SANDBROOK: France's savage national anthem and why I'm full of foreboding about what comes next 

DOMINIC SANDBROOK: Tonight, the footballers of England and France will walk out at Wembley for what seems certain to be one of the most emotional nights in the venue's history.

Syria airstrikes alone aren't enough to defeat Isis, says Cameron: PM signals major shift after saying bombing raids 'won't transform the situation 

The Prime Minister indicated that plans for RAF bombing raids on Islamic State (IS) terrorists in Syria have been put on the back burner in favour of a fresh diplomatic push to secure a peace deal.

Mrs May's mechanical tone suited the occasion: QUENTIN LETTS sees MPs united in the face of Paris atrocity 

Mrs May's friends may sometimes wish she was more vivid but yesterday her machine-like lack of outward emotion suited the occasion. France's suffering needed no ornament.

Touching message to Paris of Boston bombing victim, nine, who was maimed and lost her brother in U.S. terror attack


Jane Richard, who lost her leg when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's bomb detonated beside her as she watched the city's marathon in 2013, wrote: 'Arretez de faire du mal aux autres. Le paix'.

EXCLUSIVE The woman saved by 'hero of La Belle Equipe' who turned himself into human shield and took a bullet to save her

Chloe Clement is the woman who was saved by the 'hero of Le Belle Equipe cafe' Ludo Boumbas, who threw became a human shield and threw himself in front of a bullet to save her life.

Former star of Channel 4 teen drama As If jailed for drink-driving to her own hen do while FIVE TIMES over the limit

Former TV star Emily Corrie even crashed into a man who stopped to help her after she pulled over on the hard shoulder of the A3(M), Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

BREAKING NEWS: Woman, 24, arrested on suspicion of murder after two young children are stabbed to death

Police at the scene. Two young children have been stabbed to death in Bradford today. Police were called to an address in Undercliffe, at 11.28am after they were contacted by paramedics attending a report of an injured child. Officers found two young children with stab wounds. Both children received treatment at the scene but were pronounced dead a short time later, said a West Yorkshire Police spokesman. A 24-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder as the investigation continues.

Paramedics battled to save the lives of the two children after finding them gravely injured at a home in Bradford this morning, but were unable to help them.

BREAKING NEWS: British boy, 15, charged with cyber attacks on websites in Europe, America, Africa and Asia and sending bomb hoaxes to U.S. airlines

The boy, from the Plympton area of Plymouth, Devon, was charged yesterday following an investigation by officers from the Operation Zephyr Regional Cyber Crime Unit.

Obsessed photographer who started stalking author and her daughter after meeting her on a transatlantic flight is jailed for the 'emotional rape'

Photographer Mark Jury who stalked author and daughter is jailed for ‘emotional rape’

Mark Jury, 40, (bottom right inset) of Llangattock, near Brecon, Mid Wales, plagued 52-year-old American writer Kristine Carlson (right) and her teenage daughter Kenna, now 18, (left) during a 'relentless' seven-year stalking campaign. Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard he first met Mrs Carlson - author of the Don't Sweat the Small Stuff books (inset) - by chance on a flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow when they sat next to each other. She 'showed sympathy for the odd little man' during the ten-hour flight from LAX to London but he soon became obsessed and bombarded her in California with flowers, chocolates, and thousands of emails. Jury, a wedding photographer, then demanded £150,000 from Mrs Carlson to stop his tirade. Mrs Carlson described it as a 'living nightmare' and 'mental hell' and Jury has now been jailed for four-and-a-half years for the 'emotional rape'.

Put me down! The incredible moment marmot screams just like a woman in the funniest video you will see all day

The rodent was picked up by the scruff of the neck by a man, believed to be in Russia. Uncomfortable with being manhandled, the animal let out a cry - that sounded just like a human screaming.

Student Union official who ran X-rated club night where crowd chanted 'Slag!' as girls acted out sex on stage 'must face action' 

Andy King, the director of commercial services at the University of Hull, arranged the X-rated event which saw contestants strip on stage before simulating sex acts to win a free holiday.

Clarifications and corrections 

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Love triangle nurse who got secret lover pregnant behind his girlfriend's back 'killed himself with drugs stolen from hospital where they all worked after revealing affair'

Winchester Coroner's Court heard that Matthew Hills confessed to his partner of two years, nurse Sophie-Mae Lawson, that he had been having a seven-month affair with fellow nurse Jade Clarke two days before committing suicide.

Schoolboy, 16, charged with murdering his MOTHER: Teenager held after body is found at Northumbria home 

The teenager will appear at North Tyneside 
Magistrates Court today charged with murder after the body of his mother - who was in her 40s - was discovered at their house in Blyth, Northumberland.

Thousands of BT customers left without broadband after network crashes across large parts of Britain - and firm apologises ONLINE 

The communications giant this morning admitted they were battling to restore service to homes and businesses in the south east and East Anglia for users who have been disconnected.

Breakfast EVERY day helps pupils: Children who have cereal or toast found to perform twice as well in tests as those who do not eat before school 

Those who start the day with cereal, bread, dairy or fruit were twice as likely to do well in tests, a Cardiff University study found. It found that having snacks in the morning was no better than eating nothing.

Eye drops halt short-sightedness: Giving children daily doses found to slow development of the condition by 50% 

Researchers found in a five-year trial the drops with the lowest concentration of atropine - only 0.01 per cent - slowed short-sight by 50 per cent compared with untreated children.

Breast cancer drug is axed: Life-extending treatment that can add five years to patients' lives rejected because of its cost 

The life-extending breast cancer drug Kadcyla has been rejected by NHS rationing officials amid claims by critics that Britons have poor access to treatments.

'50 leading Tories' to defy Prime Minister and call for EU exit as MPs rebel over 'feeble' renegotiation demands 

A group of MPs, MEPs and Peers from Conservatives for Britain look set to oppose David Cameron's EU renegotiation plans which Eurosceptics in his party say don't go far enough.

Cabinet Minister in sex blackmail plot: Politician confesses to affair after Cameron aide is accused of scheme to film trysts

The Tories were rocked by a new scandal last night after a Cabinet Minister confessed to an affair after being told he faced a blackmail plot by a senior aide to David Cameron.

Primary school BANS blind seven-year-old girl from using walking cane 'because it could trip up teachers'

Lily-Grace Hooper, from North Bristol, suffered a stroke when she was just four days old which left her virtually blind and only able to see light in one eye.

Teenage boy, 15, killed in car crash alongside his estranged father after they met up for the first time since he was two

Jamie West, 15, of Mexborough, South Yorkshire, was staying with his father Stephen Ramsell, 37 - who had left the family home when he was just a toddler - in a bid to reform their relationship.

Award-winning Oxford history professor who was expert on Italy's fascists hangs himself two days before his 58th birthday

Professor Christopher Duggan was found hanging at the home in Twickenham, south west London, that he shared with his wife Jennifer Mundy, head of collections at the Tate Gallery.

The death of the lads' mag: FHM and Zoo to join Loaded and Nuts in closing down as men turn away from magazines to their smartphones instead

FHM and Zoo to join Loaded and Nuts in closing down as men turn away

The suspension of the publication of both titles could affect about 20 jobs, and it follows circulation falls of 20 per cent for FHM (right) and 12 per cent for Zoo (left) over the past year. FHM was first published in 1985 as 'For Him Magazine', but the title later changed to FHM and it went from a quarterly to a monthly publication in 1994. The brand launched a series of international editions and became well-known for its 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll, with recent winners including Michelle Keegan and Jennifer Lawrence. Zoo meanwhile arrived in 2004 in the newly-created weekly men's magazine market and featured a cheeky approach towards topics from women to sport and music to technology.

Police find the mobile phone of girl, 15, who was last seen on Friday as they question two men over her disappearance and search houses, parkland and lakes for clues

Teenager Kayleigh Haywood, 15, from Measham, Leicestershire, has not been since she was dropped off outside Ibstock Community College on Friday evening.

Deal! Man shocked to see the face of Noel Edmonds appear in a 'shape-shifting' lamp he's had for more than a decade

Chris Dodson from Buckinghamshire was terrified when he noticed the appearance of a bearded man in his Himalayan salt lamp, which he claims has shifted shape.

Dictionary's 'word of the year' is... the smiley face: Emoji showing a face with tears of joy is picked as word or expression that best captured mood of 2015 

The image, one of a range of icons called 'emoji' used to express emotions in text messages or online, was picked as the word that best captured the ethos, mood and preoccupations of 2015.

Football lessons... from Germany: Lidl set to spend millions on skills programme with English, Welsh and Scottish associations 

CN10WK Lidl supermarket UK

Supermarket giant Lidl is to fund a new football skills programme for children in partnership with the football associations of England, Wales and Scotland.

Girl, 5, set to have her eye REMOVED and put back in place by surgeons to fix her squint

Chloe Strudwick, from Ifield, West Sussex, has a squint which leaves her seeing everything as 2D rather than 3D. Doctors believe surgery to remove her eye and shorten the muscles will cure it.

World's biggest aircraft 'takes off' for the first time after being filled with 1.3million cubic feet of helium - but it's not ready to leave the hangar just yet

The Airlander, which is a cross between an airship and an aeroplane, was originally developed as part of a US Army project but is now being converted to provide leisure flights in a hangar in Bedfordshire

Public warned to not pose for storm photos as Barney brings dangerous 80mph winds and another two inches of rain today

UK weather sees Storm Barney hit and the public warned not to pose for ‘storm selfies’

The second storm deemed strong enough to be given its own name this season could down trees, cause power cuts and disrupt flights. And the public have been told not to take photographs of themselves and others along promenades and breakwaters as they are battered by waves. The Environment Agency and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents have joined forces to issue the warning as fears build over the storm. Barney will bring gale-force westerly winds this afternoon, generating large waves around exposed coasts in the South West and English Channel. Also today, there could be 2.4 inches of rain - two thirds of the monthly average - in the worst affected areas. Pictured: Strong waves hit Aberystwyth on the west coast of Wales (top left), two women shelter under an umbrella in Bournemouth, Dorset (inset), and a couple walking on Portreath beach in Cornwall get caught out today as coastguards warn people not to get close to the waves (main image).

Harder fit-for-work tests connected to rise in number of suicides: Checks on disability benefit are linked to 590 deaths and thousands of anti-depressant prescriptions 

Benefit reforms designed to stop people who are fit for work from claiming disability handouts in the UK are responsible for hundreds of suicides, an academic report claimed yesterday.

NHS watchdog's £81k hotel bill for a single inspection: Freedom law reveals officials' extravagance 

The Care Quality Commission spent it during routine checks of hospitals and care homes. It includes an £80,000 hotel bill racked up by 118 officials inspecting a single NHS trust in Dorset.

Two teachers in 'Trojan horse' school face lifetime ban for feeding pupils 'diet of Islam' - segregating assemblies and failing to teach about sex and relationships

Park View School teacher Inamulhaq Anwar leaves the NCTL building on Butts Road, Coventry.

Inamulhaq Anwar, pictured, and Akeel Ahmed exercised 'undue religious influence' on children at Park View Academy in Birmingham, a disciplinary panel ruled yesterday.

Sweet sprouts, cake that's slimming...it's the food of the future: Items includes a pizza that lasts three years and 3D printed pasta set to be showcased on new TV show  

Brussels sprouts that taste like sherbet lemons and cake that isn't fattening? Welcome to the food of the future. The developments will be showcased in the BBC's Tomorrow's Food, later this month.

More babies born to women over 35 than under-25s for the first time as the average age of mothers tops 30

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

But as more women delay starting a family to develop a career or get on the property ladder, the average age of first-time mothers has sharply to almost 29 years, up from 23 in the 1960s.

Feeling swell! Doctor gives birth to the 'heaviest twins in Scotland' at a combined weight of 17 POUNDS (that's the same as a six-month-old)

Alanna and Paul Merrie, from Edinburgh, have become proud parents to Troy and Kaius who weigh a total of 16lb 13oz. They will find out this week if they are officially the heaviest twins in Scotland.

French ski lift operator found guilty of manslaughter of British schoolboy, 14, who died on a trip to the Alps when his backpack straps got entangled 

French ski lift operator found guilty of manslaughter of Kieran Brookes

Kieran Brookes (pictured left, and right on the skiing trip) was strangled when the straps of his backpack became entangled as he tried to get off a ski lift in the Alpine resort of Chatel in February 2011. The teenager - a pupil at Torquay Boys' Grammar School - was on a six-seat ski lift when the tragedy struck. He was transferred to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital intensive care unit where he died nearly a month later on March 17, 2011. Richard Cettour (inset), of Bonnevaux, France, has today been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Police investigate after shocking footage emerges 'showing a pack of hounds chasing and killing a fox' - but hunt leaders claim they were just 'exercising' the dogs

The dramatic footage, which shows the fox being pinned to the ground by a dog before a hunter picks its body up, was taken by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs on Saturday in Grendon, Warwickshire.

'Walter Mitty' conman who passed himself off as a soldier and lied about tours of Iraq and Afghanistan is jailed for trying to sell non-existent phones

Phillip Shortman, 28, of Gwent, south Wales, was jailed for fraud after faking his identity and driving licence on a job application and pretending to be a former soldier who toured Iraq and Afghanistan.

Widow, 79, mugged in cemetery for the cash from her purse as she visited her dead husband's grave


The suspect, described as a 'very thin and pale' man, snatched £15 from the pensioner's purse after demanding money from her as she placed flowers on her husband's grave in Petersfield, Hampshire.

Tech company director was flying to see daughter when he died in plane crash which also killed his wife and two of their children

Amateur pilot Phil Garvey, 56, his wife Ann, 55, their daughter Emily, 23, and youngest son Dan, 20, were killed when their light aircraft crashed in heavy rain and high winds near Taunton.

Stella McCartney personal shopper who cut up £12,000 of her ex-boyfriend's designer clothes when he went out with another woman must pay him £1,500 compensation 

Lucia Hajnikova ruined designer outfits belonging to investment banker Ege Akcasoy at his £725,000 Chelsea apartment after he chatted to another woman while they were out.

Teenage Liverpool fan who died with her younger sister at Hillsborough 'could have been saved' if pulled from the crush in crucial 20 minute window

Sarah Hicks (pictured left, whose sister Vicki, right, also died in the disaster) may have survived if she had been rescued earlier from the crushed stand at Hillsborough, home of Sheffield Wednesday.

Teenager sent home from hospital after a 'panic attack' dies 24 hours later from a heart infection

Daniel Elton, 18, from Swadlincote, Derbyshire, died of subacute endocarditis, a deadly bacterial heart infection, which had gone undiagnosed for seven months.

Bus driver who drove around a blind bend on the wrong side of the road in the pouring rain at 60mph laughs as he escapes with ban

South Wales driver who drove on the wrong side of the road escapes jail

This is the shocking moment a bus driver was caught on camera zooming around a blind bend on the wrong side of the road in the pouring rain. Luke Witchard, 26, pictured, was filmed at the wheel of his mother's car on the dash-cam of another driver who was so outraged that he handed it over to police. He admitted dangerous driving at Newport Crown Court but and later laughed as he was slapped with a 12-month driving ban and community service.

Chilling CCTV catches moment sex attacker struck as woman waited to be let into her friend's apartment block

The victim was on the doorstep of her friend's apartment block in Whitechapel, east London, shortly after midnight on Friday, October 16.

Retired teacher is hit with parking ticket after he was captured on camera performing a u-turn outside Aldi

Tim Woods, 63, was fined £70 for leaving his £30,000 Skoda Yeti in the supermarket car park in Nottingham but fought the decision because he was actually caught on camera performing a u-turn.

BBC radio presenter is sacked after calling Christian campaigner 'bigoted' for saying homosexuality is a sin

Iain Lee labelled Bible verses 'homophobic' during a heated debate with Libby Powell from campaign group Christian Concern on BBC Three Counties Radio - and described her as a 'bigot'.

BBC are given a Geography fail by a visiting Tory MP after a map in their newly revamped £13m studio puts 'Italy' in eastern France

The map at the newly-refurbished BBC studios in Plymouth, Devon, also shows the Canary Islands far bigger than they actually are while Germany is missed off altogether.

Thieves steal the BONNET from a mother's Vauxhall Corsa while it is parked on her driveway

Christine Potton, 60, was left dumbfounded after her family discovered her red Vauxhall Corsa had been raided by brazen thieves while parked outside their home in Middlesbrough.

Son is reunited with treasured dog tag lost by British solider in Italy as he fought in 1944 after it is unearthed by metal detector enthusiast 

Henry George Hammond of the 6th Royal Tank regiment lost his dog tags at some point during 1944 while serving in Italy but they were recently  unearthed by a metal detecting club in Rome.

Sexist pharmaceutical boss behind banned cancer drug wrote 'red lipstick, heels - good' on PA's job application and said: 'I only employ beautiful women' 

David Noakes, 62, was taken to an employment tribunal by his former PA, Lucia Pagliarone, 28, pictured, who said she had witnessed sexist treatment of women at the Gurnsey-based company.

Homeowner dubbed the Jungleman for growing 15ft high weeds and bushes in his garden is ordered to sell £150,000 house because he hasn't paid his fines

Adrian Woodyatt, 47, was accused of dragging down the neighbourhood in Gloucester after allowing the garden foliage to grow so out of control that it was almost enveloping his semi-detached home.

Quirky art deco show home for a 1930s estate that failed because it was too experimental for the British public goes on the market for £700,000

Round House in Frinton Park Estate, Essex goes on the market for £700,000

The completely circular Round House (pictured, left) was built in 1934 to be the focal point of the ground-breaking new 1,000-home Frinton Park Estate in Essex. Its aim was to make the modernist style mainstream - but the ambitious scheme flopped, largely because the suspicious public refused to buy experimental designs in new materials, including concrete. As a result, the estate was never completed and the selling property is one of only a handful that still exist, serving as a reminder of the town that never was. It is not known when the building was converted into a house but it now has 1,923 sq ft of accommodation over two floors (pictured, right) with four bedrooms.

Actress has 5 operations to rebuild her nose after contracting deadly flesh-eating bug while working with the homeless

Lois Temel, 41, of Ryde in the Isle of Wight, was left with a hole in her head due to necrotising fasciitis, a deadly flesh-eating bacteria that was eating away at her face and could have killed her.

They're knot holding back! More than a HUNDRED people apply for Tesco's festive 'Christmas tree lights untangler' job

Supermarket bosses are thrilled with the amount of people who have applied for the job of unraveling mounds of Christmas tree lights and making the festive season easier for the people of Wrexham.

Talk about getting in a flap! American bulldog Keeta gets herself stuck in a cat flap - and rips it out of the door attempting to free herself

American bulldog Keeta gets herself stuck in a cat flap in Leicester

American bulldog Keeta, who is currently in season, found herself trapped when a small male dog, thought to be a terrier, found its way into her owners' garden in Leicester. The five year old's head was wedged firmly in the cat flap, and she ripped it out of the door in a desperate attempt to free herself - allowing the terrier to slip into the house after her.

Mother inspired by John Lewis Christmas advert to volunteer with the elderly has her offer rejected by Age UK because she wanted to take her baby with her

Christina Savage, 33, of Wigan, Greater Manchester, sent an email to the charity offering to help - believing that elderly people would benefit from interaction with her 17-month-old son Reuben.

Father warned he could lose his leg after suffering a severe reaction to an insect bite he suffered on holiday in Cuba

Garry Darton, 56, from Preston, Lancashire, was on holiday in Cuba with his wife, Sally, and some friends when he was struck down with cellulitis after scratching an 'itchy' insect bite while in the sea.

Schoolgirl who went to the doctor with a lump on her stomach is astonished when tests reveal a 30cm cyst and ovarian cancer

Olivia Key, now 18, from Hull, was rushed into surgery at St James's Hospital in Leeds where medics removed the growth as well as her ovary and fallopian tube.

Palestinians prepare Molotov cocktails as fierce battles erupt in the West Bank after Israeli forces kill two Arabs while demolishing the home of a militant 

Israeli forces kill 2 Palestinians as battles erupt in the West Bank

Palestinian female protesters prepare fire bombs to be used against Israeli security forces in clashes on the outskirts of Ramallah in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. The violence was sparked in response to Israeli troops arriving in the Qalandiya refugee camp to demolish the home of a Palestinian militant. There has been a surge in violence over the last two months after Israel recently renewed a policy of demolishing homes belonging to Palestinians. Israel says the move deters attacks.

French boy, 12 is shot dead by his 13-year-old classmate on the bus during their journey home from school

A 12 year old boy has died from gunshot wounds on his way home on the school bus this afternoon in Alsace, France. Police have arrested a 13-year-old boy for possessing a weapon.

Yakuza crime boss bludgeoned to death: Gang member found with hands and feet tied in brutal murder linked to group's violent schism 

Gang member Tatsuyuki Hishida, 59, pictured, who is part of Japan's largest organised crime syndicate, was found with his hands and feet tied and his head appeared to have been hit with a blunt object.

Shocking images emerge of bodies of refugees piled up in Greek island morgue because doctors can't handle the sheer scale of paperwork 

Bodies of refugees who drowned in the Aegean Sea are piling up at hospitals on the Greek islands, because they are understaffed and there are no coroners to perform the necessary post-mortems.

The horrifying moment a Mongolian union boss sets himself on FIRE to protest sale of country's coal mining industry

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - This horrifying footage shows the shocking moment a trade union leader in Mongolia sets himself alight protesting sale of coal mining industry in China.

The shocking moment scores of people were injured when a glass banister in a Maltese nightclub SHATTERED

This horrifying footage shows the shocking moment scores of clubbers were injured when a glass banister in a Maltese nightclub collapsed from underneath them.

Going the extra four miles: Race organisers turn Bangkok half marathon into 17 mile event after directing runners to make a U-turn at the wrong place

Bangkok's popular half marathon was turned into a 17mile race at the weekend after organisers accidentally directed runners to take a U-turn at the wrong place.



DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Open borders and a passport for terror 

The ease with which the alleged mastermind of the Paris massacre appears to have travelled backwards and forwards between Syria and Belgium makes a mockery of Europe's border controls.

Our policy on Islamic State? Clueless at best - spineless at worst, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Will Paris be the tipping-point which leads to a grand coalition, including Russia and the United States, being assembled to wipe Izal off the face of the Earth? Probably not.