Cute Boyfriend Gift Ideas Boyfriend Will Love

Cute boyfriend gift ideas? Exactly, because it's not what you do, but how you do it. You know that little things mean a lot. So does he. It's a myth that says that gifts for boyfriends need to be as big and expensive as an average pop star would like you to believe.

Still, you'd like to jazz up a bit your gift ideas for boyfriend? You definitely should! Homemade boyfriend gift ideas give you the total freedom to be as cute and stylish as you possibly can.

Boyfriend Gifts To Celebrate

First things first, CELEBRATE! The following is especially important for you if your boyfriend's the party pooper type, and the one who tells you not to fuzz about the next occasion to celebrate, the next gift to get to him. And he's absolutely right, when he says that you are enough.



Birthday Of Your Boyfriend's Favorite Cartoon

Celebrate the birthday of your boyfriend's favorite cartoon or comic strip character.

Cute Boyfriend Gift Ideas Boyfriend Will Love

Photo courtesy goes to Mark Anderson, and Christian Heilmann.

So make or buy a birthday cake. Get the T-shirt picturing the comics character, and the book of collected comic strips.

Here are some potential reasons to celebrate:

* Bugs Bunny's birthday: July 27th

* Garfield's birthday: June 19th

* Mickey Mouse's birthday: November 18th

* Snoopy's birthday: October 2nd

Can't wait to try thins? No problem. Take advantage of super cute boyfriend gift ideas like this one and use it when you feel like celebrating!

"Little" Boyfriend Gift Ideas

"Little Things Mean A Lot" cute boyfriend gift ideas.


Gift wrap a wishbone (y-shaped bone found in birds) into a jewelry box and add a note saying: "I wish…(you were here, for example)" (complete the sentence)

The Key To My Heart

Gift wrap an old key with a note: "The Key To My Heart"

DIY Nuts About You Key Chain

How about some real diy boy friend gifts ideas? Well, here I've a quite manly one next. You are nuts about him, right? Let him know.

…of course not! I'm not going to tell you to grab a pack of nuts for him. But you're on the right track.

Cute Boyfriend Gift Ideas Boyfriend Will Love2 Photo courtesy goes to AmyMarie1020 in Etsy

Key chains have always been and always will be the most stylist gifts to give to a man of any age. Everyone has keys, right? Keys are used daily. If you make a gift that can be attached to his important "power center", you'll be thought of at least as often as the keys are being used.

So, this cutely masculine key chain that will drive him nuts goes like that. Have you ever been to a hardware store? Well, you might need to take a trip there now (or to your boyfriends tool box), which ever gets you some metal nuts.

* get a threaded bolt that has a loop in one end (so it can be attached later to a key ring)

* then get a threaded square nut, one hexagon nut, one wing and a cap.

* Screw them onto a bolt as fasteners. Start with the wing, then hexagon and square nuts and finish off with a cap.

* Attach onto a key ring. All done.

The Good Old Gifts For Boyfriends

"Its The Thought That Counts" cute boyfriend gift ideas.

Couples with A+ relationships understand that a coin has two sides. They know importance of balancing these two concepts in their lives:

1) Actions (the gift, gesture) speak louder than words, and

2) It's the thought that counts.

Sometimes it is the gesture, the gift that says it all. And other times it's the meaning the intention, the words that say it all.

That's why the old and tried of the cute boyfriend gift ideas have been, are and always will be successful. So, don't discard the following classics as boring.

Remember, you can always spark them up!

Candlelight Dinner

Take a set of candles to the car with you, so next time you can have a candlelight dinner when passing by MacDrive. Or slave over a stove yourself. For sure he'll appreciate the efforts. Or grab a picnic basket. Well, you know the drill. So the basic concept here is "A Way To Man's Heart Is Through His Belly". Oh, and it surely is!

Side note: you don't need to be a chef to pull this one through.


Another evergreen, but super cute and cuddly idea: a blanket. Make a no sew one out of a fleece. Get a fabric pen and a piece of cotton fabric. Write a note on it and sew the "love scrap" onto the blanket.

* Actually a pillow will do, too. What ever you'd like to make.

Treasure Hunt

Last, but not least, I can't suggest strongly enough to have a treasure hunt! There are not many more ways of enjoying some gift giving and receiving as much as with a treasure hunt. So, off to clue writing now! …be as clever or not as you possibly can. Yet, don't over do it with the riddles, in case you guy's a bit hard headed;) You want him to be able to get to the gift and enjoy your cute boyfriend gift ideas in the end.

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