Cutting edge humour that was no joke for driver who believed man was trapped beneath lawnmower and called 911

A bloody torso, mangled beneath a lawnmower along a road in rural North Carolina mobilized paramedics and an ambulance - until they realized it all all a Halloween gag. 

The decoration was so realistic, a passing driver saw the scene and called 911 to reported that someone was trapped beneath a lawn tractor.

The lawnmower stood alone in a yard in Rowan County in western North Carolina. There were no other decorations or signs that might have given other clues that the scene was a fake.


No treat: This Halloween prank caused panic in rural North Carolina when a passing motorist called 911, believing a man was really trapped under a mower

After the passer-by dialled 911, medics prepared to rush out to the home with the lawn tractor and make a rescue.

Fortunately, someone who overheard the emergency radio traffic about the lawnmower called medics before they left to assure them their would-be victim was a lifeless dummy.

It's unclear who was responsible for the Halloween trick. The driveway where the lawn tractor is parked leads to several homes.

Photos are courtesy of WBTV in Charlotte.


Tricked: Emergency responders were nearly dispatched to 'save' the dummy when they were told the scene was merely a gruesome joke


Out of nowhere: Perhaps one reason the lawn tractor attracted so much attention is that there were no other clues it was a prank

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