Driver-less car caught on tape spinning donuts backwards in Philadelphia neighbourhood

Local police and fire fighters were called to a puzzling scene of a driver-less car spinning donuts backwards in a Philadelphia neighbourhood.

Local police and firemen stood dumbfounded Sunday afternoon, as an old model Ford Thunderbird took its own wheel for a spin, literally.

Shown in a video uploaded to YouTube, the car swings around narrowly escaping the side of a building as its driver-side door loosely hangs open.

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PA fire fighter approaches driver-less car Visibly cautious: video shows local fire fighter approaching rouge car

A Wildwood Fire Department member told the Cape May County Herald that the original driver had stepped out of the vehicle to switch seats with the passenger when it got away from him in reverse.

The vehicle never stopped.

Coming to the rescue, Fire Captain Chris D'Amico told the Herald that the trick to its capture was standing in the inner circle the car made as it spun around. Police and fire fighters watched stunned as a driver-less car spun donuts backwards in a Philadelphia neighbourhood

Responding to a driver-less car, police and fire fighters watched stunned as it spun donuts backwards in a Philadelphia neighbourhood

Only then, spotting an open window on the passenger side, 'I was able to climb into it and turn it off,' he said.

Minor injuries were reported to the original driver while first attempting to re-enter the escaped car.

The vehicle itself, eventually hitting a pole, sustained damage to its door.

It was eventually towed from the scene.

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