Millionairess claims ex-husband used a private security firm to turn her nanny against her

Like a plotline from Dynasty, a millionairess involved in one of the world’s most costly divorce battles is alleging that her estranged husband used a private security firm in London to turn her loyal nanny into an enemy.

Elena Ambrosiadou is locked in a bitter battle with Martin Coward, who she alleges used firm Dilitas to target nanny Carmen Michalska.

The firm's director, Christopher Cully, she says, uncovered the fact that Michalska suffered child abuse and was receiving IVF treatment.

Separated: Martin Coward and Elena Ambrosiadou are embroiled in a legal battle
Separated: Husband and wife Martin Coward and Elena Ambrosiadou are embroiled in a legal battle

Dispute: Elena Ambrosiadou, right, claims that Martin Coward, left used a private security firm to track her movements

She also planned to use this as leverage to turn her into a spy for Coward, according to a legal claim filed in the High Court.

The legal claim states that this has resulted in Miss Michalska suffering 'loss, damage and distress, hurt and anger'.

She is now pursuing an injunction against the Dilitas and Mr Cully, as well as damages.

The injunction is the latest twist in a battle between Miss Ambrosiadou and Mr Coward, which stretches to 30 writs in four jurisdictions.

The pair are fighting over their divorce, business and fortunes in lawsuits that span across Europe from London, Monaco, to Cyprus, and Greece.

Miss Ambrosiadou believes that Dilitas used an 'inside source' within hedge fund Ikos to track her movements.

Miss Ambrosiadou started the fund in 1992 aged 33 with just $600,000 in a managed account.

The name of the fund, which derives from the Greek for 'home' had $3.5bn (£2.1bn) of funds under management at its peak.

Miss Ambrosiadou claims the extent of the surveillance on her is revealed by a conversation she allegedly had with Mr Coward last year, in which he disclosed that he knew personal information about her.

Lavish: Miss Ambrosiadou spent a reported £60m on the world's biggest private sailing yacht - The Maltese Falcon (pictured)

Lavish: Miss Ambrosiadou spent a reported £60m on the world's biggest private sailing yacht - The Maltese Falcon (pictured)

Miss Ambrosiadou, who has an estimated fortune of £200 million, has herself also been accused of bugging and conducting covert surveillance on Mr Coward.

Between them Miss Ambrosiadou and Mr Coward created one of the most successful global hedge funds, netting millions in personal wealth.

Two years ago, Miss Ambrosiadou spent a reported £60m on the world's biggest private sailing yacht - The Maltese Falcon.

The couple parted three years ago when, it is alleged, Mr Coward tried to set up a rival hedge fund in Monaco using mathematical algorithms and staff taken from Ikos.

Greek-born millionairess, Miss Ambrosiadou alleges 'unlawful surveillance' and harassment against Dilitas and Mr Cully, while Miss Michalska claims there has been interference in her right to privacy and misuse of private information.

Miss Ambrosiadou and Miss Michalska allege Dilitas referred to the surveillance as Operation Argonaut and the hedge fund boss was known as Target Delta. Miss Michalska was Target Bravo.

Couple: Martin coward with girlfriend Christiano Di Santo

Couple: Martin coward with girlfriend Christiano Di Santo

Miss Ambrosiadou says she was watched in London, Monaco, Cyprus and Greece during 2010, and was followed in London by a Volkswagen Golf and Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.

She claims that Mr Cully told his team to make their surveillance of her 'overt' and to 'make their presence known'.

It is claimed that he also told one of his team that they should serve a legal document to Miss Ambrosiadou while she was at an award ceremony in central London where she was 'honoured by her peers in the hedge fund industry'.

Miss Ambrosiadou claims she sufferd 'anxiety and distress' because Dilitas used a suspected phone hacker to intercept her text messges and emails as part of his surveillance team who wanted to sell information to the News of the World.

The legal claim goes on to say that Dilitas, which says it is an 'expert in the field of surveillance', was 'engaged' by Mr Coward either directly or through his solicitor, the legal claim adds.

William Christopher, a partner at law firm McGrigors which is acting on behalf of Christopher Cully and Dilitas told The Telegraph: 'The allegations made in the proceedings are denied by our clients.

'The proceedings will be vigorously defended, and a defence will be filed in due course. These proceedings are part of wider litigation and it would not be appropriate for us to comment further while these matters are ongoing'.

Miss Ambrosiadou originally trained as a chemical engineer before becoming an executive for BP when she was 27.

Mr Coward, was not as high-profile as his wife, despite being a vital partner in Ikos.

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