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I research laser and holographic technology: for the future of Christianity and the Holy Bible on Earth and in space.

Christianity in Space

The future of Christianity in space

We must make certain that Christianity follows human exploration and colonization of space.

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Biblical Holograms

Video: The Rocks Will Cry Out

World famous ancient Biblical artifacts are recorded for the future as three dimensional laser holograms.

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Smallest Scripture

The World's Smallest Scripture

You will need a microscope to read these examples of the smallest Scripture ever recorded.

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The DeFreitas School of Holography

School of Holography

Now you can learn about lasers and holograms at home or school, or even while sitting on a park bench. With this online Introduction to Holography class, you'll have over 3 hours of instructional media along with PDF downloads. Great for science fairs, reports, or for beginners who wish to get started making DIY holograms. MORE

150 Year History of Christian 3D

history of Christian 3D

Christian 3D began in the 19th century with the invention of stereo photography. This collection showcases 150 years of Christian three-dimensional imaging science and technology in American popular culture. From mid- 19th century stereographs to 21st century laser holograms ... and beyond. MORE

School of Holography

I am available to give presentations on my research to schools, church groups and organizations. Please contact me for additional information at 610-434-8236.

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