Girl, two, killed after letting herself out of mother’s car and being struck by SUV in Walmart parking lot

A two-year-girl was killed after letting herself out of her mother's car before being run over by a SUV.

Sara Merant had just finished shopping for bottled water with her mother Kerlange, 36, at Walmart in Margate, Florida.

After walking back to the car at about 11:25am yesterday, Mrs Merant put her shopping in the boot before taking her daughter out of the trolley and placing her in a child seat.

Tragedy: Little Sara Merant was pronounced dead at Northwest Medical Center

Tragedy: Little Sara Merant was pronounced dead at Northwest Medical Center

But the little girl got out of the seat, apparently to join her mother, and was struck as she walked across the car park.

More than a dozen friends and relatives assembled at the family home in Margate to mourn Sara.

Mrs Merant told the South Florida Sun Sentinel: 'She made me happy.

'She's not there anymore. She's gone forever.'

Her husband Penelson Merant, 45, said: 'I loved her very much.'

The landscaper, who was at work at the time of the collision, added: 'She'd come to see me at the front door whenever I got back from work to say, "Hi, Daddy".'

Sara, who was the youngest of five children, was taken to Northwest Medical Center, where she was declared dead.

Her mother was taken to the hospital for treatment after collapsing.

Sheila Nusbaum, of Margate, who was driving the Honda CRV that hit Sara, stayed at the scene until police arrived.

Mrs Merant said Sara knew how to get out of her seat.

Although the child normally waited in the car, she may have tried to follow her mother when she returned the shopping trolley, said Mrs Merant.

'She followed me by the time I pushed the shopping cart.'

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