Hilarious video of sleeping toddler air drumming to Nirvana before he wakes up and fully rocks out 

Most parents will be wearily familiar with the tantrums toddlers are prone to throwing after being woken from their naps.

But one family have discovered a clever trick to avoid any strops when waking their three-year-old from his slumbers.

This toddler’s brother and sister rouse the boy from his sleep by blasting Nirvana’s Breed out their car stereo.

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Starting to stir: Snoozing in the backseat, this three-year-old air-drums to Nirvana before even opening his eyes

While being woken up by a blaring rock anthem might make other toddlers cry all the harder, this little rocker begins air-drumming to the beat before even opening his eyes. 

And, as he fully wakes up, the tot gets properly into the music lip-syncing as soon as the singing kicks to the delight of his older siblings.

'The last time we woke him up in the car, he got so grumpy and cranky. And since he loves this kind of music we just had to try a new method,' the boy’s older brother writes under the YouTube video.


Rocking out: And, as he wakes up properly, the toddler really starts to rock out to the blaring anthem

The video has had more than 180,000 views since it was uploaded at the end of last month.

Commentators beneath the clip have criticized the boy’s brother and sister for not putting him in a car seat.

The majority of people have praised the child’s magnificient air-drumming skills while others  predict that he’ll be a famous rock star one day. 

The boy's older brother has assured YouTube viewers that the toddler, who is half Norwegian and half Chilean, is only three-year-old but just bigger than the average child. 


Tickled: The boy's older brother cracks up after watching the back-seat show - which has now had more than 180,000 on YouTube

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