Hero father saves daughter from jaws of Japanese fighting dog after it tried to bite her HEAD off

  • Dad prized killer dog's teeth apart with his bare hands after rugby tackling the 8st beast
  • Single father needed two operations after being savaged by the Akita
  • 'I could see frenzied look in the dog’s eyes that it meant to kill me', says scarred parent

A hero dad has told how he 'rugby tackled' a vicious Japanese fighting dog to the ground - after the snarling beast tried to decapitate his daughter.

Web designer Simon Hryhoruk, 35, watched in horror as his neighbour’s eight-stone Akita dog savaged his nine-year-old daughter Amy.

The huge hound launched at Amy as she walked to her front door, knocking her to the ground and clamping its powerful jaws around her head.

Amy and Simon in the Queen Elizabeth hospital after the vicious attack.

Savaged: Simon Hryhoruk and daughter Amy as he recovered in hospital after being mauled by the Akita dog which had attacked her without warning

Simon rugby tackled the dog and managed to prise apart its teeth.

The dog then turned on Simon and savaged his back, hands, arms and legs - leaving him needing two operations and dozens of stitches.

Yesterday Simon was recovering at his home in Walsall, West Mids, after the attack on Saturday.

He said: 'I thought the dog was trying to kill Amy. At one point it looked like it was trying to bite her head off.

'Dogs like that have no place in this country. They are not pets, they are dangerous beasts.'

Single dad Simon was walking up his driveway to his front door with Amy on Saturday afternoon when the dog pounced on his daughter.

Simon's hand after the vicious attack.
Amy and Simon back home.

Scars: Bite marks to Mr Hryhoruk's hand. He still carries a walking stick as Amy looks up to the hero dad who jumped to her rescue

Incredibly, she escaped facial injuries after the dog sunk its fangs into the back of her head and neck.

Simon, who spent three days in Walsall Manor Hospital after the attack, said: 'The dog belonged to a family who live nearby. It escaped by getting out of a side gate which was left open.

'It was chilling because it didn’t make a noise as it ran over. I was a few feet ahead of Amy when I heard her scream and when I looked round she was on the ground and the dog had her head in its huge mouth.

A Japanese akita dog.

Powerful: An Akita dog similar to the one which mauled Amy

'I thought the dog was about to kill her, fortunately it had hold of the back of her head and not her face.

'I tackled the dog and tried to pin the dog to the ground but without a collar it took bites out of my arms and hands.

'The dog seemed very determined to get around me and back at Amy.

'As I lay on my back, I could see by the frenzied look in the dog’s eyes that it meant to kill me.

'It grabbed my leg and hands and threw its head from side to side, ripping away at my skin.

'I dragged it across the road toward the open gate it is usually behind but it just leapt on me again.

Stitches in the back of Amy's head.

Stitch in time: Amy bears scars of her ordeal

Stitches in the back of Amy's head.

Healing: Amy's wounds

'Fortunately my neighbour came home and was able to drag it into the gate by its lead.

'I am not sure where I found the strength to fight the dog but I was determined that it would not get at Amy.

'The recurring terror I keep having is what would have happened had I not been there.'

Amy received stitched to the head and is said to have been left traumatised by the experience.

West Midlands Police today said the dog had been taken to police dog kennels. Witnesses are asked to call police on 101.

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