Talking a good game: Wenger, Kean, O'Neill and Pardew

By Sportsmail Reporter

What does the return of Scholes and Henry tell us about the standard of the Premier League? We pose the question to some of Britain's top managers...

Golden oldie: Paul Scholes
Happy return: Thierry Henry

Golden oldies: Paul Scholes (left) and Thierry Henry (right)

In defence: Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger

'If people reproach me for not bringing players in, they cannot reproach me when I bring them in as well. It is not a backward step. Thierry is a world-class player, and a player of that dimension is very difficult to find, especially at this period of the season.'

Quality: Steve Keane

Steve Kean

'If these types of players can keep themselves in physical condition to continue to deliver at this level then experience and quality will always come through. People often stop playing too early.'

Reserve judgment: Martin O'Neill

Martin O'Neill

'You just felt with Henry that his goal was going to happen and with Scholes, great players miss the game and perhaps he retired prematurely. United need him. If you are asking me if it is a slight on the Premier League, I am not sure, I would have to reserve judgment on that!'

Icons: Alan Pardew

Alan Pardew

'They're icons of the Premier League. With Henry, the American calendar frees players to come back and I bumped into him and he's very pleased to be back. Scholes is different. Alex has taken the view that he needs that experience in the central area.'

Spurs boss: Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp

‘Steven Gerrard comes on for Liverpool against Newcastle and he’s a completely different level. Scholes and Henry are fantastic players, but it’s a bit scary when you look round and see they’re still better than younger players at their age.’

Bolton manager: Owen Coyle

Owen Coyle

‘All too often we want to look for negative stories. It is brilliant because they’re footballers who love the game. Regardless of what they’ve already achieved, they have a passion and enthusiasm to play.’

Manchester United boss: Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson

‘There were no negatives. How can it be a regressive step for United? You’re getting a player for nothing who’s been part of the club for 20-odd years. In terms of composure and passing ability, is there a better player going around? Definitely not.’

Aston Villa striker: Robbie Keane

Robbie Keane

‘Managers know the personnel. I haven’t worked with Alex (McLeish) before but he’ll know what I’m like. I’ll try and help players while I’m here and I would imagine that’s what Scholes and Henry will be doing too.’

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