35+ DIY Romantic Gifts for your Better Half

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21. DIY Love Photo Art (Printable Template)

DIY Love Photo Art (Printable Guidelines)

Since mobile phones were equipped with cameras, we tend to take hundreds of shots everywhere, anytime, which is not bad at all, because we have the chance to select only the best of them for special projects, like this one. Although it’s not the easiest project, it’s definitely one of the most impressive. However, if you don’t like this specific design, you can opt for something else, like this beautiful Heart-Shaped Photo Collage.

DIY Love Photo Art Printable Template & Tutorial – MarthaStewart

22. Use Free Templates to Make Personalized Playing Cards

Use Free Templates to Make Personalized Playing Cards

When it comes to love, even the skeptics believe in fate. It’s nice to think that out there is something or someone who wants you two to be a couple. Since fate is the one that brought you together, you can say that it was meant to be… it was in the cards for you to be together. Well, it doesn’t really matter if it was in the cards or not because from now on it will be for sure. Considering that from time to time you can influence faith, I think I have exactly what you need. RomantiCraft published two tutorials with printables to make Romantic Playing Cards & Box for you and your partner. Here you can find the template for the box and here is the one for the personalized card. If you’d like a full set of personalized playing cards, you can use these templates from BrightHub.

23. DIY Floating Love Notes & Photos

DIY Floating Love Notes & Photos

Love is floating in the air… Can you imagine how shocking would it be to open your bedroom’s door and see a room full of balloons? This is how your partner will feel when (s)he’ll see what you’ve prepared for your anniversary. To do it, you have buy a bunch of helium balloons, print the best shots of you two, write a romantic note on the back of each photo, then tie them to the balloons.

Tip: For a better effect, you can write your notes on pieces of paper, roll them and ask the man who inflates the balloons to insert your notes in each of them. Here is a good example of this.

DIY Floating Love Notes & Photos Tutorial – ShabbyNest

24. DIY Date Box Gift for Romantic Evenings Together

DIY Date Box Gift for Romantic Evenings Together

How many times has happened to run out of ideas for romantic dates? If the relationship is at the beginning, this is not a problem, but when the couple is older than 2-3 years, creative ideas delay to appear. To solve this problem and make a nice gift at the same time, you can take the initiative by creating a nice box with romantic date ideas. To make things easier for you, I’ve found a nice tutorial that can give you a hand. Click the link below, and take a look for inspiration.

DIY Date Box Gift for Romantic Evenings Together Tutorial – LovelyPraiseworthy.Blogspot

25. How to Make a Romantic Video for Free

Technology is romance’s main enemy, but if you use it properly, you can create something truly romantic. This time, I suggest you use technology to make a nice gift for your anniversary by compiling the most beautiful moments that you’ve spent together into a short-length video. For making this, there are countless video editors that can be used even by an amateur, but I’ll share with you only two, which are freeware. The first one is a Animoto, a website designed to be extremely easy to use by everybody, and the second one is Movie Maker, a software that comes pre-installed on most Windows computers. For using Movie Maker, Microsoft published a brief tutorial that proves very useful for first-time users.

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