Lagos Bus Rapid Transit System

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The Lagos Bus Rapid Transit System, also known as Lagos BRT, is a bus rapid transit system in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is owned by LAMATA.

First phase[edit]

The first phase of the Lagos BRT was opened on March 17, 2008, although it was initially slated for opening in November 2007 (the initiative to build the system was initiated by the government of the previous governor, Bola Tinubu. It goes from Mile 12 through Ikorodu Road and Funsho Williams Avenue up to CMS. At current, the Lagos BRT Corridor is 22 km in length.

Two operators are offering their services to the Lagos BRT: NURTW Cooperative and LAGBUS. LAGBUS is an Asset Management Company owned by the Lagos State government.

26 bus shelters are offered along the Mile 12-CMS road; three bus terminals are also placed along the corridor (at Mile 12, Moshalashi and CMS), with the bus terminal at CMS designed to integrate with transport modes of rail and ferry that are planned for future construction by LAMATA.

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