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MYOPEP is a TGA-certified weight loss and fitness supplement that supercharges your body's fat loss process and maximizes your diet and exercise results.


MYOPEP is a new TGA-certified weight loss and fitness supplement that combines its unique active ingredient, colostrum (enriched with follistatin and leptin peptides), with a number of purified botanical extracts (chinese cinnamon, ...Siberian ginseng, bladder wrack, white willow, guarana and cascara buckthorn) to help you supercharge your body’s fat loss process and maximize your diet and exercise results.

Why is MYOPEP different from the rest?
The natural ingredients in MYOPEP activate a multi-dimensional cascade of fat loss processes primarily through myostatin-inhibition.

• Multi-dimensional Fat Loss
MYOPEP’s colostrum is enriched and purified with follistatin peptides (as natural colostrum derivatives) that may reduce fat production (adipogenesis) and increase fat breakdown (lipolysis) by inhibiting myostatin.

The fortification of MYOPEP’s formula with a combination of purified botanical ingredients (proven to engender specific weight controlling qualities) may address multiple underlying issues of obesity, weight gain and metabolic disorders.

• Award-Winning New Science
The discovery of follistatin peptide (an amino acid complex that suppresses myostatin function to cause increased metabolism and reduced fat production) is exciting the medical and scientific communities.

In 2012, the idea of MYOPEP’s developer, Vasilis Paspaliaris, PhD, MD, BSc (Hons), to manage weight and improve fitness by inhibiting myostatin with follistatin peptides was tested by hundreds of market experts in Geneva*.

Today, myostatin-inhibition using follistatin peptides is a new, proven and thought- leading science in the global weight loss and fitness industry, and serves as a strong and unique competitive offering to this growing market.

*Nutraceutical Business & Technology Awards 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland.

• Natural Active Ingredient
MYOPEP’s colostrum contains natural follistatin peptides that are enriched and purified into concentrated amount of active derivatives using a unique and patentable ‘selective peptide purification and enrichment technology’. This represents a technological milestone for the industry, as no others are able to derive natural follistatin peptides in a scalable production format.

• Scientific Mechanism of Action
The mechanism of action of follistatin peptides involves the blocking of myostatin to directly influence the differentiation pathways of mesenchymal stem cells towards repairing damaged or old musculoskeletal cells and regenerating new muscle cells, ultimately (1) reducing the recruitment of mesenchymal stem cells for adipogenesis to decrease fat production and (2) stimulating muscle activity to increase fat breakdown (lipolysis). This mechanism of action is scientifically rooted with a large array of existing research and published journals.

The inhibition of fat production and stimulation of fat breakdown with follistatin has been trialed and proven to be highly effective in weight management and fitness enhancement, under various clinical parameters including studies on genetically myostatin-deficient subjects.

• Certified by TGA Australia
MYOPEP has regulatory certification from Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in one of the most highly regulated markets in the world, Australia. This regulatory certification represents a validation of MYOPEP’s safety and efficacy for weight loss.

Principal Indication.
MYOPEP supports weight loss and enhances fitness with ingredients that have been scientifically demonstrated to: increase energy, decrease fat absorption, stimulate metabolism, enhance muscular strength and endurance, and increase fat oxidation.

MYOPEP is a weight management support system that may complement, and may not substitute, the existing weight management program offered by your medical practitioners, fitness trainers, dieticians and nutritionists.

Recommended Users.
MYOPEP is recommended for overweight patients (generally with BMI index of 25-30), and those seeking to achieve greater muscle definition and lean muscle mass.
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