A suitcase of bras, an urn and even a baby! Hotel chain issues list of lost property finds

A hotel chain has released a list of bizarre things left in its rooms last year, including a suitcase full of pink bras, a collection of watches worth a total of £50,000 - and even an 18-month baby.

Travelodge says one couple accidentally left their child at the at the hotel in Winchester, Hampshire, as they rushed to get to a wedding, but luckily realised their mistake and returned to collect their son a few minutes later.

The incident is included in a lost and found list of all the unusual possessions left behind at Travelodge's 496 hotels in the UK in 2011.

Pile of bras

Baring all: A suitcase packed with pink bras was one of the more bizarre finds

The inventory details an extraordinary array of items, such as a suitcase packed with designer dog outfits and matching collars in Birmingham.

A box of magician’s tricks was found in a room in Blackpool and a mock Olympic torch, along with the haul of pink bras, had been abandoned in Manchester.

Stunned staff in Peterborough reported finding an urn containing the ashes of the guest’s dead wife, which were quickly returned.

And one room in London's Waterloo contained 100 masks bearing the face of the Duchess of Cambridge, following the Royal Wedding.

Another find in Liverpool included a case full of false eye lashes, spray tan and hair extensions, perhaps belonging to a cast member of the city's Scousewives reality TV show.

Stuffed parrot

Beyond the grave: A stuffed parrot and the ashes of a guest's dead wife were along some of the unusual finds

Staff at Knutsford, Cheshire, were also shocked when they discovered a dwarf Roborovski hamster in a cage, which had been left by mistake.

The owner had driven all the way back to Bristol without realising and returned the same day to retrieve his missing pet.

In Milton Keynes a room was found occupied by life-sized Mr Blobby costume and in Stratford-upon-Avon a guest had left behind a 4ft stuffed Macaw parrot.

Most bizarrely, a room in Nuneaton was found transformed in to a Christmas wonderland with lights, decorations, model reindeer, tree, Santa outfit and the remains of a Christmas dinner.

As well as the weird and wonderful, the list also includes some expensive items.


Pricey haul: One guest left keys to a Ferrari and a box containing seven men¿s watches worth more than £50,000

A wedding gown by acclaimed designer Vera Wang was discovered in a Travelodge in Edinburgh.

The bride, from Cornwall, had assumed her husband had packed the expensive garment and had to send a courier to pick it up.

In London's Bank, a guest left keys to a Ferrari 458 Italia and a box containing seven men’s watches worth more than £50,000.

In Newcastle, an extremely rare 1780s Toby jug, worth £3,000, was discovered under a pillow.

The guest had bought the valuable collector’s item at an Antiques Roadshow and forgotten to take it from its hiding place.

A dwarf hamster

Beloved pet: A dwarf hamster was also accidentally left behind by its owner

In Leeds, another collector accidentally left his collection of vintage Marvel comics behind.

He was so concerned, he phoned the hotel every 30 minutes to ensure his bounty was safe.

Jon Hendry Pickup, from Travelodge said: 'Each year our lost and found box gets filled with some remarkable items.

'It just goes to show the amazing cross-section of people that stay in our hotels.'

Royal Wedding impersonators

Royal Wedding fever: More than one hundred Kate Middleton masks were discovered in one room

Meanwhile, phone and laptop chargers topped the list of belongings most likely to be left in a hotel room. Pyjamas and clothes came in second, followed by teddy bears.

Toiletries were also likely items to be forgotten, as well as books, laptops, iPads, Kindles, Satnavs, mobile phones, electric toothbrushes and suitcases.

All items that are not claimed by their owners are donated to Cancer Research UK charity shops.

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