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This is Money Editor and in charge of MailOnline's financial, property and motoring coverage. Views are my own (unless I borrowed them).

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  1. Osborne hit buy-to-let with even bigger stamp duty bills as he has combined old slab system as far as £125k with new graded one above it

  2. One for all us 205 GTI lovers. Will be hunting down a copy of this

  3. Just looked at 's new site - really good stuff and his interviews are always worth a listen. Recommended

  4. The buy-to-let stamp duty tax trick that landlords still have up their sleeve

  5. Where the money comes from - and where the Government expects to get more (From the Autumn Statement document)

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  6. Osborne almost trebles stamp duty bill on a £275k property for buy-to-let and second homes

  7. It'll be ironic if Osborne manages to crash the property market after rolling the dice on it to get his recovery in the first place

  8. Why is John McDonnell having a pop at Osborne for not doing something that he didn't think he should do anyway?

  9. That's definitely a third Budget of the year for Osborne. Perhaps next year we could just have one, please.

  10. Perhaps Jeremy Hunt could learn a lesson from about listening to people from Osborne's tax credit change of mind

  11. Osborne deserves credit for taking the axe to his cuts - better to admit you were wrong and change tack rather than push on regardless

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  13. What to know what the Chancellor has planned for you? Our Autumn Statement Live Blog is up and running

  14. Well said Alan and add to that the slow bleeding of decent company schemes because the execs don't benefit anymore.

  15. Small Swiss bank believed to be first to charge savers negative interest rates

  16. The best places in the world to invest Psigma's Tom Becket joins us for the latest Investing Show

  17. The threats to your pension - outlines Osborne's tax grab on those saving for retirement

  18. Why do we expect to be told when interest rates will rise?

  19. Fast Fords keep rocketing: £60k for an Escort RS Turbo and £90K for a Sierra Cosworth RS500

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