Going too far? V magazine features a bound and gagged Naomi Campbell on its cover

Her hands are bound in rope, her mouth clamped shut with duct tape.

An uncharacteristically submissive Naomi Campbell stares up from the compromising position on a bed.

It's hardly the stuff of quotidian beauty, so it's perhaps not surprising that the new V Spain cover is worrying some over its apparent glamourisation of the victimisation of women.

V inappropriate: Naomi Campbell's V magazine cover sees the supermodel posing, bound and gagged

V inappropriate: Naomi Campbell's V magazine cover sees the supermodel posing, bound and gagged

The Sebastian Faena shoot is an homage to provocative Spanish film director, Pedro Almodovar, whose dark humour laces his many movies.

Green ropes and bright yellow duct tape restrain the model, who lies on a pink sheet wearing pieces from the Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 collection.

Taking the story of Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down, Mr Almodovar's most popular title, the contentious shoot is a nod to the story of a psychiatric patient who, in a desperate attempt to make a porn star his wife, ends up holding the woman hostage.

She eventually submits and learns to love the mentally unstable protagonist in a Stockholm syndrome-esque twist.

The mix of high fashion and contentious subject matter has left some readers offended.

At fashiongonerogue.com, reader Chelsea said: 'This editorial makes me feel uncomfortable. Black woman tied up with tape over her mouth? I'm just not into it.'

Other fashion forums spoke of victimisation and bondage gone too far.

Ms Campbell sees no harm in the dark, suggestive imagery. In an interview with the magazine, the 41-year-old model says she was willing to take part in the shoot because of Mr Almodovar's 'indelible' artistic mark.

'I only know Pedro socially. However, what I have always liked about Pedro is that his films perfectly combine passion, intelligence and style with a twist of humour – leaving his indelible mark on everything he does,' she said.

'I think that was the essence Sebastian [Faena] drew upon for our cover photo shoot.'

'I’m sure some have wanted to "tie me up and tie me down" and perhaps others wanted to tape my mouth shut!'

The infamously hot-tempered model from London jokes about her reputation for being outspoken and often highly undiplomatic:

'I’m sure some have wanted to ‘tie me up and tie me down’ and perhaps others wanted to tape my mouth shut! But this is something I would only permit for this issue dedicated to Pedro [Almodovar] as he always does everything “tongue-in-cheek."'

The issue is dedicated to the filmmaker whose new movie, The Skin I Live, starring Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya, premiers next month.

The V magazine cover is the latest in a litany of eyebrow-raising, blush-inducing and blood-pressure-raising glossy magazine cover subject matters.

We've seen our fair share of extraordinary magazine covers - not least Vogue Italia's contentious current cover featuring Stella Tennant with a 13-inch waist.

In what may be the most shocking magazine cover, ever, the first edition of Russian socialite, Dasha Zhukova's new magazine, Garage, features a tattooed vagina.

The artistic embellishment was designed by Damien Hirst and is hidden behind a demure butterfly sticker on Garage's cover. Pictures of the work, are, it goes without saying, not safe for publishing here...

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